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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE Special : Finale (Volume Edition)

A World To Return To

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 21, 2009 09:23 | Go to Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

[TN: Pages that have been added or modified are in bold.]

[Text: Clow Country]
[A World To Return To]

Fai: You could have rested up at the castle for a little longer.
Kurogane: Lying around doing nothing bores me.
Fai: You're just hopeless, aren't you, Kuro-tan? // So? / How are you feeling?
Kurogane: Not bad.
Fai: [aside]ahahahaha[/aside]
[BubbleSFX: tap]
Kurogane: Ngh!
Fai: ...You really are hopeless.

Kurogane: The kid slipped out of the castle too, right?
Fai: Yep. / He said he was going to visit his old house. // In this world, it may have only been left abandoned for a few days... // ...but to Syaoran-kun, it's been far, far longer than that.

[no text just memories]

Mokona: Did you... // ...have a dream?
Sakura: ...Yes.

Kurogane: ...So the other kid and princess... / ...disappeared, huh...
Fai: Their bodies, at least.
Touya: Sakura.
Sakura: Brother...
Touya: Are you going out?
Sakura: Yes.

Touya: ...You still haven't completely recovered, surely? // Don't push yourself.
Mokona: [aside]bye-bye![/aside]
Sakura: I won't. See you later!
Yukito: ...I see you're not stopping her.
Touya: I've only heard all of it second-hand from her, but... // Other worlds, other selves, and their companions on their journey... / ...They've been through a lot of pain. // If there's something she wants to do right now, I'd like to grant her that.
Yukito: ...Yes, you're right. / Absolutely.

Fai: Back then... / Sakura-chan melted away, and left a feather behind. // I hear the same thing happened in the world where the Syaoran-kuns were imprisoned. // Those feathers are their memories. / Or perhaps to speak in the style of Nihon Country, where you came from, it would be more accurate to call it their souls.
Kurogane: Then... / When those feathers were absorbed into the two who remained...

Fai: That which was cloned was returned to within the original. / ...is one way of looking at it, but...
Kurogane: But... / ...what?
Fai: I don't think... / ...Syaoran-kun sees it that way.

Syaoran: Hello.
Sakura: Will you come with me?
Syaoran: Where to?

Sakura: A special place.
Kurogane: He's not satisfied by this, is he.
Fai: No. / Perhaps that's why he chose the price he did. // The world has returned to normal... / ...but that which has been destroyed can never be fully restored. // The same thing goes for the "logic" that Fei Wong destroyed. / And one manifestation of that...

Fai: ...is Syaoran-kun himself. // In a closed loop of events... / ...Syaoran-kun was born as the son of a father cloned from himself and a mother cloned from Princess Sakura. / They have now disappeared, but he still remains. // The loop has been broken, certainly, but Syaoran-kun, and... / Watanuki-kun, I think his name was? // The two of them have been left behind.

Fai: Lone entities, disconnected from the world.

Kurogane: And the Princess...?
Fai: Sakura-chan has her own, separate parents... / ...so it's not like with Syaoran-kun.
Kurogane: ......
Fai: If it were the same for her, Syaoran-kun would probably have chosen a different price.
Fujitaka: Where's Sakura...?
Nadeshiko: She's gone out.
Fujitaka: ...I see.
Nadeshiko: She had a dream, no doubt.

Nadeshiko: A dream of what is to come...
Syaoran: This is...
Sakura: A special place. / We came here together when we were young.

Sakura: The other you, and the other me.
Syaoran: ...Yes, I remember. // I paid... / ...a price to leave that place. // That price... // ...was to "continue my journey".

Fai: In this restored world... / ...the two of them are now, in a sense, "entities whose very existence is a paradox". // It is impossible to know what effects they might have upon the rest of space and time. // That's why, in order to suppress those effects to the greatest possible extent, / Watanuki-kun chose to stay in a single place for all of time to come... / ...whilst Syaoran-kun chose to move ever onward, never staying in a single place.

Kurogane: Even though he disappeared... // ...those kids are still going to have to keep on paying some kind of price?
Fai: ...I hope the day that too comes to an end arrives soon. / I really do.
Kurogane: Still... / Why did he crumble away like that? // When I sliced him, he definitely felt real...
Fai: I don't know. // But I think... / Fei Wong too... may have been nothing more than a copy of another person.

