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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Fairy Tail 159

Flames of Rebuke

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 13, 2009 18:06 | Go to Fairy Tail

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[Text: The Magic of Reversal, Nirvana. Its power: to stain men's hearts with evil. // Currently, it stands directed at the Guild of Cait Shelter. // There is only one way to stop Nirvana now... // To destroy all six of its supporting Lachryma in the same instant. // Mustering the last of their strength, the allied Guild representatives each head for their respective Lachryma. // Yet between them and their goal stands Zero, Master of the Oración Seis. // Twelve minutes remain until the moment of truth.]
[Insert text: A great darkness encroaches! Only the warriors of Light have the power to resist it!!]

Fairy Tail
Chapter 159: Flames of Rebuke
[Insert text: The flames of courage that burn within us... // ...shine light upon our futures!!]

[Insert text: Gérard's cruel smile reborn?!]
Natsu: Géra...rd...
Zero: You... // So your memories have returned...
[Insert text: What scheme dwells in those eyes...?!!]
Gérard: Yeah.
Natsu: Nghhhh...!


Natsu: Ngh! // Flames won't work against me.
Gérard: I know that. // I've remembered, you see.

Gérard: Remembered a hope by the name of "Natsu".
Zero: What?!
Natsu: Huh?
Zero: The Flame Dragon Slayer... / His magical ability can be amplified by the power of flame.
Natsu: (The power... // ...of flame...)

[Side text: Mashima's Ramblings: Uncharted is just too great. I'm so hooked, it's been cutting into my sleep. I recommend it to movie fans too!]
Zero: I see... so your memories have not fully returned.
Gérard: Like I said, I've remembered Natsu. That's all. // I will stop Nirvana! My position remains unchanged, Zero.
Natsu: What the heck...? // Memories...?
Gérard: I have no memories prior to my awakening in this place. // I have learned that I was the worst kind of trash, but I have no true awareness of it. // From what I hear, I was responsible for hurting both yourself and Erza deeply... // But right now, I want to protect Wendy's Guild. I want to stop Nirvana. // I want to lend you my strength.

Natsu: DON'T SCREW WITH ME!!!!! // You're seriously trying to tell me you've forgotten it all?!!! // How dare you pretend to be on our side!!!!
Gérard: I beg of you... Natsu... // For the moment, just accept the flames I offer.
Natsu: I'll never forget!!!! // Those tears Erza shed!!!!

Zero: Dear me... // If you wish to fight amongst yourselves, might I ask that you do it somewhere else? // It displeases me!!!
Natsu: !!

Zero: Ah...

Natsu: You...!!
Gérard: If you wish to kill me, you can do it at any time. // As you can see... I'm in a terrible state already. // But right now... // I can give you the power to defeat him...

Natsu: Golden... // ...flames...
[Box: Lachryma #6]
Charle: Are you sure you can do this, Wendy?

Wendy: This is something that I have to do.
Flashback!Wendy: Gérard... are you feeling okay?
Flashback!Gérard: Listen... You're a user of healing magic, right? // Would you be capable of restoring Natsu's magic in his battle with Zero?
Flashback!Wendy: I...
Flashback!Charle: Don't talk such nonsense!!! Do you know how many times she's been forced to use her healing magic today already?!!! // She cannot possibly use it any more!! Wendy has always -
Flashback!Gérard: I see. // Then I will take on that task.
Flashback!Wendy: Eh?

Flashback!Gérard: I've remembered something... // The endless power of a man named Natsu. / The power of hope. // I need you to destroy the sixth Lachryma in my place.
Flashback!Wendy: But... I...
Flashback!Gérard: I know you can do it. / Dragon Slayer magic is originally designed for use in combat against dragons themselves. All Dragon Slayer magic has incredible offensive potential. // You must consume the air... no... the sky. // The power of a dragon lies within you as well.

Wendy: The power of a dragon... // Within me... // I have to do this!!!! To protect my Guild!!!! // So please... Grandine!!!! Lend me your power!!!!
Gérard: These are the Flames of Rebuke. // I do not ask for your forgiveness. // I merely wish to give you strength. // I believe in you.

Gérard: As Erza believes in you...... // ...so will I.

Zero: Hah.
Gérard: It's up... to you.
Natsu: ...Thanks for the meal.

Natsu: I'll use this strength you offered... // Gérard.

Zero: The Flames of Rebuke... // In consuming those, you too bear that man's sins.
Natsu: Us mages of Fairy Tail... // ...are used to bearing sins. // The real sin...... // ...is averting your eyes...

Natsu: ...and failing to believe in anyone!!!!

Zero: Tch...!

Zero: Th... This light... // Dragonforce...?!!!
[Insert text: This inherited spirit and unwavering will provide power beyond the highest limits!!]
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 160: The Power Of Feelings]

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#1. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Nov 15, 2009
*shameless poke*

Having lots of fun with ToV? :p

*quickly sneak out*
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Nov 18, 2009
Far, far too much fun. There's just so much to do! *squees like a fangirl over all of Patty's costumes*

DISCLAIMER: I am male, and not actually in the habit of squeeing like a fangirl. But for Patty, I totally would.
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