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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 283

A Fierce Attack on Asuna!♡

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 19, 2010 18:11 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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Negi: Well, then... Asuna-san.
Shiori!Asuna: Yeah... Negi. // ...Whew. // ......So?
Shiori!Asuna: What's this about? // ?
Negi: ... // Look, ah... Asuna-san...!
[Insert text: How does Negi mean to capture Asuna's heart?!]

Shiori!Asuna: Is it just me, or do you stink?
Negi: Eh? // I - I don't think I -
Shiori!Asuna: No, you do. You stink of sweat. You've been skipping out on taking baths again, haven't you? / Yeah... you have! I'm sure of it!
Negi: [aside]n - no, I mean, I have been very busy recently, but I haven't been - [/aside]
Shiori!Asuna: No arguing! You're having a wash! There's an outdoor pool in this place, isn't there?
Negi: W - Wait a mi - Asuna-san~?!
Shiori!Asuna: Honestly, you can be such a pain sometimes... stupid kid...
Negi: W - Well - Look, this, ah, isn't the time for -
Shiori!Asuna: Hm? These gloves won't come off... // Well, whatever!
Negi: Aaaaahhhh?! // Buehh!
[Mahou Sensei Negima!]
[Period 283: A Fierce Attack on Asuna!♡]
[Insert text: Getting to the heart of things by baring it all~!♡]

Negi: ...Wait... / Asuna-san, isn't that look a little too... erotic?!
Shiori!Asuna: What's it to you, little kid~? / [aside]cheeky boy.[/aside]
Negi: Waaahhh~? // (H... How did it end up like this...?)
Shiori!Asuna: [aside]lalala~~~~[/aside]
Negi: L... Look, Asuna-san...
Shiori!Asuna: What?
Negi: N - Not that I'm not grateful that you're doing this for me... / ...but we're in the middle of an extremely serious situation right now, and I really don't think it's the time...
Shiori!Asuna: ...... // A serious situation...

Shiori!Asuna: So Rakan-san died as well, did he?
Negi: ! // H - How did you - ?! Did Chisame-san or Master Ku...
Shiori!Asuna: Nobody told me anything. I can just... tell, that's all.
Negi: Aahh...!
Shiori!Asuna: I suppose you were keeping quiet to avoid worrying me, as usual...
Negi: Ahh...
Shiori!Asuna: Or maybe you're talking about your decision to finally take up your father's mantle? / Or is it all that stuff I don't really get about the "secrets of this world"? // Or how about... the side-effects of the dark magic you've been using? / ...You don't tell me about any of these things.
Negi: A... Asuna-sa... // I'm sor - / Guaaaaah?!
Shiori!Asuna: No apologising. // I'm not going to start bugging you to explain or to put a stop to it at this point. // It's not like this is anything new, and I'm sure you're considering it all as best you can. // Just...

Shiori!Asuna: Just... at least let me bug you about the little things like this, okay? // Not liking baths is about the only weakness you've got left...
Negi: ...A...suna-san...
Flashback!Rakan: Chances are the Asuna who's with you right now is a fake... // An illusionary substitute...
Negi: !
Shiori!Asuna: ?
Negi: (This Asuna-san is a fake...? // That's ridiculous... // She's the real Asuna-san no matter how I look at it... Acting kind of stupid, but always sharp...)
Shiori!Asuna: Wh...
Negi: (Overbearing, crude and violent, but incredibly kind, and always thinking of me...)
Shiori!Asuna: What?
Negi: (Can this be a fake? Really?)
Shiori!Asuna: ? // ?

Shiori!Asuna: What are you staring at me like that for, you damn brat?!
Negi: Aaaaahhhh! I'm sorry~~~~~~~?!
Shiori!Asuna: [aside]put your arms up, okay?[/aside]
Negi: Erm... I can really do this by my-
Shiori!Asuna: Come on!
Chisame: Hmmmm... // Even watching her like this, it's hard to think she's anything but the real Kagurazaka.
Tatsumiya: You say she was already a fake at the point when I began guarding her? // I find that difficult to believe... If it is true, then just how high-grade a technique must the enemy be employing...?
Chisame: Negi-sensei's pretty soft when it comes down to it... / He might not have what it takes to make sure.
Tatsumiya: If it comes to that, then we will have to rely on you.
Nodoka: Ah!

Nodoka: Right...
Negi: Look... Asuna-san... can we... // ...get back to what I wanted to talk to you about...?
Shiori!Asuna: Oh... right. // (Does he need to be so stiff about it?)
Negi: The thing is... // Unghh! // Arghh...! // Nghh...
Shiori!Asuna: Negi?!
Negi: N...ghh... // Nghh...
Shiori!Asuna: Negi!
Negi: Uuughh... // Unnghh...
Shiori!Asuna: Negi! Negi! What's going on?! Hey... hold on! // (What is this?! // Those marks from his arms are spreading all the way to his back...?!)
Negi: Nnnghhhhhhhhhh... / ...Nghh...

