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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Fairy Tail 159

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 9, 2009 16:53 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 159

I know that I said I won't t/l this to English anymore...but I need some quick thing to take my hype out on and BD is way too long for that, CB won't do since even if it's shorter than this chapter of FT, it's harder thus I'll need more time on it, and SE is...well, didn't d/l it yet...Plus, since cnet has (without knowing) raised my hype to the fangirl mode, I can't settle down without pushing it all off. He got addicted to ToV, while I CAN'T EVEN PLAY IT!! *actually want to play that game SOOOOOOOO much, but have no PS3 or Xbox360* (In fact, I can't even get ToVS to work out, which means I only have to wait for ToG to come...T^T )

If you promised that you'll proofread it, then you may use it for scanlation. If not, don't even ask me about it.

Fairy Tail
Chapter 159 "The Flame of Rebuke"

Pg. 1
** The anime adds on to the popularity! 24 pages with the color spread!! **
-- The reverse magic which taints people's heart with evilness, Nirvana: --
-- Its aim is set on Cait Shelter. --

-- The only way to stop Nirvana --
-- is to simultaneously destroy all 6 Lachymas --
-- With all the power they have, the Alliance party is heading for each Lachyma. --

-- However, before one stood Zero, the guild master of Oracion Seis. --
-- Time left till the end of the mission: 12 minutes. --
** The corrosion of the massive darkness! Will the warriors of light be able to resist it!! **

Pg. 2-3
Fairy Tail
Chapter 159 "The Flame of Rebuke"

** The flare of courage burning within shines the light out to our future!! **

Pg. 4
** The smile on the revived Gerard!? **

Natsu - Géra...rd...

Zero - You...
So your memories have returned...?

** What is the "goal" lies within those eyes...!!? **

Gérard - Yeah.

Natsu - Ugh~...

Pg. 5
Natsu - Gérard!!!!!

Pg. 6
Natsu - Ngh.

Fire won't work on me.

Gérard - I know that.
I remembered

Pg. 7
the ray of hope known as "Natsu".

Zero - What!?

Natsu - Huh?

Gérard - Fire Dragon Slayer magic
can be amplified using the power of fire.

Natsu - The power...
of fire...

Pg. 8
Zero - You...didn't get all your memory back yet then.
Gérard - As I said, all I can remember is "Natsu".

Nirvana will be stopped! That will never change, Zero.

Natsu - What do you mean...

Gérard - I have no memory of before waking up in this place.

I do know that I was a horrible villain, but I am not aware of that at all.
I must've inflicted deep scars on both you and Erza...

but right now, I want to save Wendy's guild. I want to stop Nirvana.
I want to be of your help.

Pg. 9
Natsu - Bullshit!!!!!

You're saying that you forgot about that!!!?
What's with you, playing friend with me like that!!!!

Gérard - Please...Natsu...
For now, please accept my flame.

Natsu - I never forget!!!!
How you've!!!!

Pg. 10
made Erza cried!!!!!

Zero - Geez,
if you want to fight with each other, can you go fight somewhere else?

You two are annoying me!!!

Pg. 11
Zero - Oh?

Pg. 12
Natsu - You!!

Gérard - You can kill me at any time you like,
since I...am already this worn out.

But right now...
Take the power to defeat that guy...

Pg. 13
Natsu - A golden...

-- The 6th Lachyma --

Charle - You sure you can do this, Wendy?

Pg. 14
Wendy - It's something I have to do.

You're not well, Gérard?
Gérard - No...but you can use healing magic, right?

Then can you heal Natsu who's fighting with Zero?

Wendy - I...
Charle - Don't be stupid!!! How many times do you think she has used her healing magic in just this one day already!!!?

She can't use any more than this!! To start with, this girl...
Gérard - I see.

Then I'll be the one to heal Natsu.
Wendy - Eh?

Pg. 15
Gérard - I remembered now,
The unlimited power of that man named Natsu,
the power of hope.

Can you destroy the 6th Lachyma in my place then?
Wendy - But...I...

Gérard - You can do it.
The Dragon Slayer magic is an immense destructive magic which is used to fight with dragons.

Eat the air...no...the sky...the "heaven".
There's also the power of dragon inside you.

Pg. 16
The power of the dragon
inside me...

is to protect my own guild!!!!
Please!!! Grandine!!!! Lend me your power!!!!

Gérard - This is the Flame of Rebuke.

I won't ask for your forgiveness,
but I do want you to accept this power.

I believe in you.

Pg. 17
I'll believe in the man...
who Erza believes in.

Pg. 18
Zero - Hmph.

Gérard - Finish him...off.

Natsu - Thanks for the meal.

Pg. 19
I've received it now,

Pg. 20
Zero - The Flame of Rebuke?
If you ate that, then that'll make you his fellow sinner.

Natsu - The mages of Fairy Tail
are already used to sin.

What the true sin is...

is to avert your eyes away

Pg. 21
and stop trusting in other people!!!!

Pg. 22
Zero - Tch.

Pg. 23
** The soul that got passed on and firm will bring about the limit-breaking strength!! **

Tha...That light...
Dragon Force!!!?

To be continued in chapter 160 "The Power of Thought"

Thank you for reading...

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#1. by skevvo ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2009
thank you!!
#2. by Lady Melody ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2009
Thanks a lot!!!) I translated in myself but I couldn't the full meaning of the very important pages 20-21, so your translation really helped!
#3. by LoS ()
Posted on Nov 9, 2009
Good job, you are getting better at this. Just a few tense agreement errors and such, but nothing stopping us from understand the dialogue.
#4. by Condore ® ()
Posted on Nov 14, 2009
Thanks, in hope you translate buster keel 12 quickly :)
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