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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Mahou Sensei Negima! 253

The Hesitant Maidens' Pactio Dreams~!♡

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 2, 2009 18:01 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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[Insert text: Paru's "absolute order" - not to be forgotten! The mission: everybody steal a kiss!]
Flashback!Haruna: Haruna: Kissing! Dee~p, passionate kissing! // Everybody has to do it, okay?♪
Natsumi: (It's all very well saying that... but with who...? // ......Negi-kun...? // No, no, no, can't do that... // I'm just some random side character, I couldn't possible go kissing Negi, everyone's mega-idol... // And obviously Konoka-san's out of the question... // So I guess that just leaves... // ...the one guy who's in the same "side-character" position as me... // No no no no no no no, that's so not happening!) / Ahh!
Kotarou: Oh...

Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 253: The Hesitant Maidens' Pactio Dreams~!♡
[Insert text: A maiden's heart confronts that most dangerous enemy: The Kiss!♡]
Kotarou: Huh? Natsumi-neechan, aren't you heading to the festival?
Natsumi: Ah... No, I just, uh...
Kotarou: Hm? Nee-chan, your face's going red. Maybe you should go lie down for a bit?
Natsumi: Wh - Wha- ah - I - It's nothing, really! Come off it, okay...?!
Kotarou: Ehhhh?! What's all this?!

Natsumi: (Aaaahhhhh, I can't, I can't, I can't... there's just no way~~~! // How the heck am I supposed to k - k - to k - kiss Kota-kun...?! // I mean, come on, he's ten years old! // A deep and passionate kiss with a ten-year-old... that's gotta be illegal! // ...Besides, this is my first kiss we're talking about... surely I should be allowed to choose the right person! // That's right... Kotarou-kun's just a stupid, noisy, bratty little kid who still watches Saturday-morning TV... what am I thinking? / [aside]I doubt he knows the first thing about girls...[/aside] // (Aahhh...)
Flashback!Misa: If we take this opportunity to get real friendly with him, then in five or six years' time, boom! One ultimate boyfriend in the bag!! // I call it the Reverse Hikaru Genji Strategy!!!
[TN: ...Okay, so it's a flashback, but to all the way back in Chapter 120, so I feel a re-explanation is in order =p This is a reference to the classic work of literature "The Tale of Genji", in which the protagonist (Hikaru Genji) has many wives and lovers, but his one true love is a girl (Murasaki) whom he took in as a child and raised himself.]
Natsumi: K... Kakizaki...?!! / [aside]she scares me sometimes... // but no... I've gotta stop getting ahead of myself... // Calm down and think...[/aside] // I guess all the others... will be going for Negi, huh... // I wonder how they're getting on with all this...?

KuFei: (I, Ku Fei, have a rule that I have imposed upon myself~aru.)
[Text: ~~Ku Fei's Thoughts~~]
KuFei: (As a martial artist... and as the successor to the noble Ku warrior clan... // ...I will marry one stronger than myself... // ...and will surrender my lips only to one who has soundly defeated me in battle. // Since arriving at Mahora Academy, not a single person had appeared who could satisfy me~aru... // But then, that boy... // Up until but a few months ago, he was a mere amateur, but his growth has astounded me at every turn. // I am no fool... even without fighting him, the difference in power is clear... I have never met a man for whom the word "strong" was more fitting~aru. // Mmh... // Ehhhhm... // But, well...

KuFei: That doesn't mean I have to go and fall for Negi-bouzu or anything, now, does it~aru?! // Okay, so he has everything I could ask for in terms of strength, but there are other things to consider! Like age! / Besides, that light frame... those glasses... he's not my type at all~aru!
Flashback!Misa: Catch him when he's young, and you can raise him into your own ideal man! // This is the ultimate technique and greatest advantage of the Reverse Hikaru Genji Strategy!!
KuRei: K... Kakizaki... / [aside]a cunning tactician indeed...[/aside] // Ngh... // B... But still... even so... / Just giving a deep, passionate kiss to a ten-year-old boy like that... // ...surely there is something wrong with it~aru...
Natsumi: [aside]ah...[/aside]
KuFei: [aside]ahh...[/aside]
Natsumi: S... So you really do like him, then, Ku-chan...?
KuFei: I - I - I - I was not talking about likes or dislikes, this is a completely separate topic from anything of the sort! I was just talking about the Pactio... so... uh...!

