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Mahou Sensei Negima! 282

Seeking the Key to Victory!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 9, 2010 02:43 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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[Insert text: A successful escape, but it won't last long! The darkness encroaches upon Negi!!]
KuFei: Negi-bouzu...
Chisame: It's no use just standing around here... // Let's go... Sensei.
Sayo: Negi-sensei~! // The Princess is holding off the army for us~~! // We have to get out of here while we have the chance! Come on, quickly~!
KuFei: Sayocchi, what of the others at the meeting point~aru?
Sayo: It looks like they've managed to escape ahead of us on a different ship~~!
Negi: ...Ngh...
Chisame: ?!
Negi: Nghh... // Unnn...ghh...
KuFei: Negi-bouzu?!
Negi: Aaa...rghh... // Aaaarghhh...

Negi: Nghhh...
Chisame: Sensei?!
KuFei: Negi-bouzu!
Chisame: Negi-sensei!

Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 282: Seeking the Key to Victory!!
[Insert text: Ala Alba assembled! On a course for hope and restoration!!]
Negi: U... Unnhh... // Uunnnhh...

Negi: Ahh...! // [aside]*pant*... / *pant*... / *pant*...[/aside] // This is... // ...the sleeping quarters on the Great Paru-Sama? // ......
Flashback!Rakan: When a guy keeps his gaze fixed right in front of him... // ...the world smiles on him.
Negi: Uunn... // ...nghhhh...

Negi: Rakan...san... // Unnn... // ...nnhhh... // ...... // ...
Flashback!Rakan: Don't look back... // Keep on moving forward.
[BubbleSFX: knock knock]
Chisame: Sensei?

Negi: Eh...? // Tatsumiya-san?!
Tatsumiya: Hey.
Chisame: Sensei - are you all right? You just fell unconscious out of nowhere... // It's your Magia Erebea eating away at you, right?
Negi: I... er... // Ah...
Tatsumiya: Hm... the symptoms resemble acute magical poisoning. // I see... so this is Magia Erebea... // If you are not treated for this immediately, Negi-sensei... // ...your life will be in danger.
Negi: ...... // I am aware of that, Tatsumiya-san... but...
Chisame: Tatsumiya - on that note. // We still have the Diorama Sphere the Princess gave us. / Could we not use that to do something about it? We need you to help us in whatever way you can.
Negi: Chisame-san...
Tatsumiya: I see... a Diorama Sphere... / With that, we could extend a matter of hours into days. It will buy us time, at least.

Negi: M - More importantly, what's the situation right now?
Tatsumiya: Don't worry. Our classmates are all safe.
Chisame: We're heading towards the Ostia ruins, just as planned. / Though we're doing so in two airfish rather than one...
Negi: Two?
Chisame: Yeah. The plan to pick the others up at the meeting point fell through... / ...but luckily, a truck-driver who happened to be nearby picked them up instead. // Apparently he was acquainted with Akashi and her group...
Yuuna: [aside]you really are a huge help, old guy~![/aside]
Negi: I see...
Driver: [aside]nah, don't sweat it![/aside]
Tatsumiya: Still, a significant number of the people of this world... / ...have fallen in battle. // Including a number of acquaintances of yours...
Chisame: From what I hear, old Tosaka was killed protecting Ako.
Negi: Tosa...?! // No way! How could...
Chisame: But don't worry. I have good news. / It might come as a bit of a shock, though. This is information that Miyazaki risked her own life to gain. // There may be a way to bring back the people who have disappeared. // Including good old Rakan.

Negi: Everyone!
Shiori!Asuna: Negi! Are you all right?
KuFei: Should you really be on your feet?! / [aside]your condition looked rather bad...[/aside]
Mei: Negi-sensei!
Sayo: [aside]what's this, Sensei~? somehow your hands look kind of cool~[/aside]
Takane: Negi-sensei...
Misora: [aside]sorry to intrude~~ / not that I actually wanted to come along...[/aside]
Cocone: [aside]are you not going to just drop it...?[/aside]
Haruna: Ahh! Negi-kun, you're up!

