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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

D.Gray-Man 183

Just Have To Wash Your Face

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 3, 2009 18:21 | Go to D.Gray-Man

-> RTS Page for D.Gray-Man 183

[TN: This chapter is made of win ^^]

183rd Night: Just Have To Wash Your Face
[Side text: The brutal battle is finally decided... what is next for Allen and his friends...?!]
Zhizhi: ...This is it. // There's one of 'em hiding on each of the four corners of this building.
Reever: Must be acting as a medium for whoever's casting this. / Zhizhi's going to take care of this one first. Everyone else, use your Talismans to isolate the others, all right?
Finders: Roger that!

[Side text: Allen Walker // An exorcist. His Innocence is Crown Clown. "The Fourteenth", a Noah, resides within his body.]
[TN: Hahah... Haven't found myself translating side-text character profiles since... gawd, since Hatsukoi. Takes me back. Dammit, why did they ever cancel Hatsukoi?]
Zhizhi: He~re we go!
Reever: Careful dowh there, Zhizhi!
Galmar: "Barrier", schmarrier... occultist freaks, every last one of 'em...!
Kanda: Ughhh... it's not opening! How are we meant to get out of here?!
[TN: Come on, now. Leave the guys outside something to do.]
Marie: Calm down, both of you.
Allen: *pant* / *pant* // *pant* // But Marie, we have to get those wounds on your hands closed up soon, or...
Kanda: *pant* // *pant*
Madarao: A sorcerous barrier cannot be penetrated from within. Wait for the Science Team to do their jobs. // Assuming, of course, that they are competent enough...
Link: ......
Allen: ...Who are you, anyway?

[Side text: Timothy // Targeted by the Akuma because of the Innocence on his forehead, but awakened to its power in the process.]
Galmar: What's so difficult about opening a door like this, anyway? // Honestly!
Zhizhi: Ahhhh...
People: ! // !!
[Kanji: RELEASE]

[Side text: Kanda Yuu // An Exorcist. His Innocence is the sword-shaped Mugen. // The Director // The kind Director of the orphanage Timothy calls home. // Galmar // An Inspector for the Paris police force, pursuing Phantom Thief G. Emilia is his daughter.]
Galmar: You see? It opens just fine, no trouble at... // ...all... // ...Why are you all covered in blood...?
Allen: Inspector... why are you...?
Zhizhi: Craaaaaaaap! / Holes just appearing beneath me...!
Reever: Looks like you dealt with the barrier. // How's the medium? Safely acquired?

Zhizhi: Just perfect!♡ // Oh, I'll investigate the heck out of this baby! // Anyway, Reever, forgetting that for a moment...
Reever: Yeah...?
Zhizhi: You were claiming those guards of yours were just plain guards...? / The ones who walked through this barrier like it was nothing...? // (These guys define 'suspicious'...)
Emilia: [aside]Papa?![/aside]
Galmar: [aside]The heck is going on here~~~?![/aside]
Skull: What I cannot understand is how those crimson-cloaked humans penetrated a barrier impassable to all but Akuma. // What have the Order come up with now...? // We must report this to the Earl...

Timothy: Sensei... // You're not hurt, are ya...? // You okay?

Director: I'm made of pretty stern stuff myself, you know... // I'm just fine.
Timothy: Sensei, your face is all hot!!
Director: Hmmmm~~~~~?
Zhizhi: The children all have terrible fevers as well!
Reever: It's the aftereffects of the Dark Matter... we should have them all examined back at HQ! / Get us authorisation for a Gate to HQ, quickly!
Finder: Right!
Reever: Exorcists, you should get some rest! We've got this place locked down with Talismans for the moment...
Someone: Right...

[TN: lol Galmar is Not Happy.]
Galmar: You know... back when we captured Timothy's father... / I knew his kid was in there too... but I went bursting in there regardless... // Emilia thought we should take in the boy ourselves, but... / ...every time I saw that forehead, I just felt so guilty... // ...I was sure he resented me... so I ended up leaving him here. // If only I hadn't gone bursting in guns blazing... // ...Isn't there some kind of alternative...? // Do you have to take him away...?