Chachamaru: *sigh*~~~~ A kiss, huh......
Sayo: I know... I've always wanted to try it...
[Text: ~~Sayo-chan's Thoughts~~]
Sayo: But I guess a ghost wouldn't be able to make a Pactio, huh...?
Chachamaru: According to Master, as long as one possesses a soul, a contract can be formed.
Sayo: Uhhh... But that means...!
Haruna: Indeed it does, Sayo-chan!
Sayo: H - Haruna-san just happened to be passing by?!
Haruna: As a ghost... that is to say, a being made up of nothing but soul... you can form Pactios until the cows come home! / [aside]probably.[/aside]
Sayo: S - Still... well, look at me...
Haruna: I thought you might say something like that! Which is why I've prepared you a brand new body!
Sayo: Ehhhhh~~~?! Really~~~?!

[Life-Size Host Robot Body / Sayo-chan I]
Sayo: Wo~~~w!♡
[TN: I'll second that "wow", and raise you an "I'd so hit that", along with a bonus "I have a sudden inexplicable urge to see a KonokaxSayo doujin"]
Sayo: This is incredible! I've got feet and everything!
Chachamaru: Wonderful! Sayo-san, you look utterly charming!
[TN: I'll second that "charming", and raise you a "SEX HER! SEX HER NOW!"]
Haruna: Heheh...
Sayo: Oh, this is brilliant, Haruna-san!! It handles like a dream!! I can really do this!!
[Text: Abdominal Cockpit]
[TN: I'll take that cockpit and raise you a... wait, cockpit?]
Haruna: I'll have you know the cockpit is even equipped with an ejector module!
Sayo: Ahhh!
Chachamaru: Huh...?
Haruna: And the legs are fitted out with a flight unit!!
Sayo: Ahhhhh!
Chachamaru: Huh...?
Haruna: The eyes can fire a Sayo Beam! The torso contains the Sayo Gatling Gun! And the arms are for the Sayo-chan Rocket Punch!!
Sayo: [aside]ahahahaha!♡[/aside] // It's absolutely stunning~~~~~! / [aside]I feel like Chachamaru-san~~!♡
Chachamaru: Huh...?
Haruna: That's the spirit! With everything I've packed in there, taking down Negi-kun should be a breeze~~~!♡
Sayo: I can fight for ten years with this~~~!
Chachamaru: Huuuuuh?
[TN: I'll second that "Huh?" and raise you a "HARUNA, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG."]
Natsumi: What happened to the Pactio...?

Akira: And that's the long and short of it...
[Text: ~~Makie's Thoughts~~]
Makie: I see... Ako - no, all of you really had a tough time of it, huh...
Akira: And now, Ako's claiming that she's got over Nagi-san already, but...
Makie: D... Does that mean Ako's had her heart broken again...? // But Negi-kun is still Nagi-san, so... / H... How does Ako feel about him now...?
Akira: I don't know the answer to that, but I can tell you this, at least. / Ever since we got here, Nagi-san has been the one supporting Ako... the one she looked up to, and the goal she strove for... // So... even if that Nagi-san was nothing but an illusion... / I believe that the love she felt was real. // Ah... I - I'm sorry, Makie... that was insensitive of me...
Makie: No, that's okay... // (Real love... // Ako...)

Makie: (She liked him so much... // This really must have been hard on her... // And she worked so hard, as well... // For it to all end like this... // But no... it wasn't just Ako; everyone's been working really hard. / [aside]Asuna and Honya-chan and everyone, too...[/aside] // And Negi-kun himself, too... // What with his father, and everything... // This must all be so hard on him, too... // Yet he never shows the slightest sign of it... // Compared to everyone else, I've been having such an easy time of it... I've done nothing but enjoy myself ever since I got here... // Running into nothing but the nicest of people... landing myself a fun job... // Wh... Why is it just me...? Is it just because I'm an idiot? Everyone else has been going through so much, yet I've just been cruising through it all...) // Aahh... // (I'm sure Ako must be developing feelings for Negi-kun... But I know her - she'll try and brush it off, tell me not to worry... I know she will, she's like that... Aahhhh... That's just no good! She'd had such terrible luck with love... I really thought Nagi-san could be perfect for her... and now this... it's just not fair on her! How can I just selfishly go around saying I like Negi-kun... when I've done nothing to deserve... Ahhh, but I...)
Ako: Ah...

