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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 644

To Nothing

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 31, 2011 00:14 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 644: To Nothing
From Shipdecks Around The World
Vol 27: Jaya - Southbird ♡ Northbird → Westernbird & Easternbird

People: What's going on up there above the island?! // The truth about Hody?! // Don't stop moving, people!! Keep running!!
DenDenMushi: They have no experience of humanity... / ...no reason or higher purpose behind their actions. // They are driven by blind and empty hatred alone!!!
People: Empty?! // What is Prince Fukaboshi trying to say...?! // Run for it, people!! Can't you see?! // The Noah is already starting to blacken the sky!!

Hody: Jahahah......!! // Hahahahahah!!!
Shirahoshi: !! // Hody-sama has transformed into an even more unsightly form...!!
Luffy: ...............!!
Hody: *pant*... *pant*...

Hody: Jahahahahahahah!!! // *pant*... *pant*...
Flashback!People?: Human beings are an inferior race. // Don't forget this, Hody. // Humans are evil.
Flashback!People: Since the Great Pirate Age began, more people die on this island every day!!! // The humans have gone wild, and they think nothing of kidnapping young mermaids!! // There's nothing left to do!! Fishman Island is surely doomed~~~~~!!!

Flashback!People: He blew up one of those Human Shops up on the surface?!! // Yeah!! He died himself in the process... / ...but he managed to take eight humans with him!! // The whole area was in chaos - there were wounded humans everywhere!! // Praise the hero who killed the humans!! His sacrifice won't be forgotten!! // Let's celebrate!! A toast to the hero!!!
Flashback!Hody: Serves those humans right...
Flashback!Ikaros: What a cool guy-hhi!
Flashback!People: Arlong-san managed to sink a human pirate ship!! // Whoaaaaa~~!!
Flashback!Arlong: This is a holy war!!! / Long ago, those trash known as human beings... // ...looked upon our kind, who had been blessed by the heavens with superior strength... / ...and were filled with envy and fear!

Flashback!Arlong: They chose to persecute us!! / The humans, who rule over the world above like vermin... // ...used their sheer numbers, their only advantage over our kind... / ...to exile us to the ocean floor!! // Curse them with all your hearts...!!!
Flashback!Hachi: Nyuu~~~!!! There's a human man I've known for a long time. His name's Rayleigh. / He's not like most humans - he looks at me without the slightest scorn in his... / Nyuu? Hody...?
Flashback!Hody: I don't like listening to your stories, Hachi-san...!! / They make me feel sick.
Flashback!Hachi: ?!
Flashback!Hody: The humans are all afraid. / They know that one day, the day of judgement will arrive...!! // The day we take our revenge!!!
Flashback!People: Don't forget those who have gone before you! / Remember the suffering they endured!! Carry on their will, and avenge them!!!

Flashback!Someone: It's terrible!!! The hero who freed the slaves, Tiger-san... // ...has been killed by the humans!!!
Flashback!People: What?!!
Flashback!Zeo: So even Tiger was not the true chosen hero...
Flashback!Someone: Who are you people?!! Go away and leave me alone!!
Flashback!Hody: I hear you shared your blood with a human.
Flashback!Someone: So what if I did?! He was about to die if I didn't - // Aaaaaaghhhhh!!!
Flashback!Child: Papa~~~~~!!

Flashback!Hody: The royals running this country are sick in the head. / They want to forgive what the humans have done.
Flashback!Ikaros: Did you hear the news?! Jimbei-san has joined up with the Shichibukai!!
Flashback!Hody: The Arlong Pirates are the only ones who still retain any sense of pride in their race...!!
Flashback!People: Hey, guys!! There's a huge ruckus up on the island!! // Queen Otohime was murdered by a human!!! // ?!! // You see?!! This is what the humans are like!!! // They don't even show any mercy to the Queen, and she was kinder towards them than anyone!!! // If the royals still refuse to take revenge upon the humans after this... // ...then I've lost all respect for the people in charge of this country!!! // This country can go to hell for all I care!!!

Flashback!Hody: Jahahahahahahah!!! The woman who brought shame upon our nation... / ...has been punished by the heavens!!!
Flashback!Dosun: It's only right for human-loving fools like her to die, dosun!!
Flashback!People: ?!
Flashback!Hody: The time for revenge... / ...is now!!! // The heavens have chosen us...granted us the power that we need!!!
Flashback!People: ?!
Flashback!Daruma: Kyahh...!! Can this be...?!
Flashback!Ikaros: Is this that legendary...?!
Flashback!Dosun: How did you get your hands on it, dosun?!!
Flashback!Hody: Can you reproduce it, Zeo?
Flashback!Zeo: I'll see what I can do.
Flashback!Hody: Everyone here in the Fishman District is unhappy with this country. It won't be hard to convince them to join us.

