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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Mahou Sensei Negima! 338

The Universe Of Love Project!♡

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 28, 2011 18:52 | Go to Mahou Sensei Negima!

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[Insert text: Even Chisame has returned to her beloved "everyday life"...!!]
Chisame: Hiya guys~~~~!(・∀・)ɑ How ya doing~~~~?! // Sorry I couldn't update the site while I was on holiday abroad~!(><)¡
ld > welc
OT > (*´∇`*)moe〜〜〜〜
HIRO > wooooo~~~~~!
AGRS > welcome back~~!
> our goddess returns!
Chisame: Truth is, I wanted to tell you all about my holiday, but I've been forbidden from saying anything~! Sorries!><
Commenters: Forbidden?! Forbidden by who?! YOur school?! The government?!
Chisame: Can't say any more, I'm afraid! This is totally top secret level stuff!
Commenters: It's not like you to give in to the pressure, Chiu-tama! Tell us everything, we're begging you~!
Chisame: Have this instead!><
> rightclick-sav
N↓ > the happiness..
mmm, double helpi
thank you kindly~!
ST > epic win
> am I...dreamin

Mahou Sensei Negima!
Period 338: The Universe Of Love Project!♡
[Insert text: Why do I feel so...empty??]
Chisame: Whew... // It's...not great. // Why...?! What's missing?! Why does this not feel right?! / Am I not being daring enough?! Maybe I should try... // A dangerous swimsuit from a deadly angle!! // No, that's too blatant!! It's all about the delicate balance! // The level of tantalising almost-visibility that requires impeccable editing skills... // Oh, enough of the erotica already!! / Erotic is all very well and good, but it's dangerous territory, and people get bored and move on far too easily...!

Chisame: Ughhh... // (Why is this happening...?! I've finally made it back from that nightmare fantasy land, back to reality... // Back to my beloved room with the cooler at full blast and the internet at my fingertips, so why...?!
Konoka: Chisame-cha~~n!
Chisame: (No... in the end, there's no fantasy involved... // This world and that world are both reality. / [aside]the only difference is the weapons. Guns in one world, magic in the other...[/aside] // Fate was trying to treat that world as an illusion and bring an end to it... // ...but Sensei put a stop to it. That's what this was all about.) // And come to think of it... // (How come he still hasn't explained to us what's actually going on with that? / [aside]after all we went through with him...[/aside]) // ...... // (I mean, I know he's busy and all, but...)
Konoka: Chisame-cha~n? Hello~~?
Chisame: Oh, it's not like I care anyway! Why should I?! I'm sure not getting myself mixed up in any of that again!
Konoka: Ah - !

Fate: [english english english]
Chisame: (Ugh... I'd almost forgotten. So much for ordinary life. // Even the most normal of lessons feels wrong when this guy's teaching it... // Kagurazaka's off school again today... // The class rep and Naba, too...) // ... // Hmmm... // *ahem* // ...Hey. // (Hey, Konoe.) // Do you know what Negi-se... what Kagurazaka's doing every day lately?
Konoka: Asuna~? / She seems to be pretty busy all day, morning 'til night...
Chisame: But she hasn't told you what she's actually busy doing or anything...?
Konoka: Well, it is a secret.

Konoka: (But it's Negi-kun I'm worried about. He barely even has time to come back at all. // Whenever I do see him, it's just as he's leaving. Does he even have time to sleep...?)
Chisame: (I see... // Hm. // What about you, Ayase? Have you heard anything?)
Yue: (Wh - Why would you ask me?!)
Chisame: (Well... you're just the kind of person who seems likely to know these things...)
Yue: (Wh - Why does everyone say that?! I'm really not -)
Chisame: (You haven't heard anything, then.)
Yue: (Ahhh...)
Chisame: (If even Konoe and Ayase haven't heard, he really must not have told anyone... // So it's not as though I'm the only one being kept in the... / ...? // ...Okay, what are you smirking at?!)
Yuuna: (Oh, nothing~~! I was just thinking how things have changed over the holidays...) // You're awfully friendly with Konoka-chan and Yue-chan now, huh~~~? It's so good to see you're getting along~~!♪ // Why don't we have a little chat too, huh~~~?♡
Chisame: Excuse me?! Akashi, are you still half-asleep?!
Yuuna: "Akashi"?! Don't be like that! You can call me Yuuna~! / We've been through thick and thin together, haven't we~~~?!♡
Chisame: Oh God, you're so annoying I could die!
Yuuna: But in a cute way, right? Right~~~?!
Chisame: No, just plain annoying!!