Ako: Oh... Makie, there you are! // I kind of wanted to talk to you, about Negi-kun... / ...Hm? Is something wrong?
Makie: Uh... ah... / L - Look, Ako... // Aahhh... / Unhhh... // *gulp* // AKO~~! / I'LL GIVE NEGI-KUN UP, YOU CAN HAVE HIM ALL TO YOURSELF!!! // P - P - P - PLEASE HAVE A HAPPY LIFE TOGETHER~~~~!!!
Ako: What the heck is this all of a sudden?!! // Makie, I really don't feel that way about...
Makie: No, it's okay! I'm sure in five years time, Negi-kun will grow up to be an incredible guy, just like Nagi-san!
Ako: Look, I don't know what you're talking about... what's all this about giving Negi-kun up...?
Makie: I said I'm giving him up, and that's final! // You just go and get together with Negi-kun and find your own happiness!!!
Ako: Whaaaaa~~?!! Wait, Makie - !
Ako: C - Calm down, would you...?!
Natsumi: What the heck are they doing...?

[Text: ~~Yuuna's Thoughts~~]
Yuuna: Oh, come on, guys, are you getting all worked up over a little kiss~~~~? // I do that kind of thing every day, so it's no problem for me~!♪
Ako: E - Every day?
Makie: You're kidding, right, Yuuna?! I've never heard anything about this...! // [aside]you have a boyfriend...?[/aside]
Yuuna: Hahahah... allow me to show you the hard proof!
People: Where's she pulling that out of?! // She's just showing off her chest!
Yuuna: TA-DAAAA~~~!!!
Ako: That's your old man!!!
Makie: And only on the cheek, as well!
Ako: I thought we were talking about deep, passionate kisses!
Yuuna: Huh...? Deep? Passionate?!
Ako: You weren't even listening, were you?!
Yuuna: Well... I guess if it was with my dad... // [aside]...I wouldn't mind...[/aside]
Ako: No, no, no, that's not okay! / That's just... not okay!

Chachamaru: As long as one has a soul...
[Text: ~~Chachamaru's Thoughts~~]
Chachamaru: Do I... have a soul as well...?
Flashback!Hakase: If you think you don't have one, you don't! // And if you think you do, then you do! // So just have a little confidence, Chachamaru!♪
Chachamaru: [aside]Hakase...[/aside]
Flashback!Eva: Take this journey as an opportunity... // ...to be true to your own feelings... okay? Heheheheheh...
Chachamaru: [aside]Master...[/aside] // ! // Feelings... // My own... feelings...

Haruna: Heheheh... It looks like you're all getting flustered over a little kiss!! / Well, I thought something like this might happen!! // And that's why I prepared this Paru Special High-Performance Practice Golem for Kissing and Random Tasks!! / The Nugi-kun DK-1!! / [aside]it stands for "deep kiss"!![/aside]
Akira: [aside]m... magic is incredible...[/aside]
Everyone: WHAAAAAA~?!!
[Text: ~~Akira's Trials~~]
Nugi: I'm Nugi~~!
[TN: IT RETURNS O_________O]
Haruna: In case anybody was wondering, he sports an impressive length of 23.5 centimetres!!
Nugi: [aside]yaaaay~!♡[/aside]
Yuuna: Wha - ?!
Makie: Tha - !!
Ako: T... Twenty-three point...
Haruna: Hmmmm...? What exactly are you imagining? I was talking about his tongue, of course! / [aside]name your "deep kiss" - he can handle it![/aside]
Yuuna: THAT'S EVEN WORSE!! WHAT THE HECK~~?! / [aside]is this a horror movie?![/aside]
Makie: [aside]it's gonna kill us~~~![/aside]
Haruna: Now then, Nugi-kun... wait... huh?
Nugi: kiiii... / sssss...
Haruna: O - Oh, crap... he's out of control?!! Everybody run!!
People: Whaaaaaaat?!
Nugi: kiiiiii... / ssssss...
People: Aaaaaaahhhhhh! / Nooooooooo!

People: Aaaaaghhhhhh! / Nooooooooo!
Akira: (Ngh... I can't allow Makie and Ako to have their lips violated by this thing!!) // Watch out!
Makie: Owie... // Huh...?
Akira: Ah...
Nugi: Akira-san...
Akira: Ah... you mustn't, Negi-kun... / No... S - Stop...! // Mmmmmmnnnnnghhhhh!?!
[SFX: sluuuuuurp etc.]
Akira: Mmmmph! Mnnn...nnnnnghhhhh...nhh...
Haruna: [aside]th... this is more impressive than I... oooohh...[/aside]
Yuuna: [aside]Th... "The Thing"...?![/aside]
Ako: [aside]aahhh...![/aside]
Makie: [aside]wahhhhhhh...! / A... Akira...[/aside]
Yuuna: H... How... was it...?
Akira: That never happened... That never happened...
Makie: [aside]thank you, Akira...[/aside]
Haruna: [aside]I'm sorry... really, I am...[/aside]
Asakura: What's all this about a "deep, passionate kiss"? That's just Paru blowing it all out of proportion. // [aside]just a simple kiss works fine.[/aside]
Ako: Eh...?!