Flashback!Hody: This is a holy war!!! Begin the preparations!!! // We're going to slaughter those humans once and for all!!! // We are the chosen ones!! Chosen to deliver justice!! / To avenge all those who have gone before us!!! // The day of judgement draws near!!!
Hody: Jahahah......!! // Filthy inferior beings!!!
Shirahoshi: !!
Hody: We will lay down our lives in the name of retribution!!!

People: Careful now!! Unlike the bubble around the island, this one will go straight through the ship!! // We have to hit the target dead-on!! It's no good if the bubble flies straight past it!!
Fukaboshi: We were too late...
DenDenMushi: *zzzzt...* / Before we knew it, the Fishman District had drifted beyond our reach... / It had become a den of discontent, deaf to all that we had to say...

People: Flee to the open water~~~~!!
DenDenMushi: *zzzt...* / And as this lawless unrest grew and festered on the ocean floor below us... // We failed to do anything but ignore the danger that it presented...!! / *zzzzt...*
People: Prince Fukaboshi......!!
DenDenMushi: We paid attention only to outward appearances...
Flashback!Fukaboshi: Your signatures!!
People: .........
DenDenMushi: *zzzzzt...* // ...and convinced ourselves that we had moved on...!! / *zzzzztt...*
People: Where do you think you're going?! // You gotta let me go!! The Noah is falling on the island!!!
Flashback!Otohime: I know it must be difficult... / But no matter how much anger and hatred you bear towards these humans... // You must not pass it on to the children...!!
DenDenMushi: *zzzzt...*

Fukaboshi: We were too late to reach our own people!! // This was what my mother feared the most!!!
DenDenMushi: The first danger we should have confronted was the threat that came from within!! // Our mother was killed by the bitter hatred that lurked within Fishman Island itself!!! // I think she may have understood this all along...!!!
Flashback!Otohime: No matter who... is responsible for this... / Please do not feel any anger on my behalf...
DenDenMushi: But somewhere in my heart, I still harboured resentment towards the humans! / *zzzzzt...*
People: Your Highness...!
DenDenMushi: The regrets of the dead belong to the dead. / This hatred is a twisted illusion prolonged by the living!!!

DenDenMushi: I was unable to fully abandon my resentment of the humans, and this led me to overlook the threat that lay within the Fishman District...!!! / *zzzzt...* // By the time we realised our mistake, they had grown too powerful for us to resist!!!
Hachi: Nyuuu.........
DenDenMushi: *zzzzzt...* / At this rate, the hatred that we bear towards the humans will doom us all!!! // *zzt...* / Straw Hat... I beg of you!!!
Luffy: !
Fukaboshi: We have no need for the past!!! // Return it all to nothing!!!

DenDenMushi: Take the darkness that shades our island from the sun's light... // *zzzt...* / ...and destroy it once and for all!!!
People: All right!! It's in the bubble!!
DenDenMushi: *zzzt...* / Use the power you possess...to return Fishman Island... // ...to nothing!!!!
Neptune: .........
Hody: Empty words, Fukaboshi...! Our grudge against the humans will never fade!!!
DenDenMushi: *zzzzt...* / Bro-hoshi!!
People: !
DenDenMushi: If you say I can do whatever I like... then don't worry!!

People: Did you hear?! The ones who're fighting against Hody's crew in Gyoncord Plaza... / ...are the Straw Hat Pirates!! // Boss Jimbei is with them, too!! // What~~~~?! // That's Luffy-chan's voice!! // ...............!!
DenDenMushi: From the moment we set foot in that plaza... / My crew and Jimbei had decided together...
Jimbei: .........
Sanji: .........
DenDenMushi: *zzzt...* / ...that we weren't going to let anybody... / ...harm Fishman Island!! / *zzzt...* // Leave it all to me, Bro-hoshi!
Robin: .........

DenDenMushi: We're friends, right?!!
People: !! / Guys, what are you stopping for?!!
RightMinister: (How could we ever have mistrusted this man......?!!!)
People: ......... // ...I'm gonna stay on the island...!! // Wh... What are you talking about?!! // Me too!! // Me too!! // I'm not going to run!! // Same here!!

Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama, the Noah is surrounded by air!!
Luffy: Yeah!! Cry-hoshi... / You just stay close to me. I won't let you get hurt.
Shirahoshi: A... All right!!
Luffy: I'll finish this up nice and quickly!!!
Hody: I won't let you finish anything!! We have the power granted to us by the heavens!!!
Luffy: Gear Second... Armament! // Gomu Gomu no.........
Hody: This time, I will tear your flesh apart -

Luffy: ...REDHAWK!!!!
Hody: !!!
[Insert text: The power!!]

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