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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Mahou Sensei Negima! 290

Fate's Resolve

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 30, 2010 03:31 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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[Period 290: Fate's Resolve]
[Insert text: The battle with the darkness continues, and still no sign of an answer!!]
Negi: Grrrhhh...!
Eva: Utterly useless! // At this rate, you're doomed for sure, boy! // You'll be dead before you even get to fight that Fate Averruncus!

Negi: *pant* // *pant*
Setsuna: Sensei!
Negi: *pant*... // *pant*...
Eva: Hm...
Flashback!Akira: Let's get ourselves back to Mahora, shall we?
Flashback!Ako: But not with Nagi-san... with you.
Flashback!Yuuna: Positive energy! That's what you need!
Flashback!Makie: If you just do that right now...
Negi: *pant*...

Negi: (That's right... // I...)
[Mahou Sensei Negima!]
[Insert text: What thoughts dwell in this empty heart? Does something stir therein...?]

Fate: .........
Flashback!Rakan: Truth? Meaning? Words like those... // They ain't got a thing to do with me or my life. // Still... it was fun, wasn't it? // You should enjoy these things a little more.
[TN: supercreepy Tsukuyomi alert]

Fate: ......Did you need something from me, Tsukuyomi-san?
Tsukuyomi: Well, you know, I was just thinking... Considering we're about to start this important operation... // ...you just seemed awfully out of it all. // I couldn't help but feel a little intrigued... or should I say, concerned. // ...Did something happen in your confrontation with Thousand Blades Jack Rakan?
Fate: ......
Tsukuyomi: Did the untouchable Fate-han, never one to show interest in anything... // ...find his heart moved by the words of a mere doll?
Fate: Tsukuyomi-san, if that is all you have to say, then I...
Tsukuyomi: Eheh... Well, just as long as this doesn't affect your fighting ability...

Tsukuyomi: ...I suppose it hardly matters! // (A statue?)
Fate: ...I myself am but a doll, the same as he. No more than a piece on the board, necessary to bring this plan to completion. / I possess no heart.

Tsukuyomi: Is that right...? // I don't think I've ever seem that kind of expression on your face. It looks like your heart is wavering... just the way I like it. Heheheh... Do you not realise it yourself? // For the first time... I feel like I may actually have an interest in you, Fate-han. // There's nothing to be gained from slicing up a wooden doll, but a human is a different matter. // And right now, you look awfully worth slicing to me...!♡
Fate: ...That man said something very similar. / Very well, Tsukuyomi-san. If this is what you wish. // I have little else to do until the plan enters its final phase, at any rate.

Tsukuyomi: The Shinmeiryuu arts can slice through even the hardest of steel. // Don't you think you might be at a disadvantage with that stone-based magic you use?

Tsukuyomi: !
Fate: I am the Averruncus of Earth. / [aside]Jack Rakan recalled it slightly inaccurately for some reason...[/aside]
[TN: Okay, so I translated Rakan's version as "Averruncus of Earth" as well. So sue me ~~ He actually uses a slightly different word. I've now edited it to "Averruncus of the Ground" in the original translation (Chapter 259)]
Fate: I should hope you do not think stone magic is the limit of my talents.
Tsukuyomi: (A rapid, high-density sand-based attack...!) // Hahaha... A fair point! Slicing up sand... / ...certainly doesn't accomplish much! // Still, the way you're acting clearly isn't normal. / It's very unlike you, I can see that. // No heart, you say? Ahahahahahaha... / Don't you think it's time you were a little more honest with yourself?

Fate: Dear me... / You certainly are enjoying yourself today, Tsukuyomi-san.
Tsukuyomi: ...Is it... / ...the boy?
Fate: ...
[Text: Tsukuyomi]

Tsukuyomi: You see~? // I was right on the mark!
Fate: (She actually penetrated my defenses...!) // Very impressive, Tsukuyomi-san.
Tsukuyomi: Zanmaken: Ni no Tachi. // No matter how thick the wall of sand or magical barrier you erect, it is meaningless before my blade. // And for the record... there's no point trying to hide your infatuation from me. / I could hardly overlook something I love so much.
Fate: Infatuation...? What are you talking about?
Tsukuyomi: Ahahahaha... How positively adorable. I feel like a caring mother looking down on her infant child, just beginning to develop its own identity. // But very well. If this is how things are...

Tsukuyomi: I will take the boy for myself. / I'm sure you will have no issue with that?
Fate: ...Tsukuyomi-san. / That is not acceptable.
Tsukuyomi: Hmm?

Tsukuyomi: Aahh!
Fate: ...