Fai: Not so much a person... / ...as a powerful concept. // The afterimage of a wish made by someone with a great magical power.
Kurogane: Whoever he really was, I guess he's gone now.
Fai: Yes. / ......He is.
Kurogane: Well, good. / If that means they're not going to have to go through any more pain.

Mokona: Puu~!
Kurogane: I thought you were with the Princess?
Mokona: Sakura went to see Syaoran! // She had... / ...a dream.
Fai: ...I see. / Perhaps she found out already, then. // In that case, it's time we made our decisions, too. // What we're going to do from now on.

Syaoran: However... / ...that's not all. // I want to meet once more with that other self that exists here inside me. // He's still alive. / That other me is still alive here inside of me; I know it.
Flashback!Clone!Sakura: Syaoran and I... / As long as our memories remain... // ...it won't be the end.
Syaoran: Bringing back the dead may be impossible... / ...but it might still be possible to grant a new body to this still-living soul.

Syaoran: We swore back then that the world we chose would be one in which we could all exist together. // That's why I'm going to journey onward, and find a world where there is a way to do that. // Once I find that way, / I will ask the other self that lies within me. // What he desires... / ...and what he chooses.

Sakura: Me too. / I want to see the other self that lies within me again. // But... / I can't go with you... // ...can I...?
Syaoran: Sakura...
Sakura: I want to go with you, but if I were to do so, your journey would only be more painful... / ...That's what I dreamed. // I don't... / ...want everyone to have to go through all that pain any more, so... / ...I'll stay.

Sakura: Um... / There's one thing I have to say to you before you do go. // Something I've been wanting to say for a long time. / I... / ...love...

Syaoran: Sakura... / ...I love you.

Sakura: I... / ...love you too.

Fai: Ehmmm... did we maybe get here a little too soon?
Syaoran/Sakura: ?!
Mokona: Kurogane re~ally doesn't know how to be sensitive to other people~!
Kurogane: You're the ones who dragged me here in the first place!
Syaoran: Why are you...
Fai: Well, Mokona told us that this was where you'd be, so... // [aside]hey there![/aside]
Kurogane: Yeah, and you used magic to stop us from making a sound... / You were just being a dirty eavesdropper!
Mokona: [aside]well, you know~![/aside]
Fai: [aside]right~?![/aside]
Kurogane: So... / You're setting out on a journey, right?

Syaoran: ...That's right. / Are you...
Fai: Well, you know me... / It's not like I have a home to go back to any more! / I have my magic back, too, and I'm a pretty good cook... / I'd like to think it's a pretty good deal, so... how about it?
Kurogane: I'm going.
Mokona: What about Nihon Country?
Kurogane: I did tell Tomoyo already I'd be gone for a while. // Besides... // I still have to give that guy and the princess... / ...a proper beating.

Mokona: Awww~! You don't have to be so violent~!
Fai: I know, right~?
Mokona: I'm coming, too! // After all, you can't journey across dimensions without me! / ...Although you do have Fai...
Fai: Eh, doing that really takes it out of me...
Mokona: Oh, and also! // This is something the other Mokona has been keeping safe this whole time. // It's got memories stored inside it!

Mokona: Precious, precious memories belonging to all kinds of different people! / The memories inside here will lead you back to all the different people who remember you. // And the biggest of them all - the memories of the Sakura who's stuck inside Sakura right now... / ...will lead you back here to Clow Country more often than any other world!

Mokona: They're all... // ...waiting for you. // Waiting to see you again!

Mokona: The next-biggest after Sakura's is Watanuki's memories... / ...so you'll visit the shop plenty as well! // You'll be able to see Mokona too... / ...so don't worry!
Syaoran: ...Thank you.

Sakura: As long as you're together... // ...I know you'll be all right.

[no text just birds]

Mokona: Thanks for the clothes!

Sakura: I pray... / ...that those clothes will lead you back to this world... / ...and that they will protect you.
Fai: See you, then!
Sakura: Yes... / ...We will.

[no text just dimensiontravel]

Syaoran: My real name is...
Sakura: My real name is...

Syaoran/Sakura: Tsubasa...

[no text just win]

[no text just disappearing]

Sakura: We will... / ...see each other again. // I know it.

And Their Journey Continues...

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#1. by Shippou_Incognito ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2009
Thank you for this man!
#2. by Draco1988 ()
Posted on Nov 21, 2009
Yes, just win!!
Thank you XD
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