Galmar: I promise, this time I will be there for the boy... I will protect Timothy from these Akuma myself!
Emilia: Papa...
[TN: awwwww.]
Timothy: Galmar... // That's just...
Marie: ...I guess?
Link: ...in general.
Kanda: ...all right?
Allen: ...I'm afraid.
Emilia: ...Sorry!
Timothy: ...so, yeah.
[TN: ...lol]

Galmar: ...You don't have to be so harsh about it...
Allen: Well, look, we understand how you feel, and all, but...
Marie: Normal people fighting Akuma is just...
Link: You could stand by him all you like, but it wouldn't make any difference...
Kanda: ...Hell, go do your damn confessions in a church.
[TN: Unlike the individual comments on the previous page (where I can't guarantee I've assigned the characters right =p), in this panel the bubbles are marked with the characters' initials.]
Timothy: (......) // Hey, by the way, don't'cha wanna arrest me or anything, Galmar? // [aside]I'm G, remember?[/aside]
Galmar: Don't address me like that... / And how am I supposed to arrest a little brat like you, anyway?!! Ughh!!
Timothy: Well, I guess I better just leave, then.
Galmar: Huh?!
Emilia: Timothy...
Timothy: Well, Director-sensei's gettin' old... / ...and the other kids are still little, ya know? // Can't have 'em getting caught up in another Akuma attack, can I? // So I guess I'll join up with you black-cloak guys after all.
Allen: !

Timothy: The name's Timothy Hearst, nine years old! I turn Akuma into weapons with my Innocence, Tsukikami! // Pleasure to be workin' with ya, Exorcists! // However~~~! // Don't you go thinkin' you're gettin' this sweet deal for free~~~!

Komui: You want us to pay... // ...compensation for all the damages caused by Phantom Thief G...?!
Fey: There are a total of 37 stolen items in total, all of them of high value. / The articles themselves, since being sold off, are already out of the country, and would be rather difficult to locate at this point. / Add to that compensation for the eighty-nine people who were falsely imprisoned for his crimes...
Timothy: Don't forget making sure the Hearst Orphanage never has to worry about finances again! // I'm not joining you guys if you don't do that.
Fey: Taking everything into account, the total costs should amount to...

Fey: ...approximately this much.
[Text: OH CRAP!!]
[Label: Komui]
Fey: I a little grovelling to Secretary LeVerrier may be in order.
Timothy: Hey, my services don't come cheap, Bo~~~~~~~~~~~~ss!
Tsukikami: You're one dirty dealer, Master...
Emilia: .........Papa...
Galmar: Yes?
Emilia: You going to get back to work?
Galmar: Why, you... when I'm working, all you do is complain that I should be home...!
Emilia: Well, Phantom Thief G is "dead" now, and you've sorted everything out with these people, haven't you? How much longer do you need to stick around?
Galmar: Oh, forget work... / I have paid leave until you're fully recovered...
Emilia: ...I'm going to join up with the Order.
[TN: ...Huh. Best news I've heard all arc. We could do with a character like her around. ^^]

Emilia: So you don't have to worry about Timothy any more. // I'll be right by his side!
Galmar: D - Didn't you say you were leaving "as soon as you found a man"......?!!!
Zhizhi: Inspector... it looks like Phantom Thief G has pulled off one last magnificent heist. // He's stolen... // ...your daughter.
[TN: One wonders whether Kanda doesn't have more to do with it, mind...]

Galmar: [aside]EMILIAAAAAAA~~~~~~~!![/aside]
Everyone: [aside]bwahahahahahaha![/aside]
Director: It looks like Matthew and Eva's fevers have finally gone down. // The doctors have said that there is nothing more to worry about.
Timothy: Well, I did tell 'em they'd better make the kids better or they'd have me to answer to!
Director: Oh? You told them that, did you?
Timothy: I su~~~re did! I'm a big-shot Exorcist now, remember?! // Look, outfit and everything! / I hear these things don't come cheap, either! // And they let me eat and eat and eat, as much as I want! / And you should see the size of the baths they've got!

Director: Tomorrow... // ...I'll be leaving, you know. // Until my new residence is decided, I will be staying with Father Federico in London. // They say I should be safe there.
Timothy: I see... // Well, I told 'em they better make sure of that, too... // So you better be...! // ...Your nose's started running, Sensei...
Director: Really...?

Timothy: Uh-huh... really... // Like crazy...
Director: ...I'll just have to wash my face then, won't I?
Timothy: ...Yeah...

Allen: You know, that Director... // ...that natural way she has reminds me a little of Mana... // Timothy's a little like I used to be, too... // So I can understand how he must feel...
Link: ...... / This must be the first time you've actually talked about Mana to anyone else...
Allen: Huh? // ......... // ...You may be right...

Allen: (I see... // I can talk about him with a smile... // As long as I keep believing... that someday...) // I guess that means you're just like a piece of the furniture to me these days, Link...
Link: Furniture?!
Allen: (...that day will come...)
[Side text: Partings and outsets...]

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#1. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Apr 3, 2009
Gracias !!! Carlos
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