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Translations: Bleach 636 by cnet128 , Gintama 552 (2)

Bleach 402

Deicide 4

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 15, 2010 23:54 | Go to Bleach

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Guidelines For Using My Translations

[Insert text: Stop hiding behind a veil of smoke and try just doing what you feel like doing.]

[Side text: The terrifying true power of the Hougyoku!! But as Aizen gradually fuses with it, a new player appears on the scene...?!]
Aizen: .........So, you arrive. // Urahara Kisuke.

402. Deicide 4
[Insert text: They face one another for the first time in a century!!]

Urahara: ...It's been a while. // Aizen-san. // That sure is... // interesting look you've got there.
Aizen: The process of evolution... / always a frightful sight to behold.

Urahara: ...I don't think anybody said anything about "frightful". // So... //'re fusing with the Hougyoku.
Aizen: This is no "fusion". // I have bent the Hougyoku to my will. // The same Hougyoku... // ...that you were never able to fully control.

Urahara: That I was never able to fully control... // ...True enough. // Back then, I couldn't.
Aizen: "Back then"? // Your words ring empty, I am afraid. // Although... // It matters very little now whether there is anything to what you say. // For you...

Urahara: (...Unghh...)
Aizen: ...have already lost your opportunity to master the Hougyoku... // ...for now and evermore.

[no text just kawarimi no jutsu]

Urahara: Rikujou Kourou.
Aizen: Come to think of it, I do recall an item of that nature in Yammy's combat records. // I was careless to assume that you would not resort to such petty tricks at a time like this. // So...? // What do you hope to achieve from binding me with a Bakudou of this meagre level?

Urahara: "This meagre level"? // How far, then... // ...would you class as "meagre"? // Bakudou #63... // Sajou Sabaku!! // Bakudou #79... // Kuyou Shibari!!

[no text just blackness]

Aizen: Ngh.........
Urahara: Thousand-armed horizon... // Unreaching hands of darkness, unreflected archers of heaven... / Path that lets fall light, wind that fans hot coals. Gather and fall not astray. Observe mine finger. // Bullets of light, eightfold body, weaves nine, heavenly channels, treasures fleet, great wheel, ashen turret. // Beyond the bowstring drawn, vanish into gleaming moonlight.
Aizen: You expect me to allow you to use a Kidou of that nature? // Absolutely -
Urahara: Too slow.

Urahara: Hadou #91. // Senju Kouten Taihou.
[TN: "Thousand Arm Gleaming Heavens Cannon". Or something like that. ~~]

Ichigo: .............................. // ...Whoa...

Urahara: ...Aizen-san... // It would seem that absorbing the power of the Hougyoku... // ...made you a little too careless for your own good...
Aizen: Very true.

Aizen: Too slow. // Why not be careless? // I no longer have any need to take care.

Aizen: I can feel it. / Now that my body has subjugated the Hougyoku... / has begun to far surpass even the capacity that I once possessed... // ...a capacity that already held no equal in Soul Society. // There is no longer any need for me to evade... // ...even a Kidou ranking in the nineties!
Urahara: ...I don't think you understand. // When I called you careless, I wasn't referring to your failure to dodge my Kidou. // In the old days... // would never have dreamed of directly touching me twice without good reason.

Aizen: This is............
Urahara: ...A seal. // I have closed off the reiatsu emission ducts that all Shinigami possess, one in each wrist. // Your own reiatsu...

Urahara: ...will burn you to ash... // ...from the inside out.
[Side text: A hellish demise!!]

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#1. by FeZ14 (Registered User)
Posted on May 17, 2010
Hell yeah! Your translation makes Urahara's dialogue even more badass!!! awesome thanks!!!

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