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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Special : Finale

A World To Return To

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 5, 2009 20:30 | Go to Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

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Special Chapter: A World To Return To
[Insert text: A new dawn... What echoes in Syaoran's chest...?]
[Text: Clow Country]

Fai: You could have rested up at the castle for a little longer.
Kurogane: Lying around doing nothing bores me.
Fai: You're just hopeless, aren't you, Kuro-tan? // So? / How are you feeling?
Kurogane: Not bad.
Fai: [aside]ahahahaha[/aside]
[BubbleSFX: tap]
Kurogane: Ngh!
Fai: ...You really are hopeless.

Kurogane: The kid slipped out of the castle too, right?
Fai: Yep. / He said he was going to visit his old house. // In this world, it may have only been left abandoned for a few days... // ...but to Syaoran-kun, it's been far, far longer than that.

[no text just memories]

Mokona: Did you... // ...have a dream?
Sakura: ...Yes.

Kurogane: ...So the other kid and princess... / ...disappeared, huh...
Fai: Their bodies, at least.
Touya: Sakura.
Sakura: Brother...
Touya: Are you going out?
Sakura: Yes.

Touya: ...You still haven't completely recovered, surely? // Don't push yourself.
Mokona: [aside]bye-bye![/aside]
Sakura: I won't. See you later!
Yukito: ...I see you're not stopping her.
Touya: I've only heard all of it second-hand from her, but... // Other worlds, other selves, and their companions on their journey... / ...They've been through a lot of pain. // If there's something she wants to do right now, I'd like to grant her that.
Yukito: ...Yes, you're right. / Absolutely.

Fai: Back then... / Sakura-chan melted away, and left a feather behind. // I hear the same thing happened in the world where the Syaoran-kuns were imprisoned. // Those feathers are their memories. / Or perhaps to speak in the style of Nihon Country, where you came from, it would be more accurate to call it their souls.
Kurogane: Then... / When those feathers were absorbed into the two who remained...

Fai: That which was cloned was returned to within the original. / ...is one way of looking at it, but...
Kurogane: But... / ...what?
Fai: I don't think... / ...Syaoran-kun sees it that way.

Syaoran: Hello.
Sakura: Will you come with me?
Syaoran: Where to?

Sakura: A special place.
Kurogane: He's not satisfied by this, is he.
Fai: No. / Perhaps that's why he chose the price he did. // The world has returned to normal... / ...but that which has been destroyed can never be fully restored. // The same thing goes for the "logic" that Fei Wong destroyed. / And one manifestation of that...

Fai: ...is Syaoran-kun himself. // In a closed loop of events... / ...Syaoran-kun was born as the son of a father cloned from himself and a mother cloned from Princess Sakura. / They have now disappeared, but he still remains. // The loop has been broken, certainly, but Syaoran-kun, and... / Watanuki-kun, I think his name was? // The two of them have been left behind.

Fai: Lone entities, disconnected from the world.

Kurogane: And the Princess...?
Fai: Sakura-chan has her own, separate parents... / ...so it's not like with Syaoran-kun.
Kurogane: ......
Fai: If it were the same for her, Syaoran-kun would probably have chosen a different price.
Fujitaka: Where's Sakura...?
Nadeshiko: She's gone out.
Fujitaka: ...I see.
Nadeshiko: She had a dream, no doubt.

Nadeshiko: A dream of what is to come...
Syaoran: This is...
Sakura: A special place. / We came here together when we were young.

Sakura: The other you, and the other me.
Syaoran: ...Yes, I remember. // I paid... / ...a price to leave that place. // That price... // ...was to "continue my journey".

Fai: In this restored world... / ...the two of them are now, in a sense, "entities whose very existence is a paradox". // It is impossible to know what effects they might have upon the rest of space and time. // That's why, in order to suppress those effects to the greatest possible extent, / Watanuki-kun chose to stay in a single place for all of time to come... / ...whilst Syaoran-kun chose to move ever onward, never staying in a single place. // But...

Mokona: Puu~!
Kurogane: I thought you were with the Princess?
Mokona: Sakura went to see Syaoran! // She had... / ...a dream.
Fai: ...I see. / Perhaps she found out already, then. // In that case, it's time we made our decisions, too. // What we're going to do from now on.

Syaoran: However... / ...that's not all. // I want to meet once more with that other self that exists here inside me. // He's still alive. / That other me is still alive here inside of me; I know it.
Flashback!Clone!Sakura: Syaoran and I... / As long as our memories remain... // ...it won't be the end.
Syaoran: Bringing back the dead may be impossible... / ...but it might still be possible to grant a new body to this still-living soul.

Syaoran: We swore back then that the world we chose would be one in which we could all exist together. // That's why I'm going to journey onward, and find a world where there is a way to do that. // Once I find that way, / I will ask the other self that lies within me. // What he desires... / ...and what he chooses.

