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Translations: One Piece 920 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Fairy Tail 138


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 8, 2009 18:34 | Go to Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail
Mashima Hiro
33rd Kodansha Manga Award Winner!! (Shonen Category)

[Middle text: We've received messages from everyone! / (in Gojuon order)]
Happy: Thank you so much, everybody! We'll keep on doing our best!!
[Right-hand column:]
Akamatsu Ken-sensei
Creator of Mahou Sensei Negima!
Congratulations! When I first met you, you had your hair died blond... You'll always be that extremely skilled, speedy, and somewhat scary young man to me.

Ayamine Rando-sensei
Creator of GetBackers ~Dakkan'ya~
Congratulations on receiving this award. I've been looking forward to the day you would finally get it. I'll be cheering you on in future as well!!

Oogure Ito-sensei
Creator of Air Gear
The Great Blue Ascending Dragon of the Manga World (as I've just randomly decided to call him) Mashima Hiro-sensei has received his rightful prize! ...That's the feeling I get. I'm frankly jealous of the sheer energy and passion that you can feel emanating from this guy when you meet him face-to-face. Congratulations!!

Kase Atsushi-sensei
Creator of Zerosen
Ten years ago, when I was first introduced to you at the celebrations for my own Kodansha Manga Award, I never imagined that you would make it all this way. You little success-story, you... you have my honest congratulations!

Kamijou Akimine-sensei
Creator of C0DE:BREAKER
Congratulations on winning the Kodansha Manga Award! Please carrying on writing your energetic manga filled with dreams!

Kawasumi Ayako-san
Seiyuu of Elie in RAVE
Congratulations on your award! I hope you carry on writing works filled with the dreams and adventures that you're so good at.

Mr. Kibayashi
Former Shonen Magazine Editor
Ten years ago, taken by Mashima-san's clear talent, I insisted at an editor's meeting that his work should be serialised. He has since gone on to outdo my expectations and produce one excellent work after another; it makes me truly happy.

[Middle box:]
Kobayashi Toshihiko-sensei
Creator of Pastel
Mashima-kun's "Mashima World", as well as the sheer volume of work he produces, are admirable. I would like to imitate him in terms of output at least, but I won't, because I think it would kill me.

[Left column:]
Saki Hiroto-sensei
Writer of Kaze Densetsu: Bukkomi no Taku
Writer of Bakureon (from Business Jump)
Congratulations on your award. I always enjoy your fiery and passionate works. I will be praying that your success only goes on increasing!

Tanaka Hiroshi-sensei
Creator of Megami no Oni (from Young Magazine)
Congratulations on your Kodansha Manga Award. I'll treat you to a case of Guinness sometime~!♡

Nishimoto Hideo-sensei
Creator of Mou, Shimasen Kara
Talent, effort and friendship (with me). Hiro-kun really is a shonen manga-ka who knows how to live. Congratulations on your Kodansha Manga Award!

Mr. Nouchi Masahiro
Monthly Shonen Rival Editor-in-Chief
The heroes of Mashima's works are fiery, passionate men who never give up no matter the situation, and make the impossible possible... and so is Mashima-sensei himself!

Hoshino Yasushi-sensei
Creator of Shigyaku Keiyakusha Fausts
Come to think of it, the first time I met Mr. Mashima was [text deleted here] and so, my deepest congratulations. I look forward to seeing your future work.

Yasuda Tsuyoshi-sensei
Creator of OverDrive
Congratulations, Mashima-sensei. It's great to see your pure and entertaining works getting the recognition they deserve. Please carry on creating dreams for our children in the future.

Yoshikawa Miki-sensei
Creator of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
This is great!! When I heard the news, I was so proud as someone who once worked as your assistant! Mashima-sensei, my deepest congratulations!!

[Side text: What are the meaning of Wendy's tears...?! Has the worst-case scenario come to pass?!]
Natsu: Wh... What's... going on...?!
Charle: This can't be...!!!
Happy: Natsu~~~!
Wendy: Aahhh... // I'm so sorry...... // I'm so sorry... // I...

Fairy Tail
Chapter 138: Unaccounted-For
[Insert text: A flower of evil reborn! Does the dawn of a world without light lie beyond his piercing gaze?!]

