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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

D.Gray-Man 180

Tsukikami Level II

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 13, 2009 12:20 | Go to D.Gray-Man

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180th Night: Tsukikami Level II
[Side text: These guys are having a hard time, too...?!]
[Box: Paris City Police]
Finders: H - Hey... // What is it now? // You don't think they've... forgotten about us, do - // DON'T SAY THAT~~~~~~!
[Box: Massage time]
Zhizhi: You're one negative bunch of Finders, aren't ya... / Allen and the others said they'd contact HQ and have someone sent over to get us, remember?
Finders: But it's been two days since then~~~!
Bonnaire: [aside]*sigh*~~~[/aside] // A~ahhhh... if only somebody would come for me, as well...
Zhizhi: Why don't you come with us, Bone-neesan?
Finders: [aside]yeah![/aside] // With these muscles... you're a pretty fit person, aren't you? / I'm sure you'd make a great Finder~!
Bonnaire: Oh, no, darlings... waging war with monsters isn't for me! / It's love that I live for~~~~~!
Reever: Ah! // Hey there! Sorry for the wait.

Reever: The Inspector here's a real stubborn one, so he took some persuading. // Hey. // [aside]interesting look you've got going there...[/aside]
Everyone: S - // Section Chief Reever~~~~~~~!!!
Reever: Nice to see you're in such high spirits -

Bonnaire: I LOVE YOU!!!
Zhizhi: You're my best friend~~~~~~~~!!!
Finders: We knew you'd come for us~~~~~~~~! // You're a God! A God, I say! // I'll never call you Science guys eggheads ever again~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Reever: Gahhhhhhh~~! I get it - I get it, already, so come along! We've got a mission to get to! // [aside]and who the heck are you?![/aside]
Finders: Whaaaaat?! We're not going straight back to HQ?!
Reever: Don't be ridiculous... we're incredibly short on manpower at the moment, remember?
Zhizhi: Oh? And who might this be?
Guards: ............
Reever: Oh, they're just my guards. // Apparently Assistant Supervisor Fey set them up for me.
Zhizhi: ...With faces like those, I'm guessing they're from Central?
Reever: Hey...

Allen: ??!

Level2: Unghhh!
Allen: What the...?
Kanda: The Akuma are fighting amongst themselves...!
Marie: Did they have a falling-out?
Allen: ?! // A fountain pen?

Allen: T - // Timothy~~~??
Tsukikami: It ain't all that different from when you were takin' over humans, ta be honest. / Whatever abilities the Akuma you're controllin' has become yours for the usin'. // They may've been Akuma to begin with, but Tsukikami turns 'em into anti-Akuma weapons, so their abilities'll work on Akuma now. However...
Timothy: Gotcha! Now, lessee... this guy's ability was...
Tsukikami: Hey - I was still explainin' -
Timothy: (That's right!!)
[Label: Tim-communication]
Allen: Wh - What?!!

[Kanji: TWO]
Kanda: What is it, beansprout?!
Allen: Th - That Akuma there! Tim's saying that Timothy has taken it over...
[Kanji: THREE]
Kanda: What?
Level4: Hmm?
[Kanji: FOUR]
People: Whaaaat?!
[Kanji: FIVE]
[Kanji: SIX]
Level2: Nghh... // Ughh - / Gghhh...! // My body's going w... / // ...d...

Timothy: It's that nasty ability that turned Director-sensei and the nice guy into dolls! // Now, take this...! PUNCH... OF... // FURY!!

Timothy: ?! // Wha - ?!
Level3: Too bad. // You may have transformed into an anti-Akuma weapon, but you're still just a Level Two.
Timothy: Ngh! // Unghh?!
Level3: And I'm a Level Three.

Level3: You can't match me!!
[Text: PUNCH]
Timothy: Waaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
Allen: Timothy~~~~~~?!
Tsukikami: Hasty little fool...
Timcanpy: ?!!
Allen: ??! // That accent... // [aside]he doesn't sound much like he did before...[/aside]

Allen: ......!!!
[Kanji: BOOM]
Level4: Looks like he's still lacking when it comes to power. // Interesting Innocence he has, though.
Allen: Tch...
Level4: Hurry now, Level Three...

Level4: Kill the boy.
Level3: I'll crush him...... // AT MAXIMUM POWER!!
Kanda: !!!
Marie: Not good!
Allen: RUN FOR IT, TIMOTHY~~~~~!!!

Tsukikami!Timothy: Master!
Timothy: Y - // You liar, Tsukikami~~!! // My technique didn't work at all!
[Label: Tim doesn't even know which one is Timothy any more]
Tsukikami!Timothy: That's 'cause the Akuma you're controllin's a Level Two... / ...and you were up against a Level Three! // Listen, yeah? There are different Levels of Akuma. / The bigger the number, the stronger they get.
[Diagram: Weak // Strong]
Timothy: [aside]this is a 2, and that's a 3...[/aside] // So basically... // A Level Two can't beat a Level Three?! // Tell me these things earlier~~~!
Tsukikami!Timothy: W - Wait... what're ya tryin' ta do now...?!

Tsukikami!Timothy: Stooooop!!
Timothy: I'll just have to take that one over!! // ...take that one over!!
Level3: ?

Timothy: (I CAN'T TAKE HIM OVER??!)
Tsukikami: Look, Tsukikami increases its synchro rate the more times you use it, yeah? // [aside]*sigh*~~~[/aside] // At the level we're at right now, takin' over a Level Two's the most we can manage.
Tsukikami: I WAS TRYIN' TA~~~~!!
Timothy: I - I guess I'll just go back to that one and...
Tsukikami: Not happenin'. // Once you've taken over an Akuma, the moment ya leave it behind, it gets purified by the Innocence an' disappears completely.

Timothy: Seriously?!
Tsukikami: [aside]ahh![/aside]
Level3: If I get rid of his body, that should take care of the rest!
Tsukikami: Get back in your body, Master! // There's no more Akuma here ta take over!
Timothy: (My body...!!!)
Tsukikami: RUN~~!!!
Level3: NOW DIE!!! // INNOCENCE USER~~~~!!!

[Kanji: BIND]
Link: It looks like when you purified that Akuma, the effect of its Dark Matter was reversed. // I guess I'm still in the game.
[Insert text: Revival...!!]

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#1. by Teeba (MH Senpai)
Posted on Mar 13, 2009
Thank you so much, cnet!

I hope you don't mind me asking but...does Tsukigami have a particular sort of accent or is it just slang?
#2. by andrewsungchehau (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 13, 2009
Thanks a lot.
#3. by gumin/zx (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 13, 2009
#4. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 13, 2009
It's certainly a distinctive accent. Close to Osaka-ben, but it's not exactly your standard Osaka-ben. The "wai" first-person pronoun he uses is a mark of an older speaker. And then there's the "yassha"... has something of an excessively old-fashioned feel to it.
#5. by Ariadne chan (Intl Translator)
Posted on Mar 14, 2009
Thanks for the translation Carlos and is oldfashion Osaka accent and slang!!??
maybe related with Osaka mafia???
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