Setsuna: Negi-se...
Makie: Negi-ku~~n!
Yuuna: Negi-kun, are you okay?
Akira: Negi-kun...
Ako: Negi-kun...
Negi: Everyone... // I'm so glad... you're safe...
Natsumi: B - But Negi-kun, the Chief... // ...and Tosaka-san, and everyone, they...!
Negi: I know... // Nodoka-san.
Nodoka: Eh...? // Ahh... Y - Yes...
Asakura: C'mon, just go for it!
Nodoka: Aahh!
Negi: I've heard about what you did. Confronting an enemy as strong as Fate himself, and managing to escape... / I can't believe I allowed you to end up in such a terrible situation... If... If only I had... // No...

Negi: I suppose I have no right to act as though I should have been the one to protect you. // You are a valuable comrade... and a great adventurer in your own right!
Nodoka: ...... // Th... Thank you... // I... I'm really not...
[SFX: pat]
Nodoka: A - Ahem... // Well then, I will report the information I have uncovered.
Negi: Go on...!
Yue: ...
Nodoka: I read the mind of a mage of Cosmo Entelecheia, by the true name of Dynamis. / From this I was able to determine that they have acquired a power directly linked to the secret of this world. This happened recently, within the past few days. // The name of this power is "Code of the Lifemaker". / It is a form of ultimate magical artifact with the capacity to control the power of this world's Creator.

Nodoka: This "Code of the Lifemaker" exists in three main forms. Firstly, a large number of "Master Keys". These are the simplest application, designed for use in battle. I say simple, but they are still sufficient to defeat any resident of the Magical World. / Secondly, there are seven "Grand Master Keys", with the ability to manipulate the Creator's power at a more advanced level. This is the type of Key wielded by Dynamis and Fate. // And finally, there is a single "Great Grand Master Key". // In theory, it can wield a level of power equal to that of the Creator himself; it is quite literally the final key to this world. // If we were to make use of its power, I believe we would be able to bring back the people who have vanished!
Tatsumiya: I can't help but admire this girl. / Diarium Ejus or no, uncovering so much invaluable information is quite a feat. / [aside]and with no need for questioning or torture...[/aside]
Chisame: I can see why Fate thinks she's dangerous, all right...
Negi: She certainly does have quite some skill...

People: Splendid work, Miyazaki Nodoka.
Nodoka: Eh?
People: You're amazing, Nodoka-san! / I'm seeing you in a whole new light, Miyazaki.
Nodoka: Ehh~?
Asakura: Oh, yeah! I'm telling ya, she was something else! She was all like, "My counterattack starts here"... it was the coolest thing ever! // Seriously, you guys ought to have been there~~! No, wait...! I have it recorded! You have all got to watch this stuff later! // [aside]Craig-san and Aisha-san will have to watch, too![/aside]
Nodoka: Stop it, please~~~~~~~!
Yuuna: So basically what you're saying is, if we get our hands on that Great Whatever Key, everyone comes back, super-happy-end, right? // Sounds good! Pretty simple! Let's go do this!
Shiori!Asuna: Uh-huh! We've still got to rescue Anya-chan as well, so let's get going!
Takane: As one who is to become a Magister Magi... / ...I cannot possibly sit back and allow an evil organisation to get away with these dastardly deeds!
Negi: B... But we're up against...
Konoka: Negi-kun, Negi-kun! Back when we fought that mage, he was saying he wouldn't harm us, you know? // [aside]this could actually be easier than it seems![/aside]
Tatsumiya: Hm... Be that as it may... // We have no guarantee that the situation will not change. I have my doubts that our enemies will be so accommodating as to refrain from harming those who go forth to do battle of their own accord...
People: ......

Nodoka: ...Sensei... No matter the danger, I want to do whatever I can... // ...to help my friends.
Yuuna: Negi-kun... I feel the same way... I want to do anything I can...
Everyone: Negi-san! // Negi...san... // Sensei... // Negi-kun! // Negi! // Negi-sensei!
Negi: ... // ...I suppose I have no choice. // Let's all do this together! // But you mustn't go overboard! / I am your teacher, so you had better do as I instruct. All right?