Natsumi: Huh... // (He's sleeping...)
[TN: Yeah, that's right. Kiss him in his sleep, you know you want to.]
[Text: ~~Natsumi's Thoughts~~]
Natsumi: (This is my chance... // ...wait, nonononono... // What am I even thinking? That's not right...) // ... // (W - Well, I'm sure he wouldn't want to kiss the likes of me if he was awake anyway... / Just getting it over and done with here and now is the quickest and easiest way for both of us... // Y - Yeah... This is for the best... if I've got to do it one way or another... // I - I - It's not like I'm taking advantage of him or anything like that...)

Natsumi: (H... Huh... he really does just look like a kid sometimes... // I - If I think about it like that, it's... not like there's any big problem...)
Kotarou: Mnhh... I can't eat any... more...
Natsumi: (Right... // I... I'm sorry, Kotarou-kun...!)
Haruna: Taking advantage of him in his sleep? You've got more guts than I thought, Natsumi-chan. // Incidentally, you can kiss him all you like, but without Chamo-kun, it won't actually do anything~!♪
Natsumi: Tell me these things beforehand, would you~~~~~~?!!
Kotarou: [aside]nnhh...?[/aside]
[Box: Meanwhile...]
[Insert text: Things are still crazy all around~~~!]
[Bottom-right: Next issue, Negima will be taking a break so that the author can collect data. See you again in Shonen Magazine Issue 29 (on sale 10th June)!♡]
[TN: Yes, that's what it says. Don't blame me if that's actually the date next week's issue goes on sale. It's probably just a typo; Issue 29 should be going on sale on the 17th.]

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#1. by Rhyshaelkan ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2009
Thank you for the translation. Love your little "TN:"s Shows you have feelings for the story too. Rock on!
#2. by Raron ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
thx for the translation, cnet. :)
Got one question though: What did Kotaro say on the last page(under Natsumi's bubble)?
#3. by Rhyshaelkan ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
Seems like a nothing sound from waking up bewildered.

#4. by xhronoz ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
thanks for the translation and i will see your

"I have a sudden inexplicable urge to see a KonokaxSayo doujin"

.... goes of and tries to find it
#5. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
Yeah, that Kotarou text is just a generic waking-up-mini-groan type of noise. Added it in now.
#6. by eyesotope ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
the chapter was choking with text.. thanks a lot for the translation :)
lol Haruna is definitely doing it wrong :D
#7. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
Pg 14.
Akira: (Ngh... I can't allow Makia and Ako to have their lips violated by this thing!!) // Watch out!
---> Makie

Just a tiny typo ^^
Thanks for your translation as always ^^
#8. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jun 3, 2009
#9. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2009
Love the translation, as always. Thank you. ^_^

The "Abdominal Cockpit" got me intensely curious about whether Akamatsu-sensei might have intended it as a pun. From its components, is it reasonable to guess that 同腹部 is an oblique way of saying uterus, or womb?

(Maybe it's just me, but English needs a better word to describe that part of the anatomy. Somehow both of those words sound really weird to my ears.)
#10. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
To be honest, I really wasn't completely sure what 同腹部 was doing. My guess was that it's just 腹部 ("abdomen"), with the 同 meaning "...of the above" (ie. of the Sayo-chan I, as identified in the previous caption). Can't really think of any reason it could be interpreted as "uterus" (...except, erm, logical extrapolation =p)
#11. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Understood - my only reason for the extrapolation, and it's a thin one, is that a couple of sources said 同腹 means "born from the same mother," or more figuratively "kindred spirits."

But at least my original question was resolved, before I first posted here. If he'd called it a カアックピト or some such, I would have been floored. Even though it would be a really oblique pun, and even though the whole "It's 23.5 cm long" was almost as bad. ^_~

In the meanwhile, I've come up with a different idea to wonder about. This is Paru we're talking about, Chamo's perverse voyeur soulmate. Do you think she made it "fully functional" like Data from ST:TNG?

I can even see the doujinshi now: Sayo is caught up in feeling romantic, until "something" pops up behind her... "Aiiiii! W-W-What the @#$% &^U* %^&* is that?" (Now THAT would be a カアックピト.)
#12. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Well, Haruna does use the word コクピット in the following bubble... =p
#13. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2009
Ehehehe. ( ^_^*) Sorry for mangling the phonetics, and thank you for pointing that out.

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