Natsu: Gérard......
Wendy: I'm so...... sorr... / ...aahh... / ...ahhh... // I owe this man... a huge... debt...
Charle: Wendy!! Did you use your healing magic?!! // What were you thinking?!!! If you use that power recklessly... // Wendy!!!

Natsu: Wh... What are you doing here...?! // GÉRAAAAAAAAAAAAA // AAARD!!!

Natsu: Aaaaaaaghhhh!!
Happy: Natsu!!!
Blaine: I see your power is as impressive as ever. // Gérard.

Blaine: ! // What...?!!! // Guaaaahhhhhhh!!
[TN: luls]

Natsu: Gérard!!!! // Where is he?!!!
Charle: He left.
Natsu: Why, that little......!!!!
Charle: I do not know who exactly that man was, but surely recovering Wendy takes priority right now.

Charle: You want to save Erza, do you not?!!!!
Natsu: All right, fine!!!! // That guy... // Let's go, Happy!!!!
Happy: Aye, sir!!!!
Blaine: ......

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (1): I was recently granted the Kodansha Manga Award. I could not have done it without the support of my faithful readers. Thank you so much. I will keep working hard, so I hope you will all continue to support me as well.]
Blaine: This, I did not account for... // No... I suppose it is my own fault for not preparing any restraints... // Still... he never used to possess this level of hostility towards me, I am sure of it... // Was he able to overhear our discussions of Nirvana in his unconscious state? // ! // Damn you, Gérard!!!! // Do you mean to keep Nirvana for yourself alone?!!!!

Blaine: You shall not!!!! // It belongs to us!!!! I will never surrender it to anyone!!!! // COBRA!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!!!! // Gérard has fled!!!! // Go after him!!!! Wherever he is headed... // That is where Nirvana lies!!!!

Cobra: Gotcha. / Loud and clear. // And I'm hearing Gérard's footsteps, as well.
Gray: Ngh! // !!! // Tch...

Gray: His speed is insane... // Damn it...
Racer: My codename is Racer. // Faster than anybody, faster than anything. // Running is what I do.
[Box: Oración Seis / Racer]

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings (2): "JCVD" is a movie to make any Van Damme fan cry. Incidentally, I saw the real Van Damme in Paris once!]
Racer: Hm?
Gray: !!
Gray: They got her!!!
Racer: Impossible!!! Blaine was inside there, wasn't he?! How did they...?!! // Ugh!! You're not getting away!!!
Gray: Natsu!!! DODGE!!!!
Natsu: ?!

Wendy: Aahh!
Natsu: Unghh...
Happy: Ahh!
Everyone: Nghh!
Natsu: Ahhhhh~~~!!!! // Happy!!! // Charle!!!

Natsu: Dammit......!!!
Racer: I thought I told you, you're not going anywhere!!!
Gray: Ice Make... // RAMPART!!!!
Racer: Unghh!

Natsu: Gray...
Gray: Go on ahead... Like I said, I'm gonna handle this guy. // *pant* // *pant* / *pant*
Natsu: But... surely you used up too much magic with that attack just now!!
Gray: Just get a move on already, dumbass.

Gray: I'll stop this guy if I die in the attempt!!!! // Now go!!!! Erza's waiting!!!!
Natsu: Haaaahhhh~~~~~~!!!! // I'll save Erza, no matter what!!!!
Gray: Damn right you will.

Racer: Why, you... that's twice you've stopped me in my tracks.
Gray: I'll stop you as many times as I have to. // Ice can stop anything, even life, in its tracks. // And you're always gonna be a step behind. // Stuck there staring at the fairy's tail.

Gérard: Erza...
[Insert text: Is this murmuring a pang of conscience?! Or a sign of his final farewell to the light...?!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 139: Dead Grand Prix]

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#1. by rose ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2009
"The Great Blue Ascending Dragon of the Manga World (as I've just randomly decided to him)"
Shouldn't that be "as I've just randomly decided to name him"?
#2. by Lsshin ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2009
so what was the big news???? no anime then??
#3. by MasterDeva ()
Posted on Jun 8, 2009
Instead of "Gray: I'll stop this guy if I die in the attempt!!!!" wouldn't be more accurate to say "Gray: I'll stop this guy even if I die in the attempt!!!!"? Unless of course it's a translation issue. Thank you for yet another translation Carlos you are awesome, I really appreciate it! ;-)
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