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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Soul Eater 59

Operation: Seize Baba Yaga Castle (Part 14)

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 10, 2009 18:28 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 59

[Insert text: Arachne's repulsive insanity... Spiders scratching at the inside of your head...!!]

Soul Eater
Chapter 59: Operation: Seize Baba Yaga Castle (Part 14)
[Insert text: Swinging down this scythe / with all my soul]

[just an advert for the volume release]

[Insert text: Arachne's repulsive insanity wavelength...!!]

Sid: This enormous soul wavelength... // The Insanity Wavelength... // It feels like I'm losing my mind...

Kniges: Ngh... // Crap...
BlackStar: What's wrong? / Keep your mind hardened...
Kniges: Black☆Star...

BlackStar: Come on, Shibusen... // Show some strength of character...

Tsubaki: !! // Sid-sensei!
Sid: !! // Hang in there!! / Harden your minds!! / Don't let the insanity get a hold of you!!
BlackStar: *pant* // *pant* // *pant*

BlackStar: The rest is up to you... / Soul... Maka...
Noah: Looks like it's begun. // Insanity... // a pleasant breeze.

Kid: This is... inside that book... // And flowing in from outside the book... / ...the Insanity Wavelength... / Not good... // How irritating...

Kid: All I can do right now... is believe in the others...

Medusa: ......
Soul: Maka... // Is this...
Maka: Uh-huh... / Arachne is trying to overcome all the souls in the vicinity of this castle with insanity...
Arachne: (This girl...)

Maka: (Feel it.)

Maka: (What's this...?!) // This isn't good, Soul... // All the souls here in the castle are falling slowly but surely into the insanity!! / We have to do something about it quickly, or...
Soul: Do something about it... / ...but how?! // ......!! // ...... // We're right by her... // If this is the source of the madness that's affecting everyone, why isn't it affecting me...?
Maka: ......

Demon: That's the deal!!

Soul: ...I see. // So I'm being protected by Maka's Anti-Demon Wavelength...
Demon: You got it.
Maka: A resonance link... // No, we don't even have to go that far... / Just as long as I can transmit my wavelength to the others...
Soul: But how do we do that?
Maka: Soul... lend me your power...

Soul: With my piano...?
Demon: You can do it.
Soul: No... I can't... / The sound of my playing is never going to reach the entire castle and the surrounding area...

Soul: Ugh... // There has to be some way... // (We have to stop Arachne's insanity...)
Demon: Come on... what's wrong? / Get playing already! I just want to hear some of that sweet music.
Soul: Shut it. / I'm trying to think...
Demon: Unhelpful as always, aren't ya...

Demon: Hurry it up! The piano strings are gonna slacken before you get anything done at this rate... / Hell, the whole damn thing'll be covered in cobwebs...!
Soul: I thought I told you to shut - / !! // Of course!! // Hey, Maka!! / Could you focus harder on your soul perception?
Maka: Huh? // Focus?
Soul: Quickly!

Demon: What're you up to?
Soul: How do you think Arachne is spreading her insanity over such a large distance? // I see it now.
Demon: Spider's web?
Soul: She's spinning her soul out like a spider's web, and flooding the souls with insanity when they get entangled in the threads... // So let's take advantage of those threads, shall we?

Demon: Like one big stringed instrument...

Demon: You think you can pull this off? I thought you only played keyboards...
Soul: Didn't you know? / My brother's a violinist.

Soul: I'll play the piece Wes was always playing... // The Meditation of Souls.

Soul: (It's a piece in G... // ...perfect for transmitting Maka's wavelength...)

[no text just music]

Arachne: Th... / This is...

Arachne: You mean... / commandeer my web?!
Medusa: A powerful capacity for soul perception... // ...and the Demonslayer Wavelength...

Soul: (I can feel everyone's location as though they were right here in the palm of my hand... // All that's left is to transmit through the threads...)
Kilik: Huh...? // This music...

Soul: (Listen, everyone... // Maka's melody.)

Sid: What's this?
Tsubaki: Maka-chan...
BlackStar: Heh... / What a stupid tune.
Arachne: Such ridiculous soul-perception capability...! // She's actually transmitting her Demonslayer Wavelength using the threads of my web?! // !!

Arachne: It's even being transmitted back to me... // ?!
Medusa: It looks like you severed your network just a little too late. / Your madness washed away, and your body...
Arachne: Nghhh!!

Maka: I have you. // That's what happens when you try to creep into the cracks in people's hearts.
Arachne: Girl... // To think... I was actually caught in my own web...

Soul: Let's do this, Maka.


Maka: I'll be taking your soul.
[Insert text: With this attack... it's over!!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in the May issue (on sale Saturday 11th April)]

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#1. by wade69 (Scanlator)
Posted on Mar 10, 2009
Thanks so much :D
#2. by Bomber D Rufi (Translator)
Posted on Mar 10, 2009
Awesome work on an awesome chapter. Not to mention the color page was epic too. Man I wish I could turn that into a wallpaper...

As always Cnet, great work!
Level [B] Translator

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