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Gintama 697

A Myriad of Threads

+ posted by kewl0210 as translation on Sep 9, 2018 04:27 | Go to Gintama

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[Gintama 697 Translation by Kewl0210]
Page 1:
Insert: Just 2 more chapters to the final chapter!!
Author: Sorachi Hideaki
Title: Lesson 697 A Myriad of Threads
Someone: I lied.
Insert: Two years ago, these three...
Someone: Do you know why I started the Yorozuya in the first place?
Middle Insert: ☆The 'Gintama App' is now available!! Enjoy Gintama manga, novels, and anime with coins!!
Someone: To make a long story short, it's because I had nothin' to do.
I didn't feel like doing anything, so I decided to do whatever. Pretty messed up, right? ["whatever" in italics]
Like I said, we decided that each one of us have things we have want,
things we have to do, so...
It's time to take down
this messed up signboard.
Insert: ☆It's a bigger hit than any of us would have imagined!! The live action movie 'Gintama 2' is still in theaters!!
Gin: I found something I need to do...
Shinpachi, the ball's in your court.
What about you?
Is there anything
you want to do?

Page 2:
Shin: ----That person that didn't have anything he wanted to do
found something he wanted to do.
Hearing that,
I was happy
...but felt lonely.
Insert: ☆The TV Anime 'Gintama' The Silver Soul Arc is airing on TV Tokyo and affiliates every Sunday at 1:35!!
Shin: I just couldn't bring myself
to get in the way of that.
I've got plenty.
So I'll be okay.
Go ahead, go do what you need to do.
Shin: Despite that,
even after everyone left...
Paper: Yorozuya Gin-chan
Shimura Shinpachi
Shin: I don't want to forget them.
I want to remember them.
That person,
and us...

Page 3:
Shin: It was all
a lie.
I was showing off, just trying to look cool.
I was trying to excuse my own indecisiveness.
I... didn't have anything I wanted to do.
I was fine with pretty much anything
as long as Gin-san
and everyone was there.
---Everyone had found something they had to do
and was moving forward, but...
all I did was sit here for two years.
Pretty lame, huh?

Page 4:
Kagura: We weren't moving forward or anything great like that...
I just went off on my own to try to help Sadaharu.
I broke up the Yorozuya and in the end... I could not do a single thing on my own.
I believed that if I could just get Sadaharu back to normal,
then everything else would go back to normal, too.
But before I knew it, I'd even destroyed the home for Sadaharu to come back to, yes?
What we wanted was always right there.
What was so important to go get back,
that we would throw that away?
We can't move forward, not even close.
Not us, people that forgot where we should be.
So we are going to step forward once again.

Page 5:
Kagura: From here,
from the place where se started from,
one more time.
Otose: ---Oh thank goodness.
Looks like you're okay then.
Shinpachi, that's a nice woman you've got with you there. What, going on a quick date before the world ends?

Page 6:
Shin: Otose-san!! Why are you still hanging around here?!!
You know what's going on, right?! This place is dangerous, you've got to go take shelter!!
Otose: Where do you two think this place is?
It's times like this where I really want to have a drink.
This is a town for idiots who say things like that.
So unless I open this place up, they won't have anywhere to go.
And I figured it might be about time for you to come back,

Page 7:
Ana: Um...
Guy: Something terrible has happened, studio reporter Kusano-san.
Guy: Ah, Hanano Ana, we have a 10-minute cooking segment happening at the moment, could you wait just a little bit?
Ana: You're cooking noooooow?!!
The hero Madao has been caught in an explosion and is injured.
It seems that the one who defeated the enemies was not Madao.
Those are...
Guys: People of Edo, be at ease.
There is no longer anything to fear.
Everything is under control.
Prince: I am here.

Page 8:
Text: There has been an issue with the video signal. Please wait and look at these rice balls molded by Ketsuno Ana for a short time.
Somoene: Hey, what's going on? Are you capturing my gallant figure?
Huh? Hey, I think something odd's going on.
We're being mosaiced!
Old: Heeeeey! This ain't that sorta thing!!
Why the hell are you treating people's heads like something obscene?!!
That's right! You should be putting a mosaic on the Prince's entire body!!
That's not what I meant!! Ugh, I knew we shouldn't have come help these earthlings!
Prince: Help meeeeee!!
Ku: Hata.
How is the situation over there?
Ku: That's a ferocious war cry I hear. That's my little brother. Seems I was right to leave the command to you.

