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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 333

Time to Save Asuna! The Ultimate Formation's Counterattack!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 31, 2011 03:35 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 333: Time to Save Asuna! The Ultimate Formation's Counterattack!!
[Insert text: All of Asuna's classmates reach out to save her!!!]
Chisame: (Kagurazaka! // You're a proper idiot... // ...but you don't need all this ridiculous magical princess backstory baggage! / I always believe you were a proper human being...! // Don't you dare give in... // ...to all that nonsense!!)

Anya: (Asuna! Get a hold of yourself!)
Ako: (Asuna...!)
Makie: (Hang in there, Asuna!)
Yuuna: (Don't give in, Asuna!)
Kaede: (Asuna-dono...!)
Yue: (Asuna-san...)
Nodoka: (Asuna-san!)
Natsumi: (Asuna...!)

Madoka: Uhh... I don't really get all this, but...
Misa: If you don't wake up, things could get pretty bad, right?
Shiina: Wake up, Asuna~~!
Fuuka: Asuna~~!
Fumika: Asuna...
Chizuru: Asuna-san...
Tatsumiya: I can't have you sleeping there forever, Kagurazaka. / Don't forget that you still owe me a hefty fee!
Misora: Wait, you're gonna claim that from the real Asuna?
Tatsumiya: But of course.
Misora: [aside]she really is a demon...[/aside]
Setsuna: (Asuna-san... don't worry. // You are not just a false personality of the Twilight Imperial Princess. // You were my first true friend... and the days we spent together were no lie. // I know that you can do this!)
Ayaka: (Honestly... What do you think you are playing at?! // You promised to return safely with Negi-sensei, did you not?!)

Ayaka: (If you give up on that now... // ...I will never forgive you!)
Dynamis: Annihilate them!
Rakan: Heh! // Sorry 'bout this, Nagasha old pal! // Haaahhh!!

Secundum: Impossible! / [aside]did he just...?![/aside]
Rakan: Go for it!! // Show 'em what you've got, little old hag!
Eva: Hah! I see you wish to die along with them. // That's a wish I'm all too happy to grant, you musclebound buffoon! // Bolts of frozen lightning, imprison these soulless dolls! // Most exquisite silence, eternal dungeon of white roses in bloom!

Eva: Infinite White Ninefold Heavens!!
Secundum: Ngh... // A tornado of ice?
SomeGuy: A mere storm of ice? I expected better of the Dark Evangel. // Utterly worthless.
[TN: I really can't keep track of all these enemies...]
Dynamis: No, wait! That spell is more dangerous than it -
SomeGuy: Hah. // Ngh?!
Secundum: ?! // No...!

Secundum: It... / It completely ignored the multiple-layer barriers that we disciples are protected by?!
Eva: Hahahahah! // This is an original spell that I developed specifically to deal with you barrier-loving fools! // My white-rose ice-bolt vines automatically seek out mass-produced dolls like yourselves... / ...and envelop them, barrier and all... // ...continuously freezing the space around them!
Quartum: Ngh... // Why, you...

Secundum: Damn things...!
Eva: Hahahahah! For a soulless doll like yourself... / ...there can be no escape from my ice-bolt vines!
Secundum: Rrnghh... / *pant* // Damn it... / Damn it...! // This is...ridiculous! // I thought she was nothing more than a rogue mage with an inflated reputation! // Can the Dark Evangel truly have such power?! // I was told nothing of this!

Rakan: Guahhhhh! What is this spell?! / Seems deadly all right! // Give it a rest, would you, hag?!
Secundum: Nnngh?! // W - W - Wait... Wait! // W - We can discuss this calmly! // Our ultimate goals are not so differ-rrrnghhh...! // Aaaa... / ...aaaaarghhhh?! // Ahh-

[no text just that's what I call an ice spell]

Eva: So. // I think that should do it, don't you?
Rakan: Oh, wow... you've frozen up the lava and everything! / [aside]that's some ice!{/aside]
Eva: Don't take me lightly.
Negi: Y... You really are incredible, Master...!
Eva: Hmph.
Rakan: I see, I see. The space around them stays frozen, so they're not actually dead... which means they can't pull any crazy resurrection tricks.
Eva: Incidentally, they are still fully conscious. // Even I cannot undo this spell, so their terror will continue for an eternity. / I'm impressed that you escaped. I was targeting you as well.
Rakan: You really were trying to murder me, huh?
Eva: I've been developing this spell since the class field trip, just in case a situation like this happened to arise. // It's only effective against dolls like them, so it's not the most versatile of spells.
Rakan: Huh? You put in the effort to plan ahead like that? I thought you weren't interested in what happened to us? / Why the sudden change of heart? You learned to make friends? Fallen in love?
Eva: I wish I really had killed you.

Rakan: Hang on, though, hag. If that spell only works on "dolls", then what about their master...?!
Eva: Quite right, fool!! // We cannot relax yet!! // I doubt my spell will have had any effect on their leader! // You should take the boy and his companions at once, and retreat to Mahora!
Negi: !
MageOfTheBeginning: That I will not allow, Evangeline.
Eva: ?! // (This is...!)
Rakan: (My body won't move...?! Oh, crap...!!)
MageOfTheBeginning: Your spell is most impressive...

MageOfTheBeginning: ...my daughter.
Eva: Nghh...
Rakan: Ngghh...
Negi: ...!
Fate: ...

GoodGuys: Haaaahhh!! // Hnnnghhh...!

Negi: !! // Unnghh...!
Eva: Boy!!
[Insert text: Just who is this man?! Such strength!! Is there no way to defy a God?!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, Negima will be taking a break so that the author can collect data. See you in Shonen Magazine Issue 38, on sale Wednesday 17th August!]

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