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Translations: One Piece 913 by cnet128 , Gintama 693 by kewl0210

Soul Eater 60

Operation: Seize Baba Yaga Castle (Part 15)

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 10, 2009 20:31 | Go to Soul Eater

-> RTS Page for Soul Eater 60

[Insert text: This will be the deciding blow...!!]

Maka: Demon Hunter!!!
[Soul Eater]
[Chapter 60: Operation: Seize Baba Yaga Castle (Part 15)]

Medusa: (Just as I expected... this girl... she is far too dangerous to witches...)

Maka: Soul... this dress... is it...?
Soul: The piano is setting off my insanity... // I just let my emotions get carried away and activated the black blood, that's all... // Don't worry, it'll settle down soon enough. / Anyway, let's finish this quickly, while you have that armour of black blood to protect you.
Maka: R... / Right!!

[no text just maka vs arachne]

[no text just arachne being spidery]

Maka: (It's ironic, but... // ...this armour of black blood is really doing its job... // I can do this!!)

Maka: It's over, Arachnophobia.
Arachne: Ugh! / After abandoning my body, I don't have enough attacking power...!

Arachne: Do you truly believe that you can settle everything with courage alone? In the face of overwhelming power, courage is reduced to mere foolish recklessness. // This defeat is nobody's fault but my own... I abandoned too much of my offensive power; that is all.
Maka: I'm stronger than you. // Take that.

[no text just arachne defeated]


Maka: Arachne's soul... // I... / ...defeated a witch...

Soul: We did it... Maka.
Maka: Are you all right... Soul...? / The black blood...
Soul: Don't worry... it'll settle down... // More importantly, what about Chrona...? / Can't you sense anything?
Maka: ...Oh, right!

Maka: !! // This girl... // (It's not Medusa...?!) // Th... / This reaction is...

Medusa: Yes, I think my sister's body... // ...fits me rather nicely...

Maka: !!
Soul: !! // What now?!
Medusa: Thank you for doing all of this for me.
Maka: ......

Medusa: It's so easy to manipulate you people using Chrona as an excuse... / Well, though powerful, you are after all children. But ah, well... you had little choice but to trust me. // I am, after all, Chrona's very own mother.
[TN: Can I get a second opinion on that "trust" line? I'm not sure whether Medusa's talking about them trusting her, or about herself trusting... something...]
Soul: Maka, are you all right?!
Maka: Medusa... you...
Medusa: Maka-chan... / Your capacity for soul perception is simply too dangerous.

Medusa: With BJ out of the picture, you are the most dangerous remaining element... / And now that you have defeated Arachne, I have no further use for you.
Soul: Were you the one who killed BJ...?
Medusa: Oh no; I merely stood by and watched. // I daresay Doctor Stein should be locating the true culprit about now. // The world is heading in a very interesting direction in its quest for reform. / Maka... you are nothing more than an obstacle to its progress. // It is time for you to disappear.

Soul: A monkey?!

Medusa: ...A Death Scythe Meister...
BearDude: Hey, Enrique... don't overdo it.
Enrique: Gau gau. // Gau gau gauga~ gaugau gau ga~u gaga. // Gaugaugau.
BearDude: Wha............

BearDude: Gyahahahaha! Yaahahahaha! / Oh, come on, now... In a situation like this, ahahahaha...! that's a terrible joke to... gyahahahaha...! There are children here, you know, you can't go using words that can't be aired on TV, the parents will be furious! // Gyahahahahahaha! Still, it was hilarious, I'll give you that! Yaahahahahaha!
Enrique: Gagauuga~ Gaugau gau gau gaugauuga~u ga~ // Gaugagau gaga gaugau gaugau.
BearDude: Gyahahahahahaha! Yaahahahahahaha! // S... Stop that, please... gyahahahahahaha!
Enrique: Gaugauu uga~ gaugau uga~u gaga gagau gaugaga. / Ga~gauga~ gagau gaugau gagauga ugaga. / Uga gaugaga ugauga gaga.
BearDude: He... / ...he... / ...And...? / Then what happened?

Enrique: Gauga~
BearDude: Buwahahahaaaaaaaa! Yaaahahaha... yaaahahahaha... yaaaaahahahahah!
Medusa: (Shibusen never ceases to amaze me...) // Enough of this nonsense!!

BearDude: Ohhh, dearie me...
Enrique: Gaugau.
BearDude: Yeah... / Fair enough.

BearDude: I don't mind fighting it out with you, but... are you sure? / It's only a matter of time before we conquer Baba Yaga Castle... Shibusen's troops should be storming in as we speak.
Medusa: Hmph... I can take out a silly little monkey in an instant. // You people will not even be able to waste my time.
BearDude: Looks like we're being underestimated... // I am one of the Death Scythes, you know... Tezca Tlipoca, the Demon Mirror.
Medusa: !!

Medusa: (There's some residual consciousness in this body... // I have no intention of handing this body over, of course, but... // ...still, that's one tenacious sister I have.) // Very well. I will retreat for the moment. // (I have destroyed Arachnophobia and obtained a Gorgon body... I have achieved my most pressing goals.)
Maka: Wait!! Medusa!!

Maka: Where is Chrona?!!
Medusa: I'm sure you can tell from observing your father, can you not? // Parents will do just about anything for their children...
Maka: You liar!! // (I wanted to believe...)

Medusa: Give it up. // The Chrona you know no longer exists.
Maka: !!
Medusa: I have no intention of surrendering my child to you.
Maka: Why, you...!! What's that supposed to mean?!!

Maka: Ugh...!!
Soul: Maka...
Maka: After I believed in her, all this way...

Maka: It's just not right... Soul...

[no text just chrona]

[Bottom text: To be continued in the June issue (on sale Tuesday 12th May).]
[TN: ...I've never been sure on Chrona's gender, but after that picture... if she's a male, then she's a seriously epic trap >_<]

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Posted on Apr 10, 2009
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