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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Fairy Tail 162

I Am Here With You

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 29, 2009 17:39 | Go to Fairy Tail

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Fairy Tail
[Top-left box: ★FT Q&A★ / On a visit to some ruins, what did Lucy mutter to herself?!]
[Insert text: "Ahh! I forgot to pay my rent!!" // (Respondent: Whisper M-Ki)]

Chapter 162: I Am Here With You
[Insert text: The rise of darkness prevented! With their hearts as one, the Light alliance stand heavily-wounded but victorious!!]

Gérard: (He really was... // ...beyond even my expectations...)
Natsu: Guahh!
Gérard: Natsu!!!
Natsu: Aghhh... // Ungh!
Lucy: Aaaahhhhhh!
Happy: Aaaahhhh!
Gray: This doesn't look too good...
Erza: Ngh...

Ichiya: Mehhhhn!
Wendy: Charle!
Charle: Wendy! This way!!
Wendy: Aahhhh!
Charle: Wendy!!
Wendy: Jura-san!!

Gray: That was close...

Gray: Are you guys okay?!
Lucy: Buehhh...
Happy: Ueghh...
Ichiya: Erza-sa~~~n! You're all right~!
Erza: Wh... What on earth is that body?!
Wendy: Where's Natsu-san?!
Jura: I don't see him...
Wendy: Gérard's missing too!!
Lucy: Natsu...
Gray: That flame-idiot... what's he playing at?
Wendy: Natsu-san...!!
Erza: (Natsu... Gérard... What are you doing...?)
Happy: Hm...?
Lucy: Aahh!

Hoteye: Love saves one's comrades... you see.
Natsu: Ehhh?
Wendy: Natsu-san!!
Charle: An Oración Seis? But why?!!
Jura: It's a little complicated... but don't worry. He's on our side.

Wendy: Natsu-san!!!!
Natsu: Ahh...
Wendy: You really kept your promise...! // Thank you!! // For saving our Guild...

Natsu: I couldn't have done it without everyone else's help, right? // Yours too, Wendy.
Happy: [aside]Charle~~![/aside]
Charle: [aside]hmph[/aside]
Natsu: So let's just go with a high-five, yeah?
Wendy: Okay!!

Happy: It's great that everyone was okay in the end!
Jura: Everyone... you did an excellent job.
Ichiya: I believe this brings our operation to an end!
Gray: ...So... who's that guy over there?
Lucy: ?
Gray: One of the Pegasus host guys?
Lucy: I don't remember seeing him...
Erza: That's Gérard.
Gray: WHAT?!!
Lucy: He's...?!!
Erza: But he is not the same Gérard we know.
Wendy: It looks like he's lost his memories.
Gray: Well... that's easy enough to say, but......
Wendy: Don't worry! Gérard is a good person really!

Erza: I suppose I owe you my thanks for lending us your aid, at least.
Gérard: Erza... // No... I haven't done anything to be thanked for...
Erza: What do you plan on doing now?
Gérard: I don't know.
Erza: Yes... I suppose it's not going to be easy for us to find our answer, either.
Gérard: I'm afraid... / ...of regaining my memories...

Erza: I'm here with you. // Even if we end up hating one another again... // The you I see before me now...... I cannot abandon. // I...
Ichiya: Mehhhhn!
Erza/Gérard: !!
Gray: What's up, old guy?!!
Ichiya: I was attempting to leave this area to relieve myself, but I seem to have bumped into something~!
Wendy: There are some kind of symbols on the ground...
Jura: Th... This is...

Everyone: An Enchantment?!!!
Gray: When did this...?!
Lucy: We've been trapped?!
Natsu: Who's there, dammit?!!!
Wendy: Wh... What is all this~~?
Ichiya: I'm going to soil myself...
Laharl: We have no intention of treating you harshly. // We merely wish to have all of you stay where you are for a short while.

Laharl: I am the Captain of the Fourth Detention Unit of the New Magic Council. // My name is Laharl.
Gray: New Magic Council?!!
Lucy: A new Council's been established already?!
Laharl: We have been reborn for the purpose of protecting Justice and the Law. // We will not allow any manner of evil to go unpunished.

Happy: We haven't done anything bad!!
Natsu: Y... Yeah!!
Laharl: Of this I am aware. // Our objective is the capture of the Oración Seis. // We would like to request that you surrender that man, codename Hoteye, to us at once.
Hoteye: !!
Jura: W... Wait one moment!!
Hoteye: It is all right, you see, Jura.
Jura: Richard-dono...

Hoteye: I may have awakened to the light, but that does not change the evils I have done in the past. / I would like to make a fresh start.
Jura: In that case, I will search for your brother in your place.
Hoteye: You would do that?!
Jura: Tell me his name, if you would.
Hoteye: His name is Worly. // Worly Buchanan.
Erza: Worly?!! // I know that man.
Jura: What?!!
Hoteye: !!
Erza: He is a good friend of mine. // Right now, he should be happily journeying across this land.

Hoteye: This must be a miracle granted only to those who believe in the Light... // Thank you... // Thank you......... // Thank you!!!

Lucy: I feel kind of sorry for him...
Happy: Aye.
Gray: There's no helping it.
Ichiya: Are you quite done?!! Release the Enchantment!!! I can hold it no longer!!!
Laharl: I am afraid not... Our true objective here is no mere Oración Seis.
Ichiya: Eh?
Wendy: !!!
Laharl: Infiltration and destruction of the Magic Council... / The firing of Aetherion... // You have a far greater evildoer than Hoteye standing in your midst, do you not?

Laharl: I speak of you, Gérard!!!! // Come with us!!!! If you resist, we have permission to execute you here and now!!!!

Wendy: No...!!!
Natsu: Hold on a minute...!!!
Laharl: That man is dangerous. // He must never again be permitted to walk free. // Never!!!!
[Insert text: This warmth with no answer... Does it call for nothing but an eternal goodbye...?]
[Bottom text: To be continued in Chapter 163: "Scarlet Sky"]

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