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Kachou Shima Kousaku 1

STEP 1: Colorful Kiss Mark

+ posted by ChopPA as translation on May 19, 2011 19:35 | Go to Kachou Shima Kousaku

-> RTS Page for Kachou Shima Kousaku 1

Page 1.
1. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I made a Division chief position available for you…
2. Huh?
3. There’s still about three months before an official written appointment; so, keep your hard work going.
4. Oh! Thank you!!
5. Excuse me!
6. ……….
7. Three months… I should stay scandal-free until I get officially assigned….
Chapter 1 : Colorful Lipstick Mark
Page 2
1. Division Chief Kousaku Shima
STEP 1: Colorful Kiss Mark
Page 3
1. Kenshi Hirokane
Page 4.
1. I was about to tell my wife about my promotion when I was leaving my house.
2. But, since the only things she’s interested in life is reading books and raising kids, I couldn’t think she would be amazed …
3. I didn’t tell her after all.
4. First of all, if I get too excited about this but don’t make it to get promoted in the end, how shameful would I be?
When I imagined her sneering at me over such a blunder of mine,
5. I couldn’t say a word about the matter.
Page 5.
1. I’m Kousaku Shima, 34 years old. My title on my business card is an “Assistant Manager” of an advertising team under a sales department head office of a major electronics company.
2. In three months from now, though, all these business cards will be thrown away into trash can and be replaced by a new—well, I guess at least two boxes of new cards with “Division Chief” printed on it instead.
3. Becoming a chief at age of 34 is on the early side compared to my colleagues….Not bad at all.
4. Fu fu fu (sound of chuckling)
5. ……..
6. Anyway, I just need to keep my excitement down and let everyday pass without an issue. These three months will be important! Very important indeed, but not bad at all.
Page 6.
1. Assistant Manager Shima!
2. Yep?
3. I have something that I need your help with if you don’t mind coming to the Hot Water Supply room.
4. ?
5. Sure, not a problem.
Page 7.
1. How should I put this…we can’t stand her anymore.
2. She won’t listen to anything that we, senior women, say.
3. Tashiro is beyond our control. Please say something to her from a man.
4. Yuki Tashiro…I see. It’s that girl who started working for this company since last year.
5. I’ve never realized she had such a bad reputation.
6. She walks away to somewhere during her duty and uses company phones for private use all the time.
7. All women come early in the morning to clean the desks and empty ashtray, but she’s never done it once.
Page 8.
1. Since we can’t do anything about her, why don’t you say something to that will change her attitude?
2. I guess I can understand what they say.
3. But, I’m not good at scolding someone.
4. Well, once I become a chief, I’ll have to deal with this kind of matters more often…
Page 9.
1. Tashiro, if you have free time enough to do a reading, can you first finish on the document I had asked earlier?
2. Oh, that? I finished it a while ago already and left it on your desk.
3. !
4. ….
Page 10.
1. It’s perfect…
2. And, she’s done it faster than anyone else…
3. So, this will be the presentation for Cosmos project. They say it’s in red tone in order to match the color of the summer poster.
4. Hmm…but doesn’t it resemble the one by Matsukawa Electronics last year?
5. Hey, Shima. Can you go to the upper floor and bring me the one by Matsukawa from last year?
6. Yes!
Page 11.
1. Oh, Assistant Manager, Shima. You’re here too.
2. Oh, it’s you!
3. ……
4. This isn’t it either.
5. Do you know where the files of the first half of year 57 Nagoya Exhibition are?
6. The files of Exhibition should be on the right side of the second shelf, shouldn’t they?
Page 12.
1. Oh, I found it. I see. It was here.
2. Thanks. Assistant Manager.
3. (sound of kissing on his collar)
4. See you later.
5. (sound of closing door shut)
Page 13.
1. Look what she’s done!
2. I can’t erase it!
3. I’m in trouble. I don’t have a spare shirt in my locker.
4. Flirting with a female worker during duty won’t go overlooked…
5. Wait. There was a chalk pen in the storage room.
6. (sound of climbing up on stairs)
7. (sound of rubbing chalk pen on collar)
8. If I paste this over it, I might be able to hide it.
9. In any case, I have to get back to the conference room quick.
Page 14.
1. You’re being late, Shima.
2. I, I’m sorry!
3. What happened? Why are you holding your neck like that?
4. Oh, it’s just that…I pulled my neck muscle while sleeping.
5. While sleeping? You mean you slept during your duty and pulled your neck muscle?
6. Wahahaha (sound of laughter by everyone in the room)
7. Hahaha
8. What a mess…
9. Wahahaha (laughter from others)
Page 15.
1. What~! Really?
