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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Mahou Sensei Negima! 263

Kiss Kiss Carnival!♡ Episode 3

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 2, 2009 02:06 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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[Insert text: Looks like Chachamaru's circuits are even more tangled than the last time we saw her!♡]
Negi: ...Well then, here goes.
Chachamaru: A - All right. / Ah - but - could you wait a - // ...aahh...
Negi: Is something the matter, Chachamaru-san?
Chachamaru: N - No - just - if you could perhaps be a little more gentle - / A little s - s - slower, perhaps...
Negi: Absolutely. Gently and slowly. / Leave it to me. I'll make sure to be nice and careful, and get you all charged up. / [aside]this is the night before the big battle, after all.[/aside]
[Period 263: Kiss Kiss Carnival!♡ Episode 3]

Mahou Sensei Negima!
[Insert text: Sorry to keep you waiting - it's time to bring you this pair's customary "activities" in all their glory!♡]
Negi: Oh - did I hurt you there?
Chachamaru: N - No... Not at all...!
Sayo: (Th - Th - This is really quite s - something...)
Chachamaru: It... It feels very good... // It's just...
Negi: Oh, it does? / Excellent! I hear Asakura-san is very good at this, so I thought I might not really be up to...

Chachamaru: N - No, you are much better than Asakura-san... It's just that the issue in this situation is, ah...
Negi: Is that right! / [aside]better than Asakura-san...![/aside] // Let's put plenty of magic in then, shall we?! / [aside]nice and slowly![/aside]
Chachamaru: Aahh... P - Please listen to -
Negi: Ah - my hand slipped?!
Chachamaru: Aaahhhh!
Negi: I'm so sorry! A - Are you all right?
Chachamaru: Y - Yes... I'm fine... / You were just flooding me with magic for a moment there, so...
Negi: Erm... and what happens if you get flooded with magic, then?
Chachamaru: Erm......... well... it just... s - s - sort of... / It............ feels... incredibly... good all of a sudden, so... ah...
Negi: Incredible good?! / So it's a good thing after all, then?!
Chachamaru: No - ah - even good things can be harmful in excessive quantities! / You are still just a child, so I doubt you would - ah - what exactly is that mark on your arm - ?! / [aside]n - noo...![/aside]
Negi: Hahaha! Please, there's no need to be so hesitant!
Chachamaru: [gibberish]
Negi: Ah - my hand slipped?!
Chachamaru: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~?!

Yuuna: Negi-ku~~~n!
Akira: Where could Negi-kun have got to...?
Yuuna: Awww, and just when I was getting ready to jump right in there and get that Pactio the moment I spotted him~!
Makie: Ahhh, you can't do that~! I'm going first~! / I've been chasing him longer than any of you, okay~?! // I'm the one who wants this the most! // I don't know about all the complicated stuff... / ...but I want to get this Pactio and help Negi-kun out as soon as I can!
Yuuna: O~~kay, okay! I'll admit you've got spirit! Why don't we settle this with a nice fair match of rock-paper-scissors?!
Makie: R - Rock-paper-scissors? / [aside]that's kind of harsh in its own way...[/aside]
Yuuna: This way there'll be no hard feelings, right?! / [aside]c'mon, Akira, Ako, you too![/aside] // Hm? Akira, is something wrong?
Akira: ... // I... I don't mind going last... // No, actually... I don't think I want a Pactio after all.

Yuuna: Ehhh~?! But why, Akira? / I thought we decided everyone had to have one!
Akira: I know... but... // Makie, I know you've had feelings for Negi-kun all this time... // And Ako has just been through such an ordeal over Nagi-san... I doubt she's got over it just yet... / ...I just... can't do this.
Makie: Ah...
Yuuna: O - Oh, yeah... Ako did go through that whole thing with Nagi-san... // ...Wait...
Makie: Ahh... // I - I'm sorry, Ako... we were being thoughtless...
Yuuna: Yeah, I'm sorry... I might've been messing about a bit too much there...
Ako: Another kiss with Nagi-san, huh~~~? // That could be nice~~~♡
Girls: Whoa, whoa, whoa~! Weren't you meant to be depressed?! // You weren't going all serious on us~?!
Ako: Hm? What's that? Nagi-san? Oh, come off it... I'm over that now!
Girls: And you sure are totally up for this whole thing, huh?! Don't forget, we're gonna be doing it too, yeah?! // Hey, did you just say "another" kiss?! / "Another"?! You had one already?!

