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Bleach 402


+ posted by molokidan as translation on May 7, 2010 12:00 | Go to Bleach

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tl by molokidan

1: Stop saying such hazy stuff and try doing things how you want.
bottom text: Final Decisive Battle!! Arrancar Arc Climax Color Page!!

1: ...so you have come,
2: Urahara Kisuke.
side text: The frightening true power of the Hougyoku!! As it gradually unifies with Aizen,
a new player appears before him...?!

1: Their first meeting in a century!!

1: ...long time no see,
2: Aizen-san.
3: And what
4: an unusual outfit you've got on.
5(2b): Indeed. Incomplete evolution is an ugly thing.

1: ...no one said anything about ugliness.
2: You...
3: fused with the Hougyoku, didn't you?
4: This is not "fusion."
5: Rather, I would prefer if you said it "followed" me.
6: The Hougyoku
7: that you failed to control, that is.

1: Failed to control...
2: ...yeah, I guess that's accurate.
3: If you're referring to back then.
4: Back then?
5: You truly are a bare-faced sore loser.
6: No.
7: It no longer matters whether you said that because you are a sore loser or not.
8: Because you have already

1: ...gu...
2: eternally lost your chance
3: to control the Hougyoku.

1: "Rikujou Kourou" (*Six Rods, Light Prison)
2: Oh yes, I believe that tool was contained within Yammy's battle record.
3: I let my guard down, never thinking you would resort to such a petty tactic.
4: Now then.
5: Just what do you intend to accomplish by restraining me with a Bakudou of this level?

1: A Bakudou of "this level?"
2: Just how far do I need to go, then
3: to exceed "this level?"
4: Bakudou #63
5: "Sajou Sabaku!!" (*Locking Bondage Stripes)
6: Bakudou #79
7: "Kuyou Shibari!!" (*Nine Sunlight Traps)

1: Ku...
2: Limit of the thousands hands
3(2b): sacred hands of unreachable darkness, shooting hands of the invisible sky. A
path that drops light, wind that stirs up embers, do not hesitate to gather, look at my
4: Light bullets, eight bodies, nine articles, tome of Heaven, diseased treasure, great
wheel, grey turret.
5: Aim your bow faraway, and disappear brightly.
6: Do you actually think I will let you use such a Kidou?
7: This is...
8: too late.

1: Hadou #91

1: "Senju Kouten Taihou" (*Thousand-Hand Bright Heavenly Luxurious Flare)

1: ...holy shit...

1: ...Aizen-san...
2: It really does seem like
3: you let down your guard by taking in the power of the Hougyoku...
4: Exactly.

1: Too late.
2: Allow me to let my guard down.
3: For there is no longer any reason for me to proceed with caution.

1(3b): I can feel it. Now that my body has subordinated the Hougyoku, all of the power I
possess that already stood unrivaled to any being within Soul Society
2: is starting to become greatly surpassed.
3: I no longer even need to evade
4: a 90s-level Kidou!
5: ...you're wrong.
6: I'm saying that your failure to dodge that Kidou was letting down your guard. Get it?
7: If it was the old you,
8: there was no way I would have touched you a second time.

1: This is...
2: ...a seal.
3: I sealed the two exit points for reiatsu that all Shinigami possess on their wrists.
4: ...you

1: You will now be burned from within
2: by your own reiatsu.
side: Imprisoned and killed!!

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