2. Ahahahaha, what’s that~! (Tashiro’s laughing while on the phone)
3. ………..
4. This is it. I should say it to her clearly. If I keep a subordinate like her, my performance evaluation may go down.
5. But, she may backfire if I reprehend her now before the eyes of others…
and I don’t feel too easy to do that now either.
6. Excuse me then.
7. See you tomorrow!
8. Tashiro, I have something to talk about with you. Why don’t we have a meal together?
Page 16.
1. This is so delicious! I’ve never had angler fish Nabe bowl before!
2. I don’t eat stew so often, but I’ve never had one as good as this since I was in Paris.
3. Paris? Have you been to France?
4. Yeah. While I was there for summer semester at Sorbonne University, my relatives gave me a treat.
5. Sorbonne, huh? The farthest I made it was just Hong Kong for my honeymoon.
6. Oh, yeah. I also had the Ishikari Nabe bowl at Niseko when I was there for skiing. That was very good too, but, today’s is the best!
7. That reminds me of what I read on her resume; her family is at Hachiouji town, doing a mercer business for many generations; she’s the youngest of three sisters.
Page 17.
1. Born in a rich family, she has lived for 23 years of her life as a spoiled girl without any restriction.
2. 23 years of rich and unrestricted in this peaceful time of Japan.
3. Someone like her will probably find a spouse in a similar environment.
A son of a doctor who’s starting his own business, a second son of someone who’s in an important position of a big corporation, or some spoiled son of an established businessman in a suburb area…
4. Anyway, the luck of fortune does run through genes.
5. Oh, man. What am I grumbling about? I’m not here to drink in envy. I gotta do what I’m here for really.
6. By the way, Tashiro!
7. Hey, manager, can we go Karaoke? I feel like I want to sing today!
8. Come on. Let’s go! Let’s go!
9. Yeah?
10. Well, I guess we can.
11. …something’s going wrong here, isn’t it.
Page 18.
1. Overlook on my cheating three times. (singing)
2. I don’t like that attitude (singing)
3. Overlook on my cheating three times (singing)
4. What am I doing?
5. I won’t let go of you even if you apologize with two hands together. (singing)
6. Let go of me.
7. (sound of chorus by others in the bar to the song?)
8. It would appear that I fell into her trap.
Page 19.
1. You two are good!
2. You’re good, manager! I fell in love with you again.
3. Fell in love…again? You mean…?
4. Yep, I’ve been interested in you since long ago.
5. !!
6. Hey…this is turning weird, isn’t it…
7. What should we sing now?
8. You’re going to sing along with me, aren’t you?
9. Let us sing along with you this time, missy.
Page 20.
1. What, what are you…?
2. Since it seems a lot of fun, we want to join the party too!
3. Oh, man. This is getting a troublesome.
4. Hey, missy, you’re cute.
5. That rough face of yours is self-ruining the flattery. It’s ugly to the sight; go away.
6. !
Page 21.
1. Ouch. That’s fighting words.
2. I couldn’t hear it well. Can you say it one more time clearly?
3. I pity you for, not only your face and brain, but even your ears are so bad; I said, “don’t stick around me like a fly and go away!”
4. Let me have a bill, please.
5. Let’s go. It’s already late.
6. Hey, wait a minute. We still got some talk with her.
7. Excuse us…we’re leaving.
8. HEY!
Page 21.
1. (sound of bumping into another person to push away)
2. (sound of a person crashing into bar chairs)
3. You son of bitch!!
4. Tashiro, run!
5. You wait there!
6. (sound of climbing stairs hurriedly)
Page 22.
1. (sound of running)
2. (sound of running) After them! They went to right!!
3. (sound of running)
4. (sound of exhausted breathing)
5. Not good. They’re coming from the opposite way.
6. Go in there.
Page 23.
1. (sound of exhausted breathing)
2. (sound of exhausted breathing)
3. Welcome. Please come this way.
4. Huh?
5. Since it turned out to be this way…isn’t it ok?
6. B, but…
Page 24.
1. (sound of shower)
2. Overlook my cheating for three times (singing)
3. (Sound of shower)
4. I won’t let go of you even if you apologize with two hands together. (singing)
5. What’s going on…? Why am I in here now?
6. Let’s calm down first and figure out my situation.
This is inside a hotel, a love-hotel, obviously.
7. And, in order to save ourselves from the dangerous people chasing us outside, we ran into here. In accordance to the 37th article of criminal law, I can justify this as a behavior under emergency.
8. And, in order to avoid the Yakuza, who may still be searching for us outside, we had to kill time here; I should be able to explain this too.
Page 26.
1. (sound of approaching him on bare foot)
2. And…
3. Come.
4. It was her who seduced me…
I can excuse myself by saying that.
I never started it.
Page 27.
1. Excuse me…?
From whom?