Negi: A... As - Asuna-san...
Shiori!Asuna: Ehh?
Negi: Th... There's something I have to ask you... / Something I have to make sure of...
Shiori!Asuna: Eh...?
Negi: Are you really Asuna-san? // Who exactly are you?!
Shiori!Asuna: Huh? // (Ehhh? What the heck?) // What? What are you talking about?!
Negi: What am I...?
Shiori!Asuna: Aaaahh?! // Negi! I don't know what this is about, but right now, we need to do something about your -
Negi: *pant* // *pant* // *pant* No... this is important.

Negi: Rakan told me something... at the end. // *pant* // *pant* // He said... you were a fake.
Shiori!Asuna: Eh...?
Negi: But... I just couldn't believe it... that's why... // I have... to ask... you... myself...
Shiori!Asuna: Ahhh?
Shiori?: (Aaahhhh?!)
Nodoka/Chisame: Wha...
Shiori!Asuna: H - Hang on, Negi? Hey!
Shiori?: (Aaa~~~hh!)
Shiori!Asuna: Don't you "aaa~~~hh" me! Where do you think you're - // Hang on - gaahhh! Idiot! Don't pull that off! / Where do you think you're sticking - / I mean, your - you can't - that's - g - g - gaaahh?!
Shiori?: (Aaaaahhhhhh! // Nooooooo~!)
Shiori!Asuna: No is right! Stop that! // Hm?

Tatsumiya: A~~~~ll right, that's quite enough, Kagurazaka!!
Chamo: [aside]let me get in there, Aniki~![/aside]
Chisame: Get away from him, Kagurazaka! This situation is screwed up in too many ways!
Nodoka: E - Erm, Asuna-san - I - I don't th - think you should be d - doing such - // [aside]aaa~~~hh![/aside]
Shiori!Asuna: Aaaaaaghhhh! What the heck~~~?! / Wait - hang on - this isn't...! It's not what it looks like -
Negi: uunnnhh~~~
Tatsumiya: To think the Comptina Daemonia doesn't affect her at all... / Although of course, I wouldn't expect it to work on the real Kagurazaka, either...
Negi: Unhh...
Shiori!Asuna: How many times do I have to tell you?! // Why the heck would I be some kind of spy?! // I'm Kagurazaka Asuna, and that's all there is to it!!

Tatsumiya: We have no choice... I will have to "interrogate" her. / [aside]I know a few effective methods...[/aside]
Chamo: Uh, Nee-san, I don't think "interrogate" is quite the word you're looking for... // [aside]"torture"...[/aside]
Chisame: I don't think we need to resort to unpublishable material quite so quickly, Tatsumiya-san... // Let's give it a go, Miyazaki. Try using "Kagurazaka" for the moment.
Nodoka: R... Right! // I'm sorry about this, Asuna-san... / If you really are Asuna-san, then I'm about to ask you a very rude question, but...
Shiori!Asuna: Honya-chan...
Nodoka: Kagurazaka Asuna-san. Are you who you claim you are? // Who exactly are you really?
Diary!Shiori!Asuna: [aside]it's all very well asking that, but I'm just Asuna, so...[/aside]
[Diary: Kagurazaka Asuna / You can ask me all you like, I'm still Asuna! Kagurazaka Asuna!! I don't have the faintest idea why any of this is even happening! Am I "who I claim I am"? "Yes" is the only answer I can...]
Chisame: Well, whaddaya know... using "Kagurazaka" actually worked...
Nodoka: Th... Then it really is her after all...?
Chamo: Nah... apparently that Diarium Ejus of yours works just fine even if you name, say, any one of a crazy person's multiple personalities. / [aside]the specifics get kind of complicated, with stuff about true names and souls and all that, but...[/aside]
Tatsumiya: What...? Then... we can assume that at the very least that this "Kagurazaka Asuna" considers "Kagurazaka Asuna" to be her true name?
Chisame: But what does that mean? B - Basically, if she is deceiving us, then she isn't aware of it herself?
Shiori!Asuna: Like I keep telling you, I really am Asuna~~!
Negi: Tatsumiya-san! What do you think you're doing?!

Negi: Putting her in chains...! / That could still be the real Asuna-san, you know!
Shiori!Asuna: N... Negi...
Tatsumiya: Hmph... // Words I would expect from you... however. // In this situation, such naïve notions cannot be permitted. / If this girl truly is a spy, then all of our comrades could be placed in danger. / As our leader, it is your duty to plan for the worst-case scenario until all suspicions are cleared.
Negi: B... But... // You just said that this Asuna-san truly believes that she's...
Tatsumiya: ...Even if she is the real Kagurazaka, there is the possibility that she is under some form of mind control that would, for instance, provoke an unconscious assassination attempt in response to a keyword. // Likewise, we cannot be sure that she is not some manner of automaton that has been implanted with Kagurazaka's personality. We cannot let our guard down. You are too soft... Sensei.
Negi: B... But... // Tatsumiya-san...
Tatsumiya: ...It would seem that we are getting nowhere. / If even Miyazaki's Artifact is not able to produce a solution to this dilemma... // ...then this is the only remaining option.