Negi: I - I - I - I'm very sorry... I didn't realise that even a good thing could be painful if taken too far...
Chachamaru: Th... That's all right... you are still only a child... / [aside]it's only natural for you not to know about these things...[/aside] // (Still... th... that sensation was the real thing... // Negi-sensei's magical power, with all the training he has put into it, was so... so... how to put it... no, I mean... // If I felt that this sensation was pleasurable, then that means that there is some manner of subjective experience coming into play here; that is to say, some form of being with a 'heart'... // At any rate, it was pleasurable to a frankly problematic extent... in future, I should...)
Negi: I truly am sorry, Chachamaru-san. // Asakura-san said that I should try to use this to build up the right atmosphere for the main event, but it looks like I failed...
Chachamaru: "Main event"...?

Negi: The Pactio.
Flashback!Asakura: Chachamaru-san's a girl too, you know? / You've gotta give her a little atmosphere... // ...or how could you call yourself a gentleman~?
Chachamaru: The... Pactio...
Flashback!Natsumi: If you're really worried about it... // ...have a proper consultation with your class tutor, Negi-sensei!
Chachamaru: Ehm... Sensei... // There's something... I've been worried about...
Negi: Really? I'd be glad to listen! // I am your teacher, after all. // ...Although I am only ten years old... / [aside]I may not quite have the experience...[/aside]
Chachamaru: [aside](s - so close...)[/aside] // Well, I myself am only two years of age.
Negi: Ahaha... True enough. // I suppose I'm actually your senior in life, then!
Chachamaru: ... // The truth is... // I have... been worrying about whether or not... // ...I have a soul of my own.

Negi: A soul?
Imaginary!Soul: [aside]hey there!♡[/aside]
Chachamaru: Being... a robot, you see...
Negi: Hm............ I see... // Well, this is the Japanese view, but... // ...are you familiar with the concept of the "Eight Million Kami"? // It refers to the idea that everything in the world is home to its own "god"; a form of life, or soul. A haphazard but very broad-minded way of looking at the world. / The Tsukumogami, spirits of tools, depicted in illustrations of the Demon Parade, are a unique, interesting example of this.
Demons: Demon Parade~!♡
Sayo: Are you a demon?
Chamo: Nah, more of a sprite. / Heck, you're a ghost, so you're not far off yourself!
Negi: Some of these gods can be vengeful and frightening, and the line between gods and demons can get a little blurred at times, but the part that I really like is the idea that every single thing has its own god. / The "eight million" in the name really just represents an extremely large number. // So from that point of view, naturally even a robot such as yourself would of course have a -
Chachamaru: That's not what I mean!
Negi: Hm...?

Chachamaru: What if I were to form a Pactio with you... / ...and the card just didn't appear?! // I get so scared just thinking about it...! // Without a soul, a card cannot be formed... If I don't have a soul after all...! // When I think that these emotions and feelings could all just be artificial... // ...that I could just be, in fact, nothing more than an empty doll... I just...

Negi: Chachamaru-san...
Chamo: B - But look... you've got a contract with Eva already, haven't you?
Chachamaru: My contract with Master is a Doll Contract... / It does not require a soul... // What if my entire existence is nothing more than a dream... / ...created by Hakase's computers...? // Ahh... // Sen...
Negi: Don't you worry, Chachamaru-san. // ...I'm so sorry. I never realised that you were so worried about this... I'm a failure as a teacher.

Chachamaru: O - Oh, no... I should be the one apologising to you for losing my composure like this... I...
Negi: Chachamaru-san. // Please, do not worry. I believe that your feelings are genuine. // Those tears you shed are real.
Chachamaru: B... But this is just oil...
Negi: No. / It is the proof that you are worried; the proof of your distress. // Did our Master not say this once? // Where there is distress, therein lies a story. / Where there is a story, therein lies a will. / ...And wherever there is a will, therein lies a soul.
Chachamaru: ......
Negi: Don't worry.

Negi: The card will appear. / I promise you. // So please, believe in me.
Chachamaru: ...Sensei...
Chamo: Right... are you both ready?
Negi: I am...
Chachamaru: Yes...