Chisame: ?!
Yue/Konoka: ?!
Fate: No talking during class. // Both of you go and stand in the corridor.
Yue: Ah...
Konoka: ...Are you sure you don't mean the infirmary...?
Chisame: (Ugh... In what kind of everyday life do I get attacked with a piece of chalk by a guy who almost destroyed an entire world?! // And he talks and acts like a character out of an anime, too!)
Yuuna: [aside]ahahah![/aside] // Fate-kun can be pretty brutal, huh~?
Chisame: (What's up with this situation?! Where did my ordinary life go...?! // This is all that idiot's fault...! // How dare he abandon us all and go gallivanting off somewhere...?!) // That worthless teacher of ours! I won't forgive him!! He's abandoning his duty!
Yuuna: Oohh~?!
Chisame: Why, the next time I see him I'm gonna give him a proper grilling! I'll drive him into a corner!! I'll sue his ass off!!

Chisame: (No, forget waiting until the next time I see him! I'll be more proactive than that! // I'll track him down and capture him myself!) // Report for duty!!
Mice: Yes sir, Chiu-tama, sir!! // [aside]The Seven Electronic Spirit Commanders are at your service![/aside]
Chisame: I want you monitoring every surveillance camera, every security system and every magical barrier in this entire city all day, every day! The second you find a trace, I want to know about it!
Mice: Yessir!
Chisame: The second that brat sets foot inside this Academy, I want him dragged to the floor in front of me!! // Hahah... You'd better not think you can escape from me...!! / Once I get my hands on you, I'm going to psychologically corner you until you have no choice but to -
Mice: Ohh?
Negi: Chisame-sa~~n!
Mice: Chiu-tama, over there! / Can we have our reward already~?

Negi: Chisame-san!!! // Thank goodness! / I've been looking everywhere for you!
Chisame: Eh...?
Negi: I went to the classroom, but class was already over... / ...and you weren't in your accommodation either...
Chisame: You... went to my room? // H... Hmph! It's a bit late for that, don't you think?!
Negi: I'm sorry! I really haven't had any time to spare! // But... / I'm glad I finally got to see you!
Chisame: Mmmnhhh... // I... I see. Well. // (H... Honestly... If he wanted to see me that much, he could at least have... // Well, I suppose after what he said to me back then... // He must have really wanted to see me after all... // I - I guess there's nothing for it... I'll hear him out at least a little...) // S - So, uh... What did you want exactly?

Negi: Here you go!♪
[Box: MEGALO MANJUU // A Megalomesembrian Specialty / Salt Flavour]
Chisame: ...... / ...What?
Negi: Rakan-san asked me to give this souvenir to you. / [aside]he really likes you a lot, huh~?[/aside] // Well, that's that taken care of! / See you!
Chisame: ...... // H... // HOLD IT RIGHT THERE~~!!

Chisame: That's it? That's actually it?! / You don't have anything else to say?! Not that I care, of course! / Hell, do I look like I care?!!
Negi: Aaaahhhhh?!! // [aside]y - you actually look like you do care quite a lot, but - / wh - what are you so angry about~~?![/aside]
Chisame: Excuse me?! // ...I thought you said *mumble mumble*...
Negi: Eh...?
Chisame: I thought you said you wanted to have me by your side all the time...
Negi: Eh? // ?