Chisame: Tatsumiya?!
Nodoka: Tatsumiya-san?!
Chamo: Hey - !
Tatsumiya: This anti-demon bullet is designed to reveal the true form of a demon in human guise. // If she is an impostor, then this bullet will tell all! // Worry not, Sensei. If this girl is the real Kagurazaka Asuna...
Shiori!Asuna: ...!
Tatsumiya: ...then her magic-cancelling ability will deflect this bullet.
Negi: T... Tatsumiya-san! / You can't do this!
Tatsumiya: Even if the bullet hits, it will not be fatal. // You can simply have Konoe heal her.
Negi: But, Tatsumiya-san!
Tatsumiya: I'm sorry, but this is necessary. / Since you are unable to take this step... // I will do so in your place.

Shiori!Asuna: ...!
Chisame/Chamo/Nodoka: !!
Shiori!Asuna: N...
Tatsumiya: Sensei... / What are you...
Negi: You cannot do this! // Tatsumiya-san!
Tatsumiya: Ridiculous... Move aside, Negi-sensei!

Tatsumiya: ! // Why do you persist, Negi-kun?!
Negi: Because I must!!
Tatsumiya: (Wow... He's good.) // Ensuring the safety of our comrades is our highest priority!! Surely even you cannot ignore such a gross deviation from that goal!
Negi: Even so, I will not let you shoot Asuna-san!
Tatsumiya: You are like a child throwing a tantrum!! // Out of my way!
Negi: !
Shiori!Asuna: Tatsumiya-san! No...! Negi...! // (Wh... What now?! Because of me, Negi and Tatsumiya-san are...! // What am I supposed to do?!)
Shiori: (Why...? Why do you go so far, Negi-san...?)
Shiori!Asuna: ! // (Negi...!)
Shiori: (Negi-san...!)

Negi: Even if this girl is not the real Asuna-san... // ...that does not change the fact that she is precious to me!
Tatsumiya: ...!
Shiori!Asuna: Ne...gi...
Shiori: (Negi...san...)
Tatsumiya: But... Negi-sensei...
Negi: ...I have a way to settle this... // ...without the need for anybody to get hurt. // Chamo-kun!
Chamo: Aha!
Shiori!Asuna: Eh?
Negi: Excuse me for this, Asuna-san.

Shiori!Asuna: ! // Mnhh...
Chamo: PACTIO!!
Shiori!Asuna: Mmmnnnnhhh~~~?!
Chisame: !!
Tatsumiya: Hm! // [aside]how ingenious...[/aside]
Negi: ...
Tatsumiya: ...I thought as much.
Chamo: [aside]ahhhh...[/aside]

Negi: Wh... // Who are you...?
Shiori: ... // Negi...san...
[Insert text: Asuna's true identity is finally revealed!! And at the same time, new feelings blossom within Shiori's heart...?!!]
[Bottom text: Negima will be taking a break next issue so that the author can collect data. See you in Shonen Magazine Issue 18, on sale Wednesday 31st March!♡]

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#1. by Rhyshaelkan ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2010
Much appreciation, cnet, for your efforts!
#2. by turok ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2010
Love the translation thx cnet
#3. by RedEyedHunter ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2010
Your work is super appreciated. Thank you!
#4. by Raron ()
Posted on Mar 19, 2010
Again a thx for the translation.

Tatsumiya is quite strange, first calling Negi "sensei" and then Negi-kun, purpose or a mistake by ken?

Oh, and I think I saw something written on Shiori/Asuna's breast on page 9 :p
#5. by oxytocin ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2010
Thank you so much for spending the time to translate this, Carlos (sp?). You and Mister Akamatsu made my week!

Also, DAYUM, Negi is a pimp! Theifed Shiori right out from under Fate and added an elf/demon girl to his harem. I mean 'Class'.

-- Edit --

Question: On page 16, Negi says 'Chamo-kun', and then does something with his fingers while embracing Shiori. It looks like he's snapping to show Chamo where to go, but Shiori's shackles break at the same time. Could you translate the two sound effects there right above Shiori's 'Eh?' bubble and Negi's apology? Does it give any clearer indication of what's happening?
#6. by yakitatefreak ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2010
Thank You so much for this work. My week is complete XD.
#7. by LoneWolfx03 ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2010
Thank you cnet!!!
#8. by A. H. ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
Thank you, cnet128!
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