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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

D.Gray-Man 186


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Apr 24, 2009 09:30 | Go to D.Gray-Man

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Renee: Half-Akuma, created by the North American Branch. // As the Third Exorcists, they are to be the newest addition to our military force.
[Insert text: A horrifying team...!!]

186th Night: Illusion
[Side text: An aloof swordsman living in the rift between life and death: Kanda Yuu. What lies reflected in his jet-black eyes...?]

[Box: Black Order / Asian Branch]
[Box: Gate Chamber]
Bak: Aaargh... let me go! I said I'm going, so I'm going...!
Wong: Bak-sama, calm down, I beg of you! / Oww!
Rikei: You can't just charge in and attack Central! / Unghh!
Bak: [aside]hnghhh...![/aside] // Damn you, LeVerrier! Making Renee do a despicable thing like transforming humans into part-Akuma...! / I'm going to stop this if I have to go to the Pope himself! // GET OFF MEEEE~!
Rikei: Don't let him go, Fou-san!
Wong: Ahh, it pains me to see you in such distress, Bak-sama...
Fou: Calm down already, you stupid MORON!!

Bak: I'm not a moron!
Fou: Look... these half-Akuma experiments or whatever have succeeded already. / It's been proven that they're a valuable fighting force. You really think you can get rid of them that easily?! // That's why Komui Lee isn't raisin' any complaints as well, right?
Bak: But still...
Fou: RIGHT?!
Bak: .........
People: Now then, let's get back to work, shall we, Branch Chief~? // Since that Gate was installed, he's been going out far too much and not getting nearly enough work done...
Bak: W - Wait! Get off me~!
[BubbleSFX: fwoom]
Guard: Welcome to the Branch! May I have your identification number?
Kanda: Sure.
Bak: ! // K... // Kanda Yuu?!

[Box: Asian Branch, Cafeteria]
People: We're out of vegetables! Hurry it up! // B-set for two!
Fou: Old man Zhu! // Old man Zhu!

Zhu: That's the vegetables nice and finely sliced...
Fou: Gahh! Where's this guy's hearing aid~~~?!
Bak: Oh, I see... Old man Zhu wanted to see you.
Kanda: Yeah, that's the deal. / I'm not a certain Branch Chief, I don't go visiting places for no reason.
[Label: A certain Branch Chief who often visits Headquarters for no reason]
Wong: [aside]ahahah[/aside] // Bak-sama, look here, it's a lucky tea stalk!
Kanda: Tch...

Bak: Well... / I guess Mugen is the greatest work that old man ever made, after all. // [aside]care for some tea?[/aside」
Wong: [aside]you must forgive Bak-sama; he is venting a little stress.[/aside]
Bak: It makes sense that he'd want to check up on its wielder too.
Bak: (So awkward!!)
Wong: (Bak-sama, please, talk as much as you wish!)
Bak: (But his face is scary!)
Kanda: So... / They've started it again, huh...

Kanda: This time they're turning people into half-Akuma so they can feed on other Akuma? // Brilliant, just brilliant.
Bak: !! // (He's talking about the Third Exorcists...) // I knew it... // We have hurt you, haven't we...
Kanda: ...Eh?
Bak: No, no, it is only natural... / I am so sorry, Kanda!
Kanda: Wait, wait -
Bak: We failed to keep the promise we made to you! // Hit me!
Kanda: [aside]whoa...[/aside]
Bak: I have no excuses to make! Just hit me, Kanda!! Hit me with all your -
Kanda: I'm not "hurt"!
Bak: Guahh!

Wong: Bak-sama~~~~~~!
Kanda: Stop coming up with weird ideas. // You don't have a thing to apologise for. // I don't give a crap what happens to the Order.
Bak: ...You may... / ...feel that way... // But that's not how we... feel about you. // It was our clan... / ...who created you in the Synthetic Disciple Project that Central forced upon us... // ...nine years ago...

Bak: Caught up in our dreams of a group of "Second Exorcists"... // ...it was my clan, the Chan family, and Renee's, the Epstein family, that made that huge mistake...

Flashback!Zhu: Kanda... // Do you still see the flower? // I see... // Let's keep this a secret, just between you and me. // You mustn't dwell on it. // It is just an illusion. // That flower is an illusion.