Chisame: You really are gonna get yourself stabbed to death! / In fact, I'll stab you myself! And I'll die too!!
Negi: H - H - Hold on a minute! You're not making any sense, Chisame-san! / You've got it wrong! I haven't forgotten what I said! It's not like that -
Chachamaru: Ch - Ch - Chisame-san, p - please calm down -
Chisame: And you, Chachamaru!! / What are you doing by his side when I'm getting completely ignored, huh?!
Chachamaru: Eh...? // W - Well, I...
Chisame: NNNNGUAAAAAHHH...?! / Don't you dare look at me with that pitying smile, robo-girl~~!!
Chachamaru: Ahhhh... Please, you really do need to calm down - I can understand that you are getting very flustered by this scene that is bordering on a romantic confession, but -
Chisame: Oh, do you wanna get stabbed to death too?! / You freaking robot... Freaking robot~~~~!! / I'll wind you up... I'll wind you right up~~!!
Chachamaru: Aaaahhhh - please, you can't - !
Negi: Chisame-san! Chisame-sa~~n!
Chisame: I... // I suppose I should apologise for getting so carried away, but...
Negi: I'm very sorry, Chisame-san. I really haven't been trying to ignore you or anything like that...

Negi: In fact, I've thought many times that I would like to talk to you about everything that's happening... // But I know how much you of all people treasure your everyday life, so I didn't want to cause you any more trouble...
Chisame: Not that I don't appreciate the thought... / But when you try to be considerate, you always seem to miss the mark by a mile. // You could at least have given some kind of explanation.
Negi: A... An explanation... Well...
Ayaka: Negi-sensei! / If it's an explanation you need... // ...then please, allow me to do the honours!!
Chisame: C - Class rep...?!
Negi: Class Rep-san...
Chisame: What the heck are you doing here...?! // Nghh... / So you're mixed up in this sordid affair as well, are you?!
Ayaka: That's a rather crude way of putting it, don't you think, Chisame-san? // Why, Negi-sensei and I are close enough to be called true partners in this endeavour!
Chisame: Wha... / (Partners?! Since when did she get so friendly with him?!)

Ayaka: May I, Negi-sensei?
Negi: Of course, Class Rep-san. By all means.
Ayaka: Please, call me Ayaka.
Chisame: (Why isn't he denying it?!! What's with that unwavering trust in his eyes?! When did this happen, and why wasn't I made aware of it?!)
Ayaka: Now, I'm sure you are already aware... // ...that the greatest problem facing Negi-sensei right now is the collapse of his mother's homeland, the Magical World.
Chisame: Nghhh... There's something really irritating about hearing the word "magic" coming from your mouth... // But go on...
Ayaka: The solution that Negi-sensei has proposed... / ...the only way to resolve this terrible dilemma... // ...is a space development programme!!
Chisame: ...Space...? // Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on a minute. / Did I miss something, or did this conversation just take a flying leap into the ridiculous?
Ayaka: There is nothing ridiculous about it. It is an entirely realistic proposal. / Or rather, it can be made into a reality through the cooperation of the people of both worlds. Our ultimate goal is...

Ayaka: To terraform the surface of Mars into an environment capable of supporting life! // We call it "Project Blue Mars"!!
Chisame: Terra...?
Ayaka: Dear me, Chisame-san, are you not familiar with the concept of terraforming?
Chisame: I - I know what it is, but -
Ayaka: In simple terms, it refers to a large-scale development of the atmosphere and environment of another planet to more closely resemble that of the Earth. / Up until now, it has indeed been a concept firmly rooted in the realm of fantasy, but with both world working together towards this common goal, Negi-sensei believes that it can and will be possible. // In one hundred years' time - if things go well, perhaps as soon as thirty - the planet Mars... // ...will be a green and plentiful land where the people of both worlds can live together in harmony!

Chisame: ...This is so sci-fi.
Negi: Y - Yes, you're not the first to say that...
Chisame: (First he makes me accept the existence of a magical fantasy world... / ...and now he's veering off into sci-fi...?! // I... I don't even know how to react any more... // Maybe I really shouldn't have asked...) // Ugh... Okay, let's hear your reasoning.
Negi: The root of all magic is life. / Since the cause of the Magical World's inevitable collapse is a shortage of magic to sustain it... / ...that collapse can be halted by turning Mars, the Magical World's host in this world, into a bountiful land filled with all forms of life.
Chisame: Pretty simple logic when it comes down to it. / It's just the scale that's mind-boggling. Are you really serious about doing this?
Ayaka: Oh, we are serious all right. There will be countless pitfalls and obstacles to overcome, but this is the only way.
Negi: Chisame-san... // This is my alternative solution. / This is my answer.

