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Translations: One Piece 924 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 281

Negi's Party, Hard A-Port! Full Speed Ahead!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 1, 2010 02:46 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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[Insert text: With the class rep gone, Yue must face the horror of this "erasure"!!]
Collet: Yue! // Ngh...!
Yue: (Class... rep... Class rep...? // Why... did it affect you, but not me...? // You're... a citizen of the new world, the "magic world"... // I'm... from the old world, the "real world"... // ...!)

Yue: Stop, Collet!! // Me Armet!!
[Mahou Sensei Negima!]
[Period 281: Negi's Party, Hard A-Port! Full Speed Ahead!!]
[Insert text: If she cares for her friends, she can never flee!! Never give in!!]
Yue: Please, stay back.
Collet: But, Yue - !
Yue: Foa Zo Cratica Socratica... // (Class rep!!!)
Beatrix: O...jou... // Mintir Mintis Freesia... // (Ojou-sama!!!)

Beatrix: Confirmatio Glacialis!!
Yue: Confirmatio Fulminas!!

Yue/Beatrix: Haaaaaaa... // ...aaaaaahhhhh!!

Collet: W... // Wow... // (It's not just Yue's magic... Bea-san's is working too... // What's going on...?)
Yue: Fulguratio Albicans!!!
Collet: Yue - !
Yue: ?!
Tatsumiya: Rage can lend a person power, but it also clouds one's judgement. / You should keep your cool on the battlefield... Ayase Yue.

Tatsumiya: Still, I am rather impressed, Ayase. // Your power is quite something.
Yue: Eh...? // Who are...
Tatsumiya: A friend... Well, I suppose that is going a little far. / Just a classmate. // At any rate, calm yourself. The telepathy blocking has been lifted. // I have a message from your best friend. // "There is a way to bring them back." // "Even if someone is erased, do not give up."
Yue: Wh... What exactly does that mean?!
Tatsumiya: Precisely what it sounds like, I would presume. That it is too soon to abandon yourself to despair. // It is rare for the quiet Miyazaki Nodoka to make such a forceful statement. / I feel confident that she has some manner of definite proof.

Yue: My... best friend...
Tatsumiya: Yes, that was my assumption. Was I wrong?
Yue: (Nodoka... // Miyazaki... Nodoka...) // Unghh!
Flashback!Nodoka: I... I don't think there's such a thing... // ...as a nasty book-lover... so...

Yue: ...!
Beatrix: I... Is something the matter, Yue?
Yue: N... No... It's nothing.
Tatsumiya: If you believe in your friend, then come with me. // Kagurazaka!! / We're moving out! // The rest of you should come as well! / This may be your last chance to return to the real world!
Misora: Ehh?
Shiori!Asuna: R... Right!
Takane: Hold on one moment, Tatsumiya-san! There are still enemies here!
Tatsumiya: The guests have almost all been evacuated. / It is time that I attended to my own mission. // I mean to open an escape route. Will you aid me, Ayase Yue?
Yue: O... / Of course!
Tatsumiya: You too, young human girl.
Beatrix: R... Right!

Tatsumiya: Here goes!!
Yue: Right!
People: [aside]noooooo! // aaaghhhh! // aaaaaghh![/aside]

Haruna: Ohhhh yeah, now we're talking! This is what it's all about!! Proper Hollywood B-movie style!! // This is what I've ben waiting for~~~~~!! / [aside]how the heck are we gonna get to the meeting point?!![/aside]
Chachamaru: The giant summoned beast's tentacles are still multiplying! They're attacking all airfish within their reach! // The Sacred Guardian Beast of the Hellas Empire, Vrixho Nagasha, appears to have been set upon the giant summoned beast!
Haruna: Eeeehhhhh?! Seriously?! That's like, an epic kaiju battle! All right!! / [aside]ahahahah! awesome~~~~~![/aside]
Chamo: Hey! // This ain't good! // The tentacles are blocking the path ahead of us!
Haruna: Whaaaaaaaat?! // Not half bad!! Fire anti-demon lightning cannons one and two!! / [aside]they work fast, for puny tentacles![/aside]
Chachamaru: Firing cannons one and two!! // However, this firepower is unlikely to be sufficient!
Haruna: I know that! Standby to fire main cannon!

Chachamaru: Understood! Main cannon, standby!
Haruna: The blasts in combination should be able to force a path through! / Well, here goes nothing... I'm gonna say it!! Number 8 on the list of Lines I Want To Shout At Least Once In My Life! // FIRE MAIN CANNON!!
Chachamaru: Firing main cannon!
Haruna: Aaaaah~~! // Right! // YA- / HOOOOOOOOOOO~~~!♡ // Didja see that?! We made it!
Chachamaru: That's our Captain!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZT]
Chachamaru: !! // Proximity warning! Foreign object approaching from the right!
Haruna: Aghhh! / [aside]not good![/aside] // Evasive manoeuvres! Hard a-port!