Rikei: Give us a break already, old man Zhi.........! // Why the heck were you keeping your hearing aid in your underwear?! That's disgusting!
LouFa: You made us waste our whole lunch break~!
Shifu: I don't even feel like eating any more...
Zhu: Perhaps I'm getting old...
Fou: Ya damn well ARE, you stupid old fart!
Zhu: Well, what's so wrong with that? They do say that good things will happen to you if you're kind to old people!
LouFa: Really~~~~?!
[Box: Manufacturer of Anti-Akuma Weapons / (Also Head Chef of the Asian Branch) / Swordsmith Zhu Mei Chan]
Fou: I'm older than you are, you know?
Rikei/LouFa: Ah!
Shifu/Zhu: ?

Rikei/LouFa: Th - th - th - th - that wonderful figure is...!
Zhu: What's all this now?
LouFa: [aside]a good thing happened~~~![/aside] / It's Walker-san~~~~!♥
Rikei: It's Lenalee-chan~~~~~~!♥
Allen: Lou Fa-san! / Thank you for the present you sent me. // [aside]it was delicious!♪[/aside]
LouFa: Y - You ate it then?! My mitarashi dango~!
Allen: Yup!
Rikei: Lenalee-chan, what brings you here? We don't see you very often around these parts!
Lenalee: Oh, well, we got a mission, you see, and...
Link: Walker! This is no time for idle chatter. We must find Kanda Yuu at once.
Allen: Yes, yes...
LouFa: [aside]he's got taller again...!♥[/aside]

Tokusa: We will remain here and await your return.
Allen: !
Tokusa: Be quick about it, if you would, Master Disciple.
Allen: We've got a major mission to attend to in Istanbul, and we're here to find Kanda so he can come with us. / Do you know where he is?
Rikei: I think he's with the Branch Chief at the moment.
LouFa: ...Are those people the half-Akuma "Third Exorcists" we've been hearing about...? // They're kind of creepy... / I can see why they make Chief Bak angry. I'm not too sure about all this myself.
Rikei: But they are going to be a real boost to our forces...

Rikei: Isn't it kind of unavoidable? It's not like we can control when we find new compatible Innocence users... / Having them around is going to help take some of the burden off Walker and the other Exorcists!
LouFa: But making people into half-Akuma... doesn't that make us hardly any different from the Earl?
Allen: [aside]huh?[/aside] // Um... you two...?
Rikei: It's easy enough to talk idealistic nonsense like that, but that's not going to help us win this war, is it?! / You just don't get it, Lou Fa! If we lose, we're all going to die! How can you...
LouFa: So what?!! // If we won by doing a thing like that... // ...that just wouldn't feel right, would it...?!
Rikei: H... / Hey...?!
LouFa: Unhhh...
Allen: (!!)
Rikei: Ahh! // D - Don't cry............!

Shifu: What do you think you're doing, Rikei?
Allen: I think you'd better apologise, Rikei. // [aside]you can't go around making girls cry.[/aside]
Rikei: I - / I'm sorry!
Link: ......
Lenalee: Don't cry, Lou Fa-san.
Allen: It's all right, Lou Fa-san. // Whatever may happen to the Order... / ...we'll still be us. // As long as we keep moving forward for what we believe in, it will be all right! // ("It will be all right"...) // We'll all end up smiling in the end!

Allen: (I recited those words as though they were some kind of charm.)
LouFa: [aside]I'm sorry![/aside]
Rikei: [aside]what's that for? The argument's over already![/aside]
Allen: The future, huh...
Shifu: [aside]that's right.[/aside]
Zhu: Dear me... this truly does... / ...make one consider one's own sins...
Fou: Zhu...
Flashback!Zhu: (Say, Kanda... // Do you still see the flower...?)
[Side text: Overcoming destiny...]
[Insert text: Starting from next issue, this series will be on hiatus. We hope you understand. We will let you know as soon as the continuation is scheduled.]

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2009
Thank Cnet!
#2. by Toria_Gria ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2009
Thanks! But your pages 13 and 14 actually are one page.)
#3. by owlish ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2009
Thank you for the translation. :D

I found a minor typo while I was reading it though, I hope you don't mind?

on p. 15,

" we're here to find Kanda so hi can come with us."
#4. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Apr 24, 2009
Fixed a~nd fixed.
#5. by TitaniumChloride ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2009
There's a tiny typo for Allen's line in 15: ...we're here to find Kanda so hi (he) can come with us.

And does the '黒' kanji on Allen's head in the first panel, page 16 mean that Allen's in his 'Black Allen' mode?
#6. by AfterMath ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2009
thanks cnet..man, another hiatus..how long will it be this time -.-
#7. by Ariadne chan ()
Posted on Apr 24, 2009
thanks Carlos another Hiatus ohhhhh!!!!!
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