Chisame: Man... And I thought the Class Rep at least had her feet rooted in reality...
Negi: Yes, I'm sorry about that... You see, the power and connections her family wields are invaluable to the process of establishing the groundwork in this world that we'll need to get this plan in motion. / [aside]I've spoken to her parents, and they were all too happy to cooperate...[/aside]
Chisame: [aside]oh, just get married and be done with it.[/aside] // Anyway... I know you said there'd be countless pitfalls and obstacles... // ...but if you're really gonna do this, isn't even that a bit of an understatement?
Negi: Well, yes! // You're quite right! // With the two worlds coming together like this, we can't possibly predict what kind of far-reaching effects it might have in terms of political, military and economic balance. / The biggest issue is when to make the big public announcement. Right now, we're mostly working with a number of multinational corporations to gather the technology and resources we need while keeping the whole thing under wraps, but when the world at large finds out about what's going on, who can say how the world's nations and the general public will react? / We're currently hoping to make the announcement in ten years' time or so, but if we misjudge the timing, we could easily end up triggering major wars or worse. / In the end, Fate's solution could well have been safer for everyone, and the path we're taking could even lead to the future Chao-san was trying to prevent... // But at the same time, the terraforming technology we're developing could also be used to make Earth's own deserts fertile and habitable, and the promise that lies in the vast frontier that will ultimately be opened up on Mars, not to mention the potential economic benefits of the orbital elevator we're hoping to construct to facilitate travel between the two planets, are frankly immeasurable. Will the future be bright or clouded over? I'm sorry to say that I can't give a clear answer just -
Chisame: O - Okay...!
Negi: Ah... // I - I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... / [aside]when I'm talking to you, I just get a little...[/aside]
Chisame: [aside]a space elevator and everything? seriously?[/aside] // No, no... I'm totally willing to hear you out and all, just... you know? / [aside]you must have really been dying to talk to someone about this, huh?[/aside]
Negi: Still, I guess it's true what you said back then.
Chisame: Hm?
Negi: Don't you remember? You told me I was standing at a "point of no return"...
Flashback!Chisame: I get the feeling if you take one more step in this direction... / ...you might never be able to return to the crazy-but-peaceful life you've always enjoyed back at Mahora Academy. // I can't shake the feeling that this is like a "point of no return".
Flashback!Negi: ......
Flashback!Chisame: So let me ask you one last time... Negi-sensei.
Chisame: Oh, right...

Negi: But I'm happy with my choice. / I'm following in my father's footsteps, and building a new bridge between the two worlds. // That's a task worth devoting my life to.
Chisame: (The point of no return... He's all grown up now. There really is no going back. // It's kind of a bittersweet feeling...)
Negi: ...Oh, yes!! / I almost forgot - I still have to thank you!
Chisame: Hm?
Negi: I could never have made it this far without all the help you gave me. // You have no idea how much your words have supported me... / No thanks can truly be enough for all that you've done.
Chisame: R - Right. You're, uh, welcome. / I get what you're saying.
Negi: No, I don't think you really do. / My gratitude to you is immeasurable. // Please, look into my eyes.
Chisame: Too close!! // Get back - get back, would you?! / It's this kind of thing that's gonna get you stab- hey, quit it! / I swear, if you get any closer...! What's the big idea, huh?! Are you doing this on purpose?! / If it's not on purpose, then seriously -
[TN: second half of this bubble is cut off in the RAW, can't read what's not there]

Negi: Aahh... // Ah... // Ah...
Chisame: Eh...?
Girls: Uwaaahh~! // Aaaahhh~~!
Negi: Oh dear... I'm sorry about that! / Still, it certainly has been a long time since I last accidentally sneezed at someone like that... / ...Huh?
Chisame: Y... You little brat... // WIPE THAT GRIN OFF YOUR FACE~~~~~~!! / I'm completely naked! Your sneeze has actually powered up, for godssakes! / How does a sneeze make you change into your ultimate form, anyway?! That doesn't even make any sense! / Growing up, my ass!! You haven't grown up at all!! There's so much wrong with this I don't know where to start!!
Negi: Eeehhhhhh~~?!
Chisame: Get outta here!! Get away from me!! Get out of my life~~~!!
Negi: Chisame-sa~~~~n!
[Insert text: Never underestimate the fury that lurks within a maiden's heart!♡]

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