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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

One Piece 636

The General from the Future Kingdom

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Aug 28, 2011 18:46 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 636: The General from the Future Kingdom
From Shipdecks Around The World
Vol. 20: Drum Island - The Sakura Kingdom Peace Unit

[Insert text: Going wild in the Plaza!!]
Cronies: Ughhh... The Kraken that Hody had tamed to do his bidding... // ...has thrown its lot in with the Straw Hats!!
Luffy: Now listen, Surume!! I want you to stay here... / ...and protect Cry-hoshi, got that?
Cronies: Aaaaghhh!!
Shirahoshi: .................. // It is a pleasure to meet you... // ...Surume-sama!
Luffy: Right, then!!
Chopper: Huh? What's this? The enemy... / ...seems to be evading us!
Usopp: Oh? Running in abject terror from our forces, are they?! // Then let's take this opportunity to take out the enemy big-shots!! Yeah!! / Full speed ahead~~~!!
Daruma: Cookie... Cutter~~~!!!
Usopp: Hm?! // Hey, Commander Chopper... is it just me, or is our vehicle shaking?
Nami: !
Chopper: Huh?! // Aaaaaahhhhh~~~~!! // It's a pitfall trap~~~~~!!
Cronies: Ahahahah!! They fell for it!!!

Daruma: Kyakkyah!! / Look at you!! Powerless in the face of my Daruma Drop!!!
Chopper: Owwww......!!
Daruma: I just opened a myriad of holes in the ground right beneath you... / ...with the power of my razor-sharp fangs!! // Now, let's do the same to the bike-riding moron as well...
Franky: What's going on, you guys?!! Usopp!! Chopper!! // Oh, no... it's a pitfall trap~~~~~!!
Daruma: Ehhhhhh?!!! Is this guy a complete idiot~~~~~~?!!!

Usopp: Hey, are you guys okay?!!
Nami: Owww...
Franky: Why, you...!! I'm not going to take this lying down!! // Get outta here, you lot!!
Chopper: Ahhhh~!
Nami: Aaaaahhh~~!
Usopp: What was that for~~~?!!
Nami: What are you playing at, Franky?!!
Chopper: What's the big idea, throwing out the Commander?!!
Franky: No offense. It's just that this baby only seats a single driver!!
People: ?!
Franky: It's time to transform!! HEN...TAI!!
People: We already know you're a pervert!!
Franky: KuroSai FR-U #4!! // Standby!! // BrachioHead... // Form shift!! // BrachioTank #5!! / KuroSai FR-U #4!! / DOCKING!!!
Usopp/Chopper: Whaaaaat?!! Docking?!!

Franky: Iron Pirate!!! // GENERA~~~~~~~~L FRANKY!!!
[Box: Iron Pirate: General Franky]
Chopper/Usopp: OH, WOW~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Franky: Dr. Vegapunk, I hope you're watching!! The dream you once had is now a reality!! // By incorporating the memory alloy "Wapometal" into the design, I've been able to complete your design!!!

Cronies: WHAT IS THAT~~~~~~~?!!
Luffy: AWESOME~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Usopp/Chopper: It's a real live combining robot~~~~~!!!
Franky: Fear my Plunderer's Blade... // The FranKen!! // General Look-Out-Below!!!
Cronies: Aahhhh!! A low sweep~~~?!! // A cheap move, but it's dangerous!!!

Franky: So you leap into the air... / ...right into the path of my deadly shoulder-mounted cannons!!!
Cronies: Ehh?!
Luffy: Whaaaaaaat?! Cannons from the shoulders~~~~?!!
Usopp: Those are YOUR shoulders!!! // But you're too cool, as well~~~~~~!!
Cronies: Ugh... // What a tricky opponent!!

Franky: General Crusher!!
Cronies: So heavy~~~~~!!
Nami: .........
Cronies: You don't look as tough as those monsters...
Nami: !!
Cronies: !
Nami: Just because I'm scared, doesn't mean I'm weak!! / Don't underestimate the power of Weatherian science!! // Sorcery Clima Tact!!
Cronies: ?