Sakura: Me too. / I want to see the other self that lies within me again. // But... / I can't go with you... // ...can I...?
Syaoran: Sakura...
Sakura: I want to go with you, but if I were to do so, your journey would only be more painful... / ...That's what I dreamed. // I don't... / ...want everyone to have to go through all that pain any more, so... / ...I'll stay.

Sakura: Um... / There's one thing I have to say to you before you do go. // Something I've been wanting to say for a long time. / I... / ...love...

Syaoran: Sakura... / ...I love you.

Sakura: I... / ...love you too.

Fai: Ehmmm... did we maybe get here a little too soon?
Syaoran/Sakura: ?!
Mokona: Kurogane re~ally doesn't know how to be sensitive to other people~!
Kurogane: You're the ones who dragged me here in the first place!
Syaoran: Why are you...
Fai: Well, Mokona told us that this was where you'd be, so... // [aside]hey there![/aside]
Kurogane: Yeah, and you used magic to stop us from making a sound... / You were just being a dirty eavesdropper!
Mokona: [aside]well, you know~![/aside]
Fai: [aside]right~?![/aside]
Kurogane: So... / You're setting out on a journey, right?

Syaoran: ...That's right. / Are you...
Fai: Well, you know me... / It's not like I have a home to go back to any more! / I have my magic back, too, and I'm a pretty good cook... / I'd like to think it's a pretty good deal, so... how about it?
Kurogane: I'm going.
Mokona: What about Nihon Country?
Kurogane: I did tell Tomoyo already I'd be gone for a while. // Besides... // I still have to give that guy and the princess... / ...a proper beating.

Mokona: Awww~! You don't have to be so violent~!
Fai: I know, right~?
Mokona: I'm coming, too! // After all, you can't journey across dimensions without me! / ...Although you do have Fai...
Fai: Eh, doing that really takes it out of me...
Mokona: Oh, and also! // This is something the other Mokona has been keeping safe this whole time. // It's got memories stored inside it!

Mokona: Precious, precious memories belonging to all kinds of different people! / The memories inside here will lead you back to all the different people who remember you. // And the biggest of them all - the memories of the Sakura who's stuck inside Sakura right now... / ...will lead you back here to Clow Country more often than any other world!

Mokona: The next-biggest after that is Watanuki's memories... / ...so you'll visit the shop plenty as well! // You'll be able to see Mokona too... / ...so don't worry! // Everyone's waiting... / ...to see all of you again.
Syaoran: ...Thank you.

Mokona: Thanks for the clothes!

Sakura: I pray... / ...that those clothes will lead you back to this world... / ...and that they will protect you.
Fai: See you, then!
Sakura: Yes... / ...We will.

[no text just dimensiontravel]

Syaoran: My real name is...
Sakura: My real name is...

Syaoran/Sakura: Tsubasa...

[no text just win]

[no text just disappearing]

Sakura: We will... / ...see each other again. // I know it.
[Bottom text: Thank you for following Tsubasa these six long years. Don't forget to check out CLAMP's next work! / And xxxHOLiC is still continuing in Young Magazine!!]

[TN: Whew. That's the first long-running series I've actually followed through to the end. I think we can all agree that this was a much more satisfying ending than last week's, yes? =D I look forward to hopefully seeing Syaoran and the others again in xxxHOLiC sometime!]

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#1. by cutesherry ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2009
For all your amazing translations all this time, THANK YOU!
#2. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2009
I just wanted to scream that ever since I learnt about it XD
Thanks for all the Tsubasa scanlations you have done. It was such a great work that I can't express how much I appreciate it.
Again, hontou ni arigatou gozaimasu ^^

Edit: This one is much much much better than last week's, that's for sure.
Also, Watanuki is having the next guests, soon. Guess who? XD
#3. by DanyChan ()
Posted on Oct 5, 2009
thanks for the translation ^^
#4. by Tsubasaholic ()
Posted on Oct 6, 2009
WOHOOOO!!!! Thank you so much! It's been a brilliant ride :)
#5. by S4KuR4 ()
Posted on Oct 7, 2009
Thank you Cnet for all your translations !
#6. by TomoyoHime ()
Posted on Oct 7, 2009
Thank you, Carlos, for all your translations, for all the time you've been translating this work and all the pains you took with it. And this is also for me the first long series I manage to follow through to the end; the rest so far were either short or haven't finished yet.

And this was far better as an ending than last week's. But at the same time, it's a beginning of the continuation, so I can't say I'm completely satisfied by it. It still didn't answer the main question: FWR's existence and purpose. Without that, how can we say the dream was ended or even why it existed? Nothing got solved except that they left the dream. It ended, like any dream, when the people awoke, and that's it? I really don't like the fact that they didn't answer the remaining questions about the dream at least.

Still, Thank You for everything cnet128! I'll be looking forward to the rest of your works.
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