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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Bleach 430

Welcome To Our Execution 2

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 13, 2010 17:17 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: An unsettling presence near Ichigo... And meanwhile, Uryuu is in trouble!!]
Orihime: Wheww~~!! // ...My face is still red... // I was only planning to give him the bread at the front door and ask him a few questions there...

Flashback!Ichigo: ...Please, come inside.
[Text: Note: Orihime Vision]
Orihime: How am I supposed to resist an invitation like that~?!!!
[Text: Reality]
Flashback!Ichigo: Wanna come in?
Orihime: And he even asked me to choose my favourite ones to take home myself~! // He's such a nice guy! / Such a nice guy~~! / Such a nice guuuy~!

Orihime: S-A-N-G! / S-A-N... // G! // Uunhh... // Ahh! // I... // I'm sorry, Onii-chan... // Kurosaki-kun... // He's definitely hiding something, isn't he...?
[Ringtone: It's awright~!]

Orihime: Ahh, that made me jump... // Who could be calling at this time?
[Ringtone: Di-di-di~! / It's awright~! // Di-di-di~!]
Orihime: Hm...? / It's Ishida-kun...
[Ringtone: It's awright~! // Di-di-di~! // It's awright~! // I~~~~~~t's... awwwww- // bip!]
Orihime: Hello~~~~~~~? / What is it, Ishida-ku... // Huh? // Yes... // Um... // Huh? // Huh?

Karin: Where's Ichi-nii?
Yuzu: Upstairs. // I called for him, but he said he'll eat later.
Karin: Hmmmmmmm~~~? / Dear me, these adolescent boys... / Perverts, the lot of 'em.
Yuzu: Karin-chan! / Don't say such weird things at the dinner table! / Onii-chan isn't like that, okay?!
Karin: Sure, if you like... / But look, Yuzu... don't you think it's time you stopped putting Ichi-nii on a pedestal like that? // He's just a normal guy, you know? / He's not some anime character, so of course he -

Yuzu: I don't think of him like that~! / Oh, forget it!!
Karin: Eh?! // Hey, c'mon - I'm sorry for teasing you like that, Yuzu! / Hey!
Yuzu: Forget it!! // You're doing the washing-up today, all right?!
[SFX: stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp // SLAM!]
Karin: Jeez... // I guess Ichi-nii must've been real cold to her again... / I'd better go and make him apologise to her later...
[SFX: SLAM! // stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp]
Karin: ? // Yuzu?

Karin: Ichi-nii?! // Hey - Ichi-nii!! // Where are you going?!! // Ichi-nii!!

[430. Welcome To Our Execution 2]
[Insert text: Where indeed...?!]
[Text: ki Clinic]
Ichigo: Ishida!!!

Orihime: ! // K... / Kurosaki-kun!!
Ichigo: Inoue...! // You got here already? // Where's Chad?
Orihime: He didn't pick up... // Considering the time, he's probably at work...
Ishida: ...You even contacted Kurosaki...? // Honestly... / Why must you always do these excessive things...?
Ichigo: ...Ishida...

Ryuuken: Excessive, is it? // As ever, you speak like the capable man you are not.
Ishida: At any rate, I thought I wasn't supposed to be having visitors? // Why are you allowing all these people in here? Are you trying to make my condition deteriorate?
Ryuuken: Fool. / Who do you think performed the operation? // As though I would allow such a paltry injury to deteriorate further. // I hardly think an immature weakling who allows an enemy to half-massacre him... // ...has any place telling a professional doctor how to do his job.
Ishida: ........................

Ichigo: Half-massacre......?! // What's going on here, Ishida?!
Ishida: ...It has nothing to do with you...
Ichigo: Like hell it doesn't!! // You were defeated, weren't you?! / If this is an enemy you couldn't handle alone, then we all gotta deal with it together, right?!! // Say something, dammit!!
Ryuuken: Vital information should always be shared. // Do you mean to scorn the favour I am doing for you?
Ishida: You stay out of this!!!

Ryuuken: Oh...? // How disappointing. / Another 5 Hz higher and that outburst would have reopened your wounds.
Ishida: ...............
Orihime: ...Ishida-kun...
Ishida: ...I'm sorry. / Inoue-san. // But there really isn't anything I can tell you right now. / ...Would you leave, please?
Orihime: .................. // ...Okay...
[Text: da Uryuu // Karakura General Hospital]

Orihime: ............Kurosaki-kun...
Ichigo: ! / Y...Yeah... // Must've been tough for you too, huh? Rushing out at this time. / I'll take you home.
Orihime: Eh?! / N - No, I, ah - / Really?!
Ryuuken: I will drive her home myself. // You should be getting home quickly. / If I keep you for too long, then I do not doubt your father will be... concerned.
Ichigo: ...All right, then. / Thank you very much.
Orihime: Ah...

Orihime: Kurosaki-kun!! // I'll see you at school tomorrow!
Ryuuken: Ahem. / Please refrain from raising your voice within the hospital.
Orihime: Ah! / I'm sorry...
Ryuuken: ...I doubt that boy will be of any use, so I will tell this to you alone. // It was no Hollow that felled Uryuu.
Orihime: Eh...?
Ryuuken: And of course, it was no Shinigami, either. // I examined the residual reiatsu from his wounds, but... // To be honest, / I am unsure whether what I found there can even be called "reiatsu". / It was of a type that I have never before encountered.

Orihime: But then...
Ryuuken: Do not ask questions. // I have told you everything that I know. // I doubt the victim himself knows anything about the one that felled him, either. // It is not that he "would not" tell you anything. / But rather, that he "could not".
Orihime: No way...
Ryuuken: ...This is only my own speculation, but... // I suspect that this enemy... / ...who wields a power of which we are as yet unaware...

Ryuuken: ...is human. // Rather than a Shinigami, something closer to... // ...yourself... / ...or your friend Sado-kun. // In the larger scale of things, I suppose Uryuu, as a Quincy, would fall into the same category. // If we view this attack on Uryuu as an "offensive against similar human entities"... // ...then the next to be attacked... // ...will likely be yourself or Sado-kun.

Ryuuken: Let me drive you home.
Ichigo: *pant* // *pant* // *pant* // What the hell is going on...?! // Dammit...... // What's happening here that I don't know about.........?!

Ichigo: Is there......... // Is there really nothing that I can do.........?!!
[BubbleSFX: bip // bip // bip]
Voice: Hello. / You have reached "Xcution".

Voice: Your number is unregistered. / Are you a new member? // Please give your full name.
Ichigo: Kurosaki... / ...Ichigo.
Voice: Mr. Kurosaki Ichigo. // Yes, we have been expecting you. // Welcome... / ...to Xcution.
[Side text: Powerless, he has only one hope left to cling to...!!]

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