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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Mahou Sensei Negima! 258

To the Core of the World's Secrets!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 22, 2009 11:59 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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[Insert text: Mars Shock! A Martian secret that not even NASA could uncover!! What is the shocking conclusion that Saotome has reached?!]
Haruna: Mars!!! // And the Magical World!!! // In other words!! / We have been thinking all this time that this was some separate "magical world"... // ...but we have actually been on Mars all along!!
Kaede: ?
Everyone: Wh - Whaaaaaat?!

People: D - Don't be ridiculous~~~~~! / Mars, my ass~~~~!
Haruna: Aaghhh~~~~?!
People: You idiot~~! // There's nothing on Mars but rocks and stuff! How could this possibly be Mars~~?!
Haruna: But... but...!
Chachamaru: Still... // It certainly would appear... // ...that the resemblances between the physical structure and names of locations are numerous - there's Olympus Mons, the Hellas Empire matches up with the Hellas Planitia... / Frankly, I'm amazed we didn't notice this sooner.
Chamo: Well, we kinda had more pressing stuff to worry about...
Chisame: But... even so, you can't just go and say that this place is Mars!
Nodoka: No, that's not quite true...
Asakura: You know something about this, Miyazaki?
Nodoka: According to common knowledge, the Magical World is concealed in an "alternate plane". / In basic magical theory, an "alternate plane" is a separate location designed to overlap with the real world... positioned only "half a step away"... // [aside]...so it wouldn't make any difference if there's nothing but rocks in the real world.[/aside] // Alternate planes... traditionally, places "not of this world", where spirits and the souls of the dead can be found. // Famous Japanese examples include the Dragon Palace, Ryuuguujou, and Takamagahara, the land of the gods... or more recently, mysterious towns with public baths found at the end of a tunnel... // The important point is that a large alternate plane requires a corresponding large area in the real world to serve as its base.
[Labels: Reality // Alternate Plane // Bottom of the Ocean // Dragon Palace // Conservation of Area]
Nodoka: Before coming here, Yue and I had been wondering where exactly a space large enough to accommodate the whole Magical World could be found in our own world... / ...but it looks like we've found our answer...

Nodoka: Using the surface of Mars as a catalyst, this fantastical world was created to exist alongside it.
[Labels: Magical World (Alternate Plane) // Mars (Real World)]
Nodoka: That's the true nature of Mundus Magicus. // [aside]...or at least, it would make sense.[/aside]
Yuuna: Eh? But then...
Makie: It really is true...?
Girls: We really are on Mars~~~~~~~~?! No way~~!!! / Go Mars~~~~~~!♪ // We've become space travellers without even knowing it! / Epic discovery~! / You're amazing~aru, Natsumi!!
Natsumi: R - Really?
Yuuna: But wait! This isn't good! If the Magical World is actually Mars... / Then that means...! / It means... // It means......... what?
Shiori!Asuna: Huh?
Girls: What difference does it make if this is Mars?! / [aside]it's an awesome little bit of trivia, but...[/aside] // So pointless~~~~~! / We're obsessing over trivia~~! / Natsumi, you made a useless discovery~aru!
Natsumi: Ehhhhh~?!
Negi: ...

Negi: A "created world"...
[TN: Uh-oh. I think I can see where he's going with this already...]
Setsuna: Eh...?
Negi: Of course... the chances are absurdly high... why did I not realise this before...? / The "fount of the world's culture"... "Godly power"... "the Creator"... the "Mage of the Beginning"... "Blood of the Founders"... / The "Magic of the Beginning and End of the World"... the "Twilight Imperial Princess"... it all fits... / There was a 1908 thesis on "Instability of Artificial Alternate Planes: The Inevitability of Collapse"... / ...But when exactly was it created...? Everything hinges on that... // Naturally, the staff of Mahora Academy would know about this, as well as the upper echelons of Megalomesembria, a society ranking high amongst all the mage societies in the old world... // I'm just missing... a few pieces of the puzzle... / If I just knew a few more key pieces of information, as well as the aims and motives of the organisation that ties them all together... / ...I'm sure all the pieces would fit together into one big picture...
Setsuna: Sensei?
Konoka: Negi-kun, what're you muttering about over there? / [aside]something wrong?[/aside]
Negi: Ah... sorry, I was just thinking... // Setsuna-san... does hearing the name "Mars" not remind you of anything?
Setsuna: O... Of course.
Flashback!Chao: I'm a Martian from the planet Mars! // Martians don't lie, you know. // Within the next hundred years, Mars will become habitable...