People: [aside]aaghhh! // aahh~![/aside]
Haruna: We ended up right in the middle of the kaiju battle?! // [aside]crap, crap, crap, crap, crap![/aside]
Chamo: ...Wait...! // Hold it, hold it, hold it! Is that dragon not getting its ass seriously kicked?!
People: Whaaaaa?! // The Sacred Guardian Beast, Vrixho Nagasha, has ceased all activity! Signal lost! / Lost?! As in lost completely?! // I... Impossible...! / The Sacred Dragon, defeated in a single blow?!

Theodora: Vrixho Nagasha, defeated?! Just what is that monster?! // ...Open fire!! // All vessels, fire a triple volley from main cannons!!
People; ?!! // Th... The Spiritual Cannons were deflected! / No... annihilated completely?!
Theodora: What?!
People: Th... this is just like the phenomenon from twenty years ago...!
Theodora: What did you say?!
People: Aaa...aaaaghh!! Aaaaaaghhh! // Physical barriers ineffective! / W... We're immobilised completely!
Chamo: Damn! Taking out the Sacred Dragon in a single strike?! You've gotta be kidding me! / Paru-nee! We oughtta get out of here, now! / [aside]it's our only chance![/aside] // Oi! What's wrong?! There's no time to lose!
Haruna: Well, ye~~s, I know that... but as the future mistress of this world, I feel somewhat hesitant to flee from this situation...
Chamo: You can't conquer anything if you're dead!!
Haruna: [aside]there is the issue of that princess' "assets", but...[/aside]
Chachamaru: You are absolutely correct, Haruna-san.
Haruna/Chamo: ?!

Chachamaru: Princess Theodora has provided great aid to Negi-sensei; we owe her a debt.
Sayo: [aside]Chachamaru-san?![/aside]
Chachamaru: We cannot simply turn our back on her and run! // Adeat!! // Type-2130 Chao Bao Zi Satellite Support System... / Al-Iskandariya!
[TN: The Japanese gloss for the Pactio name is "flying cat" =p]
Haruna: Wait... Chachamaru-san...?! // You're not planning on fighting that thing, are you?!
Chamo: That's impossible!
Chachamaru: Do not worry. I was surprised myself at first, but this is an invention of Chao Lingshen. // Though I do not know how, it has come to me here... from the future.
People: Eh?

Theodora: What... on Earth? // Wh... what exactly is this ridiculous object...?
Haruna: What the heck?! A laser alignment system?
Chachamaru: The power of this weapon is so great that I was worried it would be difficult to find any practical use for it... // ...but this opponent should make a perfect trial target. ...Captain! Please maintain a safe distance from the enemy.

Chamo: No waaaay?!
Haruna: This is incredible!! // A portable control terminal for a satellite cannon!! I want one!!
Chachamaru: It would seem your invention was effective... Chao.
People: S... Such outrageous destructive force... // From that ridiculous object... who exactly...?
Theodora: That is the ship of Negi's comrades... // So this is the power of Nagi's children...

Ricardo: Not half bad...
Soldiers: We have confirmation... the giant summoned beast has been completely annihilated! // [aside]whoaaa...[/aside] // The situation within the palace seems to be coming under control, as well!
Ricardo: ...little girlies. / You sure saved our asses.
Seras: "Ala Alba", they called themselves...? // This power... they truly are...
Theodora: These children may actually be worthy successors to Ala Rubra. // In fact... I would even say... // ...that they may truly have what it takes to save this world.
Sayo: [aside]you were amazing~![/aside]
Haruna: [aside]that was awesome, Chachamaru-san! you're the best~~!♡[/aside]
[Insert text: The power to overcome despair! You don't want to underestimate the potential of Negi's party!!]

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#1. by LoneWolfx03 ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2010
woah... I did not expect Beatrix is actually a human... I mean how did she meet up with class rep? And Chachamaru's artifact is actually made by Chao and it came from the future??? What the...... O_o
#2. by Enigma G. ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2010
Al-Iskandariya Google mean it is a another word for Alexandria, is that right?
#3. by BlueB ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2010
Awesome translation for an awesome chapter, though Chachamaru's artifact is so overpowered it feels like cheating (Deus Ex Machina someone?)

Found these possible typos:
p12 it's ass seriously kicked --> its ass seriously kicked (it's = it is, its = 3rd person pronoun [his/her/its])
p14 Though do not know how --> Though I do not know how
p16-17 Haruna: I want it! --> I want one! (not sure about this one but it sounds better in the context)

Sorry if I seem like a grammar nazi ;-)
#4. by Enigma G. ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2010
Chachamaru's artifact has not that much use. Powerful, yas, but like a atomic bomb.
#5. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 1, 2010
Quote by BlueB:
Sorry if I seem like a grammar nazi ;-)
Not at all. I'm something of a grammar Nazi myself. Can't believe I made an its/it's mistake ><

Thank you for pointing those out, all taken into consideration and edited.

Quote by Enigma G.:
Al-Iskandariya Google mean it is a another word for Alexandria, is that right?
Yes, I believe it's the Arabic name for Alexandria.
#6. by salam-daim ()
Posted on Mar 1, 2010
yes, "Al-Iskandariya" is arabic Pronunciation for Alexandria.
and it spell in arabic الاسكندرية ....
thanks for your translation
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