Page 9:
Ku: Knowing how much you love the Earth, I knew I could count on you.
Ku: that planet still has not fully recovered from the last war.
And as the ones who caused that war, it's our duty to protect it this time.
There are heroes that protected the Earth in that war there, too.
And yes.
Ku: Your dear friend Hasegawa is among them.
I'm sure they will lend you their strength.
Prince: Hasegawaaaaa!!
Ku: And then, I'm sure the world will be kept safe.
Old: PRIIIINCE! Try to endure it for a little bit!! I'll kick him off!!
Prince: You're kicking me off along with hiiiiim?!

Page 10:
Prince: Ya know, this ship's been moving pretty strangely for a while now...
Prince: Hey, there's smoke coming out of it!!
No way, is this...
Ku: Yes. And with that, let me give you one piece of advice.
We are getting repeated reports of a ship of unknown affiliation.
Ku: Lurking in this battlefield
there is someone not an ally not an enemy.
Do be careful.
Prince: Hey, uh....

Page 11:
Kaura: Another helping, please.
Otose: Right, right. That's why I made 8 helpings from the outset.
Kagu: What side dishes are there?
Otose: Pickled daikon is good, right?
Kagu: That's made this discussion quick.
Shin: Otose-san, we...
Otoso: Honestly, the passage of time is a scary thing, isn't it?
Those brats that Gintoki brought here to eat just a little while ago...
are all grown up now.
Kagu: Michuko-san, is supper ready yet?
Oto: There's supper in your mouth right now.
Cat: I think she may have grown up a little too much!!
Were you not satisfied with just being a pedophile?!
Are you trying to add being into older women now, too?!! Do not go encroaching on my territory!!
Gengai: Your territory is between two telephone poles you peed on, ain't it, old bat?
Cat: Yeah? And your territory's a coffin! Why don't you head back there?!
Gen: You're one to talk, old granny!
Cat: Which granny are you talking to, dammit?!
All of a sudden there's nothing but grannies here!

Page 12:
Shin: Oh, quit it! At a time like this...
You totally wrecked all the tension!
Otose: Isn't it strange?
You all and me are all a threat connected by that man.
That man that had nothing to do
By some fluke I picked up, just kept connecting them.
Countless... A myriad of threads.
T/N: The term "myriad" here is the same one from Yorozuya.

Page 13:
Otose: Even if he's not around, those threads,
are still bound together like this.
Shin: Ototse-san, we....
alongside that man, as the Yorozua,
we ran and ran to grand the wishes of a whole lot of people.
that itself
was our wish.
To be connected
with Gin-san and everyone.

Page 14:
Kagura: He really
kept granting our wishes constantly, didn't he?
But despite all that, he never told anyone
what his most deeply desired wish was
and left.
Kagu: I am not trying to say to keep those threads connected.
Or even that we need to keep granting people's wishes...
But now
it is our turn.
This time it's our turn
to grant Gin-chan's wish.

Page 15:
Both: For Sakata Gintoki,
we'll become the Yorozuya once again.
The wish of that person that granted the wishes of everyone else for so long.
That is what we've chosen to be the Yorozuya's final job.
Otose: .........
So no matter what his wish is,
you're going to work to grant it?
Someone: That's right.
But I know what we do know.

Page 16:
Tae: We may not know what that man's wish is,
but we know what sorts of wishes that man has granted up to this point.
We know what kinds of feelings he's saved.
We know what sorts of people he's protected.
And with what sort of heart he's fought with.

Page 17:
Otae: We know
Sakata Gintoki and the Yorozuya.
So whatever that wish is,
allow us...
to fight alongside you and that man.

Page 18-19:
Tae: It's because of you Yorozuya that we are here now.
It is because of the threads that you joined
that we are bonded here together.
are your Yorozuya.
Insert: The thread is tied----!!
Next issue, for the final chapter, a center color page!!
Bottom: Gintama
...Lesson 697
/ End

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