Fate: His opponent... / ...shall be me.
Tsukuyomi: Ahahahahaha... / It would seem you are finally being a little more honest with yourself. // That's exactly what I'm talking about!♡ Humans should always be honest with themselves, you know! // At any rate, it's nice to see that you're back on form. / That's the Fate-han I know and love!♡
Fate: ...
Koyomi: Fate-sama! What's going on in here?! / Aahhhh...! It's all in pieces?!
Tsukuyomi: Bye-bye now!
Koyomi: Wait, whaaaaaaaat~~?! / Fate-sama - your arm.........?! // What on Earth happened?!
Fate: Nothing in particular.
Koyomi: How can you call this "nothing in particular"?!

Koyomi: I'll stop the time of the wounded area at once! / Release your tissue isolation, all right?!
Fate: There's no need... it will reattach perfectly easily...
Shirabe: That is not the issue here!!
Homura: Tamaki! We need a medical golem!!
Koyomi: Honestly, Fate-sama... you can't be so careless about these things! // You have to at least take proper care of your own body...!
Fate: ......
Koyomi: Eh...? // This is no time to be playing around like that~~~~!
Shirabe: F... Fate-sama, attempting actual physical humour...?
Homura: I... Is that supposed to be funny...?
Flashback!Homura: How terrible...
Flashback!Fate: The conflicts in this area will take more than a mere century to resolve.

Flashback!Girls: This girl can be saved.
Flashback!Fate: ...Then do as we always do.
Flashback!Girls: It would be nice if we could save more than just these few people...
Flashback!Fate: Well, this is just a hobby of mine. // Koyomi-kun, this is an application for your entry into the boarding school of Ariadne...
Flashback!Koyomi: I'm not going to go off to some school!! // Let me go with you, Fate-sama!! // I'll follow you anywhere! Until the very end...!
Fate: ...Thank you for everything, Koyomi-kun. / I am grateful to you.
Koyomi: Eh...? // Aahh... / W - Wha...? // Eh? ...Wh - what's got into you all of a sudden, Fate-sama? / Th - There's no need for you to th - thank... / [aside]in such a kind voice, as well...[/aside]
Fate: I owe my thanks to the rest of you, as well.
Shirabe: Ahh...!
Homura: Wha...?!
Tamaki: Ahh...
Fate: There is something that I need to ask of you all.

Fate: As soon as Princess Asuna fell into our hands, the plan was set in motion, and now it is about to truly begin. // Do you have any regrets?
Shirabe: Wh... What on Earth do you mean, Fate-sama...? Of course not...!
Tamaki: Indeed!
Homura: If I may be so bold! In being rescued by you, Fate-sama, and even given a reason to live, we have already been granted such great fortune as can only be called miraculous! / We carry the weight of those thousands, those tens of thousands of souls who were not so lucky as ourselves!
Koyomi: If we can truly create a world where children will never again be born into lives like those we experienced... / ...then we have nothing to regret!! // And we're certainly not about to lose to that rabble of silly, carefree middle-school girls from the old world!!
Fate: I see...

Fate: (No... I have no doubts. // I am a tool; nothing more than a doll that exists to bring my master's dream to fruition. // But, Tsukuyomi-san... there may indeed be some truth in what you say. // Negi-kun... Right now, you alone... // To do battle with you... // ...is my one true desire!!)
[Insert text: Primal desire from one without a heart... A terrifying spectacle!!]

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#1. by Maedhros ()
Posted on May 30, 2010
That's a really cool chapter after seeing the translation. Thanks cnet.
#2. by quigonkenny ()
Posted on May 30, 2010
Re: "Averruncus of Earth", I was wondering what Fate was talking about there, but couldn't find a raw for 259 or volume 30. But that's not a mistake to get upset over, since in context "Earth" makes more sense and means more or less the same thing...

I was kind of hoping when I translated it myself that Koyomi's last line could be stated more along the lines of "Certainly not losing to that rabble of silly, carefree middle-school girls from the old world!!", in the context of that not being a regret, since it would certainly be supported by the facial expressions and Akamatsu's humor. But I see why it wasn't.

("[to those...school girls]wa [not lose] desuwa" as written as opposed to "[to those...school girls lose]wa [not] desuwa" for what I was thinking -- did I get that right?)
#3. by GPZrag ()
Posted on May 30, 2010
thank you very much cnet, it is nice too see that you are back :)
#4. by LoneWolfx03 ()
Posted on May 30, 2010
haha...have been missing your translation for a long time....
a thousand thanks! ^_^
#5. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on May 31, 2010
Yes, Rakan's version "Averruncus of Earth" used 土 as opposed to 地, that's all ~~

And no, unfortunately Koyomi's last line can't be interpreted like that, though I admit that would be rather amusing =p
#6. by jmangeo ()
Posted on May 31, 2010
Thank you Cnet, I understood the kanji 彼 in page 14 like "boyfriend" and thought WTF!, now I can see it was more like "he" (opponent)
#7. by Ex-Shadow ()
Posted on May 31, 2010
Thanks a bunch, wonder why your translation isn't here for days...
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