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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 319

1000% Battle!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 6, 2011 23:26 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 319: 1000% Battle!!
[Insert text: Who is in the right...? The answer lies only in their fists!!]

Girls: [aside]aahhhh! // ahhhhh!![/aside]

Chisame: I... It's really started!
Konoka: Huh? // Look over there!
KuFei: Hm...
Konoka: Isn't that Asuna?
Negi: Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister... // O Thousand and One Spirits of Light, gather before me and strike down the enemy! // Sagitta Magica: Series Lucis!!
Fate: !

Someone: [aside]Aahhhhh![/aside]
Fate: (Heh... // It may be the most basic of offensive magics, but honed to this level, it may as well be a legendary enchantment. // Truly, this is reminiscent of the Thousand Master himself...)
Negi: Dextra Emittam!! // Sagitta Magica: Series Lucis!! // Ouka Houken!!!

Fate: Kakon Omma Petroseos!!
Negi: !
Fate: Vish Tar Li Shu Tar Vangait... // Diminutive King, eight-legged lizard, Lord of the Evil Eye...
Negi: !! // (That incantation is...!)
Fate: Pnoen Tou Iou Ton Chronon Parairousan!

Fate: Pnoe Petras!!!
Negi: (That's the petrification spell he used back in Kyoto! // So this is his true power!!)
Collet: Oh no! It's a petrifying cloud!
Chachamaru: A petrifying...?! I've never seen one so huge!
Negi: Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister... / Veniant Spiritus Aeriales Fulgurientes!! / Cum Fulguratione... / ...Furet Tempestas! // Australina!!
[TN: "Come to me, Spirits of Lightning and Wind. Clad in thunder, blow wildly forth! Storm of the South Seas!!"]

Negi: Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens!!
Fate: Oh...?
Haruna: All right! It's the Tempest of Lightning!
Takane: H - Has he done it...?

Fate: Senjin Kokuyouken.
[TN: "Thousand Obsidian Blades"]

Negi: *pant*...!

Fate: A sphere of pitch-black stakes, piercing all creation. // Jack Rakan overcame it. // How will you fare, Negi-ku -

Fate: Wha - ?!
Negi: He Astrape Hyper Ouranou Mega Dynamene!!
Fate: Ngahh...

Fate: Heh...

Fate: Ahahah... // (Such force...! // Quintum... // ...cannot even hope to compare!) // Hahah... / ...hah... / ...hahah...!
Negi: ?! // Ngh... // (A counter!!)
Fate: Negi-kun. // The way to combat that attack... / ...has already been demonstrated by Jack Rakan to the entire nation. // Come now, Negi-kun. / I can't have you holding back against me.
Negi: Eh...? // (He was watching?) // ...

Negi: Emissa! // Stagnet! // Complexio!! // Tastrapa Hyper Ouranou Mega Dynamena!!! // Is this enough for you, Fate?
Fate: Yes, that should do. Your own original spell that even Jack Rakan was unable to combat. // It is quite splendid. Allow me to extend my compliments.
Negi: I see that ever-emotionless face... // ...has finally decided to smile.
Fate: That's because I'm having fun, Negi-kun. / After all, this battle... was my one true desire.

Negi: Your one true desire...?
Fate: (Shirabe-san... // Shirabe-san.)
Shirabe: Fate-sama!
Fate: (How is the Princess?)
Shirabe: I have just finished re-performing the ritual, and am about to return her to the Altar.
Fate: (I'm counting on you.)
Shirabe: Yes, sir! // Wood Spirit Defence!!

Anya: Hiyaaaahhhh!!
Brigitte: Ngh... // I do not have time to play with you people. // Ah...
Nodoka: W - We won't let you pass!
Natsumi: L - L - L - Let g - go of A - Asuna~~~!

Negi: Your only desire...? // I must admit, I'm surprised that you value me quite so highly.
Fate: Heh... // Now, allow me to witness... // ...all that you have!
[Insert text: This can only be settled by force?!!]

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#1. by Rhyshaelkan ()
Posted on Mar 12, 2011
Just a simple typo.

Pg. 15.
Negi: You
[should be]
Negi: Your

Splendid translation. Thank you for your efforts.
Level [B] Translator

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