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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 471

Pray For Predators 2

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 5, 2011 23:45 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The past revisited...!!]
Gina: Let go of it, Liluca!!
Liluca: No!! / It's mine! You let go of it, Gina!!
Gina: What are you talking about?! Don't be stupid - / Ow!! // Mu~~~~~~m!! // Liluca took my doll~~~~~~~~!!! // Mu~~~~~~~m!!
[Text: Anything I wanted could be mine. I just had to hide it away.]

Bleach 471
Pray For Predators 2
[Side text: These sad fates to which we must cling...]

[Text: People often speak of when children first "become aware" of the world around them, but it was only recently that I came to understand what that meant. // Since this man always kept saying "Papa" to me, I had long since become familiar with the word... // ...and I understood that he was the person the word referred to. // So, to me... // ...it simply didn't seem particularly important... // ...to prove to him that I could speak the word myself. // Yet as time went by... // ...and I continued not to speak a single word... // My "Papa" and "Mama" locked me away in a "large", "boring" "room" filled with "all kinds of things". // Apparently something about my actions had not lived up to their expectations.]

[Text: Among the people of the Kutsuzawa household... // ...it was known as the "Watch of Good Fortune". // Both my grandfather and my great-grandfather had kept it close by them at all times... // ...and as a result, they had survived the terrors of war, lived through accidents, and reached the end of their lives in peace. // Though the Kutsuzawa household was plagued by a number of fires... // Even then, my grandfather and great grandfather never suffered the slightest burn. // As my father died young of an illness... // ...it was at an early age that the watch was passed down to me. // And it soon became clear to me that the watch did indeed bring good fortune. // In times of need, I would pray to the watch, and my wishes were always granted. // This precious watch... // ...became my own personal concept of "God".]

[Text: The first present I ever received... // ...was a pair of large, shiny boots. // They were clearly adult-sized, and the quality of the leather was far beyond anything my father should be able to afford. I knew at once that they must be stolen goods. // But the gift made me so happy, I pretended not to notice. // I wore the boots every day, being extra careful not to get any dirt on them... // ...and I would spend my evenings polishing them until they shined like new. // The one thought that scared me more than anything... // ...was that someday, my feet might grow loo large to wear them.]

[Text: As the decades passed, I began to think of the watch's power as my own. // I found myself longing to test just how much this power was truly capable of. // As an experiment, I resolved to "kill a person without lifting a finger". // I tried to kill my wife simply by staring at her. // My experiment was a success. // Though I had not poisoned or harmed her in any way, my wife began to grow weaker and weaker, ultimately passing away. // But I made one terrible mistake. // Just as my wife drew her final breath, I felt my resolve waver. I found myself wishing for her survival. // In that instant, I lost the use of my right eye. // I realised then that these were not "prayers" that my God was granting me... // ...but binding "contracts".]

[Text: When I got home from work... // ...they were all dead. // I found out later that this had happened because my father... // ...had been illegally distributing goods. // The boots that I had always kept so clean... // ...were stained with my little brother's blood. // It was a short while afterwards... / ...that my ability first manifested.]

Yukio: Yes, Mama. / I understand. // Thank you, Papa. / I'll do that.
Father: ...Are you talking to yourself again? / Yukio. // Why do you speak when you are alone, but never to us?
Yukio: (You must be thinking that I'm not the child you wanted me to be. // But if you look at it the other way, you'd understand that maybe you're not the parents I wanted you to be either. // This kind of thing never occurs to adults, because they don't see children as equals.)

[Text: When I was about five years old, I started to properly realise that my ability... // ...was a special power that only I possessed. // At six years old, I felt invincible. // At seven years old, // I had my first crush. // It was a guy who had just moved into the neighbourhood. // He wasn't exactly refined, but his voice was kind. // He was the kind of guy who would always run over to help a person in need. // I hid him away, of course. It seemed only natural. // I brought him sweets every day, and we ate them together. // Just thinking that he would be mine alone made my heart go all aflutter. // But somehow... // ...that wasn't how it worked out.]

[Text: After I hid him away in my treasure-box... // ...he started to look at me with fear in his eyes. // I couldn't stand to see him look at me like that, so I set him free. // I didn't even stop to think what might happen... // ...if he told other people about my ability.]

Liluca: "Survival of the fittest" is just a pretty lie that they tell you. // A lie to make weak people believe that if they try their best, they can come out on top. // Truth is, it isn't the weak that get eaten. / It's not about strength, it's about numbers. // The ones who stand at the top of the food chain... // ...are the brainless dolts. / The loudmouths. / Because there are so, so many of them. // You know it's true. Everybody does. // You all just turn a blind eye and pretend not to notice. // That's who we were. / The ones who got eaten.

Liluca: The woman who couldn't even protect her own family, and lost all sense of self-worth. // The boy who was abandoned so completely... // ...he never learned how to love, or to use his power responsibly. // The guy who got so used to his power... // ...he lost sight of reality and got caught up in delusions of divinity. // The idiot who used her power wrong... / ...and ended up alone in the world. // But then Ginjou found us all, and this is what he told us.
Ginjou: You think just because you're outnumbered, you should curl up and die? // Try using your brain and think for a moment!

Ginjou: All throughout history... / Be it royals or samurai or whatever... / This world has always been ruled by minorities! // You're not the ones in the wrong. // It's this world that's become too lenient towards idiots. // It's time we changed all that. // This time, we're gonna be the ones at the top of the food chain.

Lilucla: That's why we're.........

Rukia: Some no Mai... // Tsukishiro.
Liluca: Ughh!!
Rukia: ...Let me speak honestly. / I do not find it difficult to understand how you must feel. // However...

Rukia: That is not reason enough... // ...for me to abandon my comrades! // Just as you are fighting for your comrades... // ...so I must fight together with mine.
Liluca: Were you even listening to what I said?! // I just told you we were all alone in the world, remember?!!
Rukia: Do not struggle. // If I use Tsukishiro once more, your entire body will be frozen solid.
Liluca: I'm pretty sure I already told you... // ...you think too much of yourself!!

Liluca: Atchoo!!!
Rukia: ?! / What just...?! // How did I escape from the plushie...?!

Rukia: ...Wha...

Liluca: ...Sorry 'bout this. / Honestly... / I didn't want to have to use this ability if I could avoid it, but...
Rukia: ...Nnhh... // Ughhh......
[Side text: A fatal error!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, what strategy will Byakuya use against Tsukishima...?!]

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#1. by m68k ()
Posted on Nov 6, 2011
Mangastream's translation this week really sucked, so thanks a lot for this - definitely makes a lot more sense. Just a small typo on Page 12 though; you have "lost all sense of sense of self-worth" (the "sense of" is repeated).
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