My wife?
Or, that department chief who’s promoting me to a Division chief?
2. Whoever it may be, if Tashiro’s going to reveal this, I can’t protect myself…
3. What have I done!
4. (sound of flicking lighter)
5. I like your inexperienced way of making love!
6. “inexperienced” you say… that is, compared to all the men you had slept with…
Page 28.
1. But, I was surprised that you’re so brave. I didn’t think you’re a type of person who would be able to act like that.
2. No good… she’s dangerous. At this rate, forget about the Division chief position. Even my family may get destroyed by her.
3. There are many men who look good while at work, but turn out to be a boring man once he becomes alone with me. You’re the opposite, though.
4. You’re charming.
5. Let’s forget.
6. What.
7. Let’s forget about what happened today. Ok? Let’s forget.
8. Oh, are you worried? I’m not like that! You’re silly…
9. So, I’m saying…
10. Interesting.
11. We shouldn’t start a relationship like that. For each other’s sake! You understand, do you!
12. Interesting!
Page 29.
1. Since then, I’ve never been at ease, fearing her behavior around me develop into “a special one.” For example, winking at me while working, taking an intimate attitude all of sudden, chuckling with one side of mouth up when our eyes happen to meet.
2. I’m quite not brave.
3. I can’t behave boldly at work.
4. But, it was all groundless fear.
Yuuki Tashiro didn’t change at all.
She didn’t even try to avoid me intentionally.
In other words, she stayed exactly the same.
5. I see. She’s a professional in affairs. She’s much matured when it comes to such matter, whole a lot more than I am.
6. In short, I had been a vibrator for her for one day…I must’ve been…I pray that’s how it is.
Page 30.
1. (sound of a dog’s barking)
2. Tanokin throw at max-strength!
3. (sound of washing machine?)
4. (sound of phone ringing)
Page 31.
1. Oh, phone’s ringing.
2. Honey, can you answer it? My hands are wet.
3. Nami-!
4. I can’t. I’m watching Match’s singing.
5. Ok,ok. I’ll go. It’s a holyday’s afternoon now. Who is it?
6. (sound of lifting up the phone) Hello, this is Shima’s speaking.
7. It’s me. Can you tell who I am?
Page 32.
1. Yuuki Tashiro!?
2. What, what is it? Why do you call me on a day like this?
3. Is it ok if I go there now?
4. Wa, wait! Where are you right now?
5. I’m at a café called Catrea by the north entrance of the station.
6. Ok. I’ll be there. Wait for me.
7. (sound of hanging up phone) Finally, it has come.
8. I’ll go buy some cigarette and be back.
Page 33.
1. (sound of sliding door opening)
2. Say…what did you tell your wife as you left?
3. I said I was going to get some cigarette…
4. Hey!
5. Please! I beg you!!
Page 34.
1. I have a wife and a daughter that I love, live in a house with loan to pay up, but as such, am enjoying a rather happy life.
2. I myself am just an ordinary salaried-worker man who revealed his shameful nature.
3. Oh, really?
4. What?
5. You’re going to become a Division chief, soon, aren’t you? Don’t hide it from me. (sound of drinking tea)
6. …….
7. Are you ready to order?
8. Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll have…coffee please.
9. Fufufu (sound of chuckling) It’s alright. I’m not here to blackmail you or rebuke you! So, stop turning blue.
10. (sound of relaxing from tension) oh, I see…
Page 34.
1. Those salaried workers making it to the top may look very large-hearted and so, but I hear that they are in fact more chicken-hearted than others.
2. You will make it to the Department Chief, I’m sure!
3. What brought you here, then?
4. Oh, sorry. I was about to tell you just that.
5. I’m getting married next month.
6. And, I wanted you to come to my wedding, too. I was just back from a betrothal gift exchange ceremony today.
7. So, Yuuki Tashiro came to see me just to tell me she was getting married.
8. I was a little happy with this good demeanor of her reporting about her marriage to me before anyone else at work, thinking that there still is some respect toward me left in her.
Page 36.
1. The bridegroom was a poultryman in Ibaraki.
2. (This was very unexpected, but,) he was a much unsophisticated man with a well-built body.
Anyway, the Sorbonne girl got married to a poultryman through an arranged meeting. (sound of clapping hands by audience)
3. Strangely though, as the ceremony progresses, she came to look more like a well-endowed girl.
4. And, I felt as though I have just discovered a matured woman in her that I’ve never been able to detect until now. (sound of clapping hands)
Page 37.
1. At the end of the ceremony, including the bridegroom, every member of both families started shedding tears from their eyes
2. except for the bride, who kept smiling happily without forgetting about the audience.
3. At the last moment of saying fare-well…
4. Do your best, Tashiro!
5. When I said so,
6. She whispered on my ear that
7. I wish I could have done xxxx with you one more time…
8. And then
9. Switched right back to the face as if nothing just happened.
Page 38.
1. Which I found very refreshing…
2. Division Chief! You’ve got a package.
3. Oh, thank you.
4. …?
Page 39.
1. Sender: Yuuki Kozawa
2. It’s from Yuuki Tashiro… (sound of opening package)
3. Oh, it’s eggs!
4. Whoa, this looks good.
5. Inside an envelope, was a letter with a piece of photograph.
6. Let me see…”I send you the eggs with iodine that our company is proud of. Have some to regain your vigor, and do your best.”
Page 40.
1. Become a Department Chief, quick!
2. …….
3. Hey everyone, Tashiro sent these fresh eggs. Take some with you when you go home.
4. It appears that the refreshing wind has been passing through Ibaraki area.

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