People: ALL RIGHT~~~~~~!! // That's what we like to hear! / That's our leader~!
Yuuna: So... We're going? We're really going?! All right~!
Negi: No, no, no! Not just yet! // I am about to enter the Diorama Sphere, in order to get healed up and plan out the rescue operation properly. // If possible, I'd like the rest of you to get some rest in the Diorama Sphere as well, though not all at once.
Asuna: Healed up...?
Negi: Ah - no, I... ah... // Haruna-san! It will take some time for us to reach the Ostia ruins, yes?
Haruna: That's not the half of it! It looks like it's not going to be easy to get anywhere! Negi-kun, could you come up here to the deck for a minute?

Negi: Wh... What is this...?
Haruna: It looks like some kind of powerful magical force, shining from the direction of the Gateport we're going to be heading for. // I thought something had to be up when there were so many floating rocks around, even though this area's supposed to be drained of magic. / It looks like all this happened in the past few hours.
Negi: You don't mean...
Haruna: I don't doubt it. / They're trying to pull something off, I'm sure of it. // Ahahahahahahah... Excellent... Excellent! This makes things nice and interesting! // Since we've made it through the first obstacle now, I've taken the liberty of drawing a nice diagram to sum everything up! / [aside]make sure you give it a good look over, guys~![/aside]
Yuuna: [aside]ehh~?[/aside]
Makie: [aside]what's this~?[/aside]

[Top-middle title: Ala Alba Strategy Outline]
[TN: and working vaguely from right-to-left, top-to-bottom... (I'll ignore the labels on the actual map since most of them are almost entirely covered up anyway ~~)]
[Top-right: NEW OSTIA]
[Right of "START!!": Kurt Gödel]
[Left of "START!!": Takamichi T Takahata]
[Underneath "START!!": ESCAPE!]
[Line from "ESCAPE!": Current Position]
[Upper box title: Fly Manta]
[Upper box names: Kaede // Asakura // Makie // Ako // Yuuna // Akira // Setsuna // Nodoka // Konoka // Kotarou // Natsumi]
[Lower box title: Great Paru-Sama]
[Lower box names: Tatsumiya // Sayo // Chachamaru // Paru // Chamo // Collet // Bea // Yue // Ku Fei // Chisame // Negi // Asuna // Mei // Takane // Cocone // Misora]
[Arrow below title: REVIVE EVERYONE!]
[Box @ base of arrow: Objective #2: Great Grand Master Key]
[Left of box, top bubble: RETRIEVE]
[Bottom bubble: RESCUE]
[Bottom-left: OSTIA RUINS]
[Box above "OSTIA RUINS": Objective #1: Imprisoned Anya // Anya]
[Box above that: Koyomi // Shirabe // Tamaki // Fate // Tsukuyomi // Dynamis]
[TN: Yes, it does actually say Dynamis' name very faintly to the left of him ~~]
[Above Koyomi's head: Cosmo Entelecheia Remnants]
[Giant kanji behind that label: THE ENEMY]
[Big text above that: GATEPORT]
[End of arrow: finally / DEFEAT!!!]
[Top-left bubble: Return to the real world!!]
[TN: I think that's everything XD]
Shiori!Asuna: The bad guys really aren't that cute.
Haruna: Hahahah... It's not good to cultivate fear of the enemy in your own mind!
Yuuna: [aside]hmm~? where's Rakan-san?[/aside]
Negi: Anya... // (It's not only Anya... // It's entirely possible... // ...that Asuna-san is being held captive there as well... // The real Asuna-san...)
Shiori!Asuna: Negi!

Asuna: Are you really sure you're all right?
Negi: Asuna-san... // (...!)
Flashback!Rakan: Chances are the Asuna who's with you right now is a fake... // An illusionary substitute...
Negi: W... Well... I'm just about to enter the Sphere... // But could I ask you to accompany me? // There's something I want to talk to you about.... alone.
Asuna: Eh...?
Chisame: Gah... // [aside]whoa, whoa...[/aside]
Tatsumiya: ?
[Insert text: Negi boldly moves in to confront the issue?!]

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#1. by Hata02 ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2010
>Sayo: [can't read that aside text with this RAW quality]

I ask on 2ch and I got a pict reply, which was then transcript by someone on Bahamut.

#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Mar 10, 2010
Thanks, edited.
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