Setsuna: You mean... Chao Lingshen, yes?
Konoka: Ahh! / [aside]that's right, she said she was from Mars![/aside]
Setsuna: B... But, Sensei, I just can't see what all of this means...
Negi: I'm not too sure about that myself. But if I'm not mistaken... // Everything about this world is linked in some way... My father and his companions, and Chao-san as well...
Setsuna: !
Negi: There's just one more thing... yes, just one more important piece that I need to make it all fit... that's the feeling I get. // Chachamaru-san! Could I have a little talk with you about Chao-san? Haruna-san, Asakura-san, Chisame-san, if you could come along as well! // [aside]Chamo-kun, too![/aside] // Quickly, we're short on time!
Makie: What were you guys talking about?
Konoka: [aside]I don't even know...[/aside]
Negi: Natsumi-san... / This is all thanks to you. I think I may owe you an incredible debt of thanks...
Natsumi: Eh?
Negi: You may have just uncovered for us the most important key of all. //The key to the mystery that I believe led my father and mother into battle... / The mystery of this Magical World.

Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 258: To the Core of the World's Secrets!!
[Insert text: The door of secrets is flung wide open!!]
[Text: Megalomesembria Trusteeship District / The New Ostia Government-General]
Girls: Wo~~~~w! // The whole place just screams "rich"~~!
Rakan: You guys~! Hurry it up!

Negi: Oh - you've let your hair down, Asuna-san! // You look wonderful - it really suits you.
Shiori!Asuna: O - Oh, be quiet...
Konoka: Yeah, it really does! You look like a real princess!
Setsuna: ......
Shiori!Asuna: N - Not you too, Konoka... / [aside]you look better than I do...[/aside] // ...wait, huh? // What the heck are you wearing, Setsuna-san~~~~~?!
Setsuna: Hm?
Shiori!Asuna: We're going to a ball, and you're dressed up like some kind of bodyguard...!
Konoka: I know~!
Setsuna: Well, I am Ojou-sama's bodyguard, after all... / [aside]I thought it would be easier to move about in if something were to happen...[/aside]
Kotarou: It was this guy who gave that suit the okay, ya know. / [aside]sayin' "It certainly does look easier to move about in..." or somethin'.[/aside]
Negi: Wha - ?!

People: Kotarou-kun, it's not nice to tell tales on p - // Don't drag Kotarou into this! Negi, you idiot! / Getting in the way of a maiden dressing up... what kind of gentleman are you?!
Negi: Aahhh!
Rakan: ...Heh.
Chisame: Sensei, could I have a moment?
Rakan: So loli-Chisame-san isn't going to be turning back, huh? / [aside]you like that body that much?[/aside]
[TN: I do! I do! <3]
Chisame: [aside]don't call me a "loli"![/aside] // Oh, just shut up and listen. // ...All this stuff about the "secrets of this world"... I can't help but get a bad feeling about it all. Something's not right here. / ......I get the feeling if you take one more step in this direction... / ...you might never be able to return to the crazy-but-peaceful life you've always enjoyed back at Mahora Academy. // I can't shake the feeling that this is like a "point of no return".
Negi: ......
Chisame: So let me ask you one last time... Negi-sensei.

Chisame: ...You really do have to find out about your old man no matter what, right? // Just going back to the Academy and having a crazy old time with all of us... / ...that's not enough for you, is it?
Shiori!Asuna: ......
Negi: Thank you, Chisame-san... // I know you're always looking out for me...
Chisame: [aside]n - no, I'm not -[/aside]
Negi: But... I think you've got it wrong. / I'm going down this path so that I can go back home. // It's thanks to all of you that I've made it this far... // If this world... holds the secrets that will explain my father and mother's fight once and for all... / ...then that's something I have to find out. // How my father felt, the problems he faced, and what he tried to achieve... / The solution to these questions that I've been unable even to imagine is finally right before my eyes.

Negi: If I were to turn back at this point... / ...then even if I did make it back to Mahora Academy... // ...I'm sure I would regret it for the rest of my life. // That's why... // ...I have to forge on ahead. // So that I can be true to myself.
People: [aside]whooooa... // that kid really can be cool sometimes...[/aside]
Shiori!Asuna: (Do you really have to be so over-the-top about it? // [aside]'course, I've known since forever that that's just the kind of idiot you are...[/aside])
Chisame: ...Whew. / Well, if you're willing to go that far...
Rakan: Ahah... / HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Negi: Whaaaaa?! // Wh - What the - ? Rakan-sa... // (He's serious?!)
Rakan: Good.
Negi: What do you mean, "good"?! What are you playing at~~?!!

Rakan: Heh... you just dodged my kick and punch without even preparing any enchantments. // Don't you think that's pretty amazing?
Negi: Ah...
Rakan: Let's take a look at you...
Negi: Eh...?
Rakan: Hahah. / You've really grown, haven't you? / [aside]seriously, just how good can you be at this?[/aside] // Looks like the speed with which you can draw out your power has increased significantly, but the burden on you is probably pretty big too. // Still, it's no big deal. You should be good for another three serious fights or so, at least. / Just get Eva to take a look at you when you get back.
Negi: R - Right.
Rakan: Mm... // There really is nothing left for me to teach you! You pass with flying colours! // Allow me to award you the Rakan Level Three. // [aside]here's your certificate![/aside]
Negi: No, thank you.
Rakan: Ah, come on. After all, you really have become...

