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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Mahou Sensei Negima! 303

Final Dungeon, Front Line!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 23, 2010 19:41 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 303: Final Dungeon, Front Line!!
[Insert text: The secondary team proceeds into ever-more-dangerous depths in search of Asuna...]
Natsumi: Hey, are you sure this is the right way? It's pitch black...
Kotarou: Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's being held in a room just up ahead.
Natsumi: "Pretty sure"...?
Kotarou: Well, the source of this information is reliable, at least. // (We got this info from the former enemy spy, fake-Asuna-san, after all.)
Flashback!Negi: You'll probably find the Twilight Imperial Princess... that is, the real Asuna-san there as well. // I'm counting on you, Kotarou-kun.
Kotarou: (Yeah, I know. You can leave it to me, Negi.) // 'Course, if we could send Sayocchi-neechan ahead to check the place out, we'd know for sure, but...
Sayo: [aside]I'm sorry I can't be of use...[/aside]
Kotarou: It's just too dangerous to send her ahead on her own. We're up against crazy powerful enemies - who knows what could happen.
Yue: Shh... // Everybody quiet! / There's something...!

Everyone: ?!!
Kotarou: (Wha...?)
Natsumi: It's Fa- / Mnphh!
Sayo: [aside]you mustn't![/aside]
Kotarou: (You idiot...!)

Natsumi: (H... Has he still not noticed us?)
Kotarou: (It... looks that way, yeah... / That's some Artifact you've got there, Natsumi-neechan! // Make sure you keep a tight grip! // If you let go, it's over! Even I can't protect all of you!)
Natsumi: (Aahh...)
Kotarou: ... // ...

Sayo: Aahh?!
Asakura: (K... Kota-kun! // What are you doing?!)
Kotarou: (I could take him down! // This is the only chance! // Fate Averruncus...!)
Flashback!Kotarou: You'll get me out of here if I'll assassinate Negi for you? Fat chance!
Flashback!Fate: I see... then I'll just have to find another way.
Kotarou: (Back on Negi's school trip... // And the time with Hermann... // You were always the one behind it all...! // If I could just take you out...!)

Kotarou: (This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!)
Sayo: Aahhh?!
Natsumi: (Eh?! Wh - What are you talking about, Kotarou-kun?!)
Kotarou: (This is our chance! The instant my body makes contact with his! / Or maybe he'll notice as soon as I begin my attack, but either way, at this distance I can't fail!! // This is the only chance I'm gonna get! / If I take him out now...!)
Chamo: (Wait, Kotarou! / Our mission is to rescue the hostages! This isn't what we're here for!)
Natsumi: (No! / You mustn't, Kota-kun! I have a really bad feeling - )
Kotarou: (Sorry 'bout this, Negi. // This guy's neck... // ...is mine.)

[no text just ohshi]

Kotarou: (Ahh...! // Nghh... // ......)

Kotarou: (*pant* // *pant*... // It's no good! // If I'd laid a hand on him, I would've been killed for sure...!)
Natsumi: A - Are you okay, Kotarou-kun?
Kotarou: Yeah... Sorry. I couldn't do it.
Asakura: So you didn't touch him? No, you couldn't?
Chamo: Did he notice you, Kotarou?
Kotarou: Nah... not a chance. If he'd noticed me... // The lot of us would be either a bunch of pretty statues, or else sent off to Cosmo Entelecheia by now. // (I had the ultimate advantage, and I still couldn't do a thing...!) // Tch... // (In my current state, I'm just no match for him. Though it kills me to admit it... // Negi... are you really gonna be able to beat this guy...?!)

Setsuna: Hahh...
Tsukuyomi: Ngh... // Nghhh... // (Th... This is...!)

Tsukuyomi: Ghahh...!

Tsukuyomi: Ngh -
Setsuna: Shinmeiryuu Ougi... // Hyakuretsu Oukazan!!!
[TN: Hundred Tempest Cherry-Blossom Blade]
Tsukuyomi: Heheh... Eheh... // Splendid...
Setsuna: (So it's not going to be that easy...)
Tsukuyomi: Absolutely splendid work, Senpai. // What brought this on, may I ask?
Setsuna: That has nothing to do with you.

Tsukuyomi: Oh, yes. That's how it should be. // Otherwise it would be no fun taking you down.
Setsuna: ?! // Why, you... Tsukuyomi...! / That sword...!
Flashback!Teacher: This is the arcane sword passed down in the East... // Fey Blade "Hina". // I have borrowed this from the East today for the purpose of your instruction. / "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. // And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

Flashback!Teacher: It is said that long ago, a lone enemy with this fey blade in hand... / ...drove the entire line of Shinmeiryuu swordsmen to near extinction.
Flashback!Setsuna: No way...!
Flashback!Teacher: However, this too is one valid destination that may be reached at the end of the path to power. // Instruction be damned... / The blade of one who seeks naught but power, and seeks to protect nothing, is indeed strong. // You in particular must think carefully upon this. // The battle to protect another is far more difficult than a battle for oneself alone.
Flashback!Setsuna: I - Indeed!
Flashback!Teacher: Incidentally... take care, for if a novice such as yourself were to draw this blade, it would possess you... // Ahahah... Muahahahahahahahah!
Flashback!Setsuna: I - Instructor~~~~! / It's possessing you! It's possessing you~~~~~~!
Flashback!Teacher: Shin: Raikouken!!
Flashback!Setsuna: Aaaaaahhhh! // Noooooooooo!!
Setsuna: Tsukuyomi... Why do you have that blade...?

Setsuna: (It's... // ...absorbing my ki...?) // Tsukuyomi...! You would surrender your own self to demonic forces in your quest for power?!
Tsukuyomi: For power? Ahaha... No, no. / This is so that I can savour you to the fullest, Senpai! // Now, allow me to feast upon you... to the very core!
[Insert text: The ultimate Shinmeiryuu showdown! A truly desperate battle awaits!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, Negima will be taking a break so that the author can collect data.]

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#1. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Sep 24, 2010
Didn't recognise the Nietzsche quote originally; edited to use a more familiar version. A few other minor improvements also made. Thanks as usual to WorldView7 for reviewing the translation and giving comments and suggestions – they do give me food for thought, even if we don't always see exactly eye-to-eye.
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