Chachamaru: (I will believe in Negi-sensei. // These feelings... they cannot possibly be artificial.)
Flashback!Chao: You are an independent individual. // You should live as you choose.
Chachamaru: (I will... Chao Lingshen.)
Negi: Here goes.
Chamo: Pac... // ...tio!
Chachamaru: Mmn... / ...nhh...
Negi: ......

Sayo: Ch... Chamo-san...
Chamo: ...Is it no good? // The light...
Sayo: No...!
Chachamaru: ...... // (I really am nothing more than a doll...)
Negi: (Chachamaru-san!!)
Chachamaru: ?!
Negi: (You mustn't give up!!)

Chachamaru: (B... But...)
Negi: (No! // The card will appear!! I swear to you, it will!!)
Chachamaru: Mmnnhh...! // (S... Sensei... Your magic is too... strong...)
Negi: (I don't know who decides the laws of the Pactio... // ...but organisation, spirits of the contract, or whatever you may be, don't you dare screw with me like this!!)
Chachamaru: Mnghh...
Negi: (This desperate, despairing Chachamaru-san that I see before me... // ...cannot be just a simulation!! She cannot possibly be artificial!!! // In fact... // So what if she is artificial?!)
Chachamaru: Mmnhh...!
Chamo: [aside]th - this is pretty intense stuff...[/aside]
Sayo: [aside]aaahhhhh~~~!♡[/aside]
Negi: (Chachamaru-san is our friend!! // She is real!!)

Negi: (And I won't let anyone... // ...tell me otherwise!!)
Sayo: Aaahhh!
Chamo: Who-ho-hoa, this is some magical force! / You're goin' all-out there, Aniki!
Sayo: Chamo-san! / Look!
Chamo: Ahhhh! // Aniki, check it out!!
Negi: ! // Chachamaru-san!!
Chachamaru: Mnehh...?

Chachamaru: The card... appeared... / Which means that... I...
Negi: But of course.
Chamo: [aside]now this is a moment to remember!♡[/aside]
Negi: I told you so, didn't I? // Here you are, Chachamaru-san. // This is your card.
Chachamaru: ...... // Thank you, Negi... // My master.

Girls: Whaaaaat?! // The three of you already got your Pactios~~~~?!
KuFei: Ahahahah... Well, y'know...
Natsumi: (Please let me not bump into Kotarou-kun...)
Chachamaru: ...
Girls: Eh?! Natsumi-chan, yours wasn't with Negi-kun?! Who was it?! // And Chachamaru-san, what's with that 'maidenly' attitude?! / Th... This just isn't right~~!
Makie: It's not fair~~~! / [aside]when did you...?![/aside]
Yuuna: We want our Pactios too!
Haruna: Sorry!! Time's up!!
Negi: I promise I will make your safety my highest priority, everyone.
Kaede: Indeed.
Girls: Whaaaa~~?! / What about the Pactios~~?!
Sayo: (Pactios are so great...)
Shiori!Asuna: [aside]hohohohohohoho...[/aside] // Two girls in the space of forty-five minutes? Well, aren't we popular...!
Negi: Ah - Asuna-san, look - this was - well - ehm -
[Insert text: Time to put a plug on the kissing fever for now!♡]
[Bottom text: Next issue, Negima will be taking a break so that the author can collect data.]

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#1. by turok ()
Posted on Sep 2, 2009
Thank you so much cnet128 I reallly wanted this translation!
#2. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Sep 2, 2009
Isn't this the longest pactio we have so far? XD Even surpass KonoxSetsu one XD

Thanks for your hard work ^^
#3. by DrunkDragon ()
Posted on Sep 2, 2009
Thank you for the translation! Been looking forward to this!!

This was one delicious XD chapter. Especially Chachamaru's expression near the end of the pactio.
#4. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Sep 2, 2009
Sorry, but I was curious... in the next-to-last thing Negi says, why does he start off with "Makie-san" when he means everyone?
#5. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Sep 2, 2009
He says "Makie-san-tachi", ie. "Makie-san and the others", referring to all the girls who haven't made Pactios yet.
#6. by arimareiji ()
Posted on Sep 2, 2009
Thank you very much for explaining; I knew your trans had to be correct but I was baffled by the mechanics of it.

It didn't help that when I first saw her name in the raw, I got my hopes up that he was specifically emphasizing her... if you ask me, her pactio has been overdue all the way back to volume 7. My real sweetheart is Nodoka, but I'm kindofa Baka Pink fanboy too. (^_^)
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