Rakan: ...a real man, with the power to match. // And as a man, you'd better protect your women... / ...and save the world.
Negi: ............!
Rakan: Use your power for others, not yourself. That's the path of a real man... all right? / [aside]just a little pointer.[/aside]
Chisame: Big words coming from a cash-crazed dead man.
Rakan: [aside]that's Chisame-chan for ya! // always brutal!♡[/aside] // .........!

Rakan: Anyway, I've gotta go use the WC!♡
Negi: Eh? Rakan-san...
Rakan: Oh, yeah... that's right. // Just for the record, your Mother's Arika. No doubt about that!♡
Negi: Huh...?
Rakan: And one real fine lady she was, too!
Negi: Hey...!
Rakan: Tell the truth, I fell for her a little myself!
Negi: Ehh?
Setsuna: [aside]fell... for her...?[/aside]
Konoka: [aside]"fell for her"...!♡[/aside]
Chisame: [aside]"fell for her"...[/aside]
Negi: [aside]"fell for her"...[/aside]
Shiori!Asuna: [aside]"fell for her"...[/aside]
Rakan: Yeah, one fine lady, and a great one at that. / You should be damn proud! / [aside]sure can't blame your old man for falling for her![/aside]
Negi: R - Rakan-san, could you not be more careful about how you say important things like this...?! / [aside]just coming out with these things all of a sudden like that...[/aside]
Rakan: Ahh, maybe later. Heck, just talk to the old Governor-General, he knows more than I do anyway! / Actually, isn't that about enough from me anyway?
Negi: Whaaa?! // [aside]but you promised~![/aside]
Rakan: Anyway, you guys better go on ahead. We aren't talking a Number One here... // ...it's a BIG OL' NUMBER TWO. / [aside]ye~~p, this one's gonna take a while![/aside]
People: Wha - Rakan-san~~! // Guahh! // Shut up! // Get outta here! // What're you grinning about?!
Negi: Ugh......
Chisame: [aside]was he hiding his embarrassment...?[/aside]
Konoka: He's one interesting guy, huh~?
Shiori!Asuna: Yes, yes, I think we should all forget about that prize idiot and move swiftly onwards... / [aside]he said he'd fill us in later, after all.[/aside] / We still have to meet up with Yue-chan, after all.

[no text just ominous]

Fate: ......Pitiful and transient wooden dolls... / ...blissful in their ignorance. // Informing them that the human "self" is nothing more than an illusion of the mind... / ...would not even serve to comfort them. // Not, of course, that I am all that different myself... / As far as I am concerned right now, Negi-kun... you are...
Rakan: ......Gawd, gimme a break. I don't get a thing you smart idiot types say no matter which side you're on.

Rakan: That look sure brings back memories. Doing it to match Negi? // Hell, do you even have an invitation?
Fate: ...I must say, I didn't expect you to show your face. / I was under the impression you could not care less about the fate of the world.
Rakan: Sure, I'm not big on the world and all that crap. // But a little girlie friend of mine set me straight on somethin', ya see. // We've all gotta wipe... // ...our own damn asses!!
[Insert text: As the ball begins, an epic showdown breaks out?!!]

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#1. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2009
Rakan: Anyway, you guys better go on ahead. We aren't talking a Number One here... // ...it's a BIG OL' NUMBER TWO. / [aside]ye~~p, this one's gonna take a whiel![/aside]
thank you very much for the translation... I have a feeling that Rakan's butt is gonna get kicked this time XD
#2. by oldgringo2001 ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2009
How did you manage to read all the tiny text in the raw!!?? Thanks!
#3. by oldgringo2001 ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2009
Oh...Kyoto...Once again I have proved I am more stupid than even I imagined. I wondered how you were able to read the tiny print in the 850x1200 raws. Akamatsu-sensei crams a lot into his balloons, doesn't he?
#4. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 22, 2009
How did I read all the text in the RAWs? BY SQUINTING =p

Seriously, there was a lot of tiny, barely legible text in this chapter, but it wasn't as difficult to read as it is sometimes, so I was okay. I could make out what most of it was just fine; only a few bits gave me trouble, and even those were workable.

And yes... yes, he certainly does =p
#5. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2009
Putting 18 and 16 together... did Rakan just call Fate a monstrously constipated turd? XD
#6. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Jul 22, 2009
Yes... yes, I do believe he did.
#7. by goldenmustang ()
Posted on Jul 22, 2009
Wow, Fate aged himself up too? I'm betting that he and "Negi" will meet at the ball. It'll be awesome if he and Negi sit down at a table at the ball and start arguing about tea/coffee again. XD
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