Nami: Gust Sword!!!
Cronies: Gueeehhh!!!
Usopp: Ugh... now we're right out in the open!! // But I mustn't lose heart. I'm not the man I used to be!!! // Hissatsu: Midoriboshi!! // Take-Javelin!!!
Cronies: Guaaahhhhh!!!

Usopp: Master Heraclesun!! / I'll never forget the two years I spent with you in the deadly Swindling Forest!! // They have prepared me for the second chapter in the Great Adventures of the Mighty Usopp!!!
People: Just look at them all!! They fight with such vigour...! // It's almost as though they've been longing for a fight like this!!
Daruma: Kyakkyah!! / I'll fill this whole plaza full of pitfalls!!// No robot or pirate can survive... / ...once I've got them beneath the ground!!! // ?! // Kyah! What was that?! I thought I just heard someone else digging down here!! // Gyahhhhh!!
Cronies: Whoa!! Daruma-san just came hurtling out of the ground!!

Daruma: Who's there!!! // ?!
Chopper: It's me!! // Horn Point!! / You're not the only one who's good at digging!!
Luffy: Chopper!! You can turn into a stag beetle now?!
Chopper: I'm not a beetle!!! // I've spent these past two years improving all seven of my Transformation Points! / There's only one form I need the Rumble Ball for now!!

Chopper: The other six, I can use freely at any time!!
Daruma: You insolent coral creature!! Kyahh!! / I'll gnash you to pieces!!!
Chopper: These are horns, not coral!! And I'm not a "creature". // I'm an insolent... // ...monster!!!
Jones: How many have you eliminated?!
Cronies: None, sir!!
Jones: ...............!!

Jones: Kraken!!! / Excellent work... you have succeeded in capturing Shirahoshi!!
Kraken: !!
Jones: Now crush her into dust!!!
Kraken: ........................!!
Jones: Remember your brothers, living peacefully in the far north... // We know where to find them. We could go and kill them at any time. / And I'm sure such legendary corpses would fetch a high price!! // If that's what you want, then by all means continue to defy me! // But I'd suggest you stop sympathising with these humans and act like the monster you are!!!
Kraken: ...............!!
Jimbei: He was controlling the Kraken by threatening the lives of its kin...?
Luffy: .........
Shirahoshi: Eh...? // Nnhhh... / Surume-sama?! ...Y... You're hurting me...!
Kraken: ...............!!
Luffy: Surume!!!
Kraken: !!

Kraken: .................................!!
Luffy: So you were doing as that guy says to protect your family, huh?
Kraken: ...............!!!
Luffy: Can't say I blame you... / You got little brothers back home? Or big brothers?
Kraken: ...............?!
Luffy: Shishishi!! Then let me help you keep them safe!
Kraken: ?!
Jones: ......... // Straw Hat is coming for us... // Destroy him!!!
Dosun: You idiots can't do a thing, DOGON!!
Ikaros: Leave this to us-hhi!!! / I'll teach that pirate to keep shouting about dried squid...!!

Dosun: STRAW HAT~~~~~~~~!!!
Dosun/Ikaros: ?!!

Dosun: Nguehhh!!
Ikaros: Mu...hhi...
Jones: You truly mean... // ...to face me, Straw Hat?!!!
Cronies: Somebody stop him!!! // Huh? He vanished!!
Jones: ?!!
Luffy: Now I'm really mad!!!

Neptune: What in the...?!!! That's the Promised Ship... // "Noah"!!!! // Why is it moving...? / Who could be capable of this?! // This is bad... very bad indeed...!!!
Fukaboshi: ...Is something the matter, Father?!! Clearly this is an unforeseen development, but still... // There is no reason to overreact... / That ship is simply an ancient relic! It is of little consequence in this day and -
Neptune: You do not understand!!! Nothing can be allowed to happen to that ship!!! // It must not be moved under any circumstance!! Not until the appointed day arrives!!!
[Insert text: The King in a panic!!]

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#1. by mugiwara4343 ()
Posted on Aug 28, 2011
As usual its a pleasure to read ur translations. Thank you Cnet :)
Level [B] Translator

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