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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 647

Stop Right There

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 29, 2011 00:36 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 647: Stop Right There
From Shipdecks Across The World
Vol. 30: Skypiea - Laki and Conis' Pumpkin Cafe Specialty: Pumpkin Ramen

[Insert text: Their new overwhelming power, displayed for all to see!!]
Cronies: Aaaaaaghhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~!!! // All our incredible leaders...!!
RightMinister: ......!! They barely even stood a chance... // Such strength!!!
People: Look out above!! Everybody run for it~~~~~~~~~~!!!

People: WADATSUMI'S FALLING BACK DOWN~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Jimbei: Just as I might expect of Luffy-kun's crewmates...
Zoro: Kick him a bit further next time, dumbass chef.
Sanji: Shaddup!! You want me to drop him on your head this time?!!
Chopper: You're pretty amazing, Sanji...
Usopp: FRANKY~~~~!! Your beam was the AWESOMEST~~~~~!!
Franky: Chopper, shrink yourself down a bit, would you? / You're making my giant robot look small!!
Robin: Was that robot actually good for anything?
Brook: Nami-san, would you care to wear a miniskirt?
Nami: No thanks.

People: !!!! // The Noah is almost here!!! // Aaaaaaghhhh~~~!! // Aaaaaahhhhhh~~~~!!!
Shirley: ...............!!
People: Run for it!! We can't get trapped in this plaza!! // Those crazy leaders are all out for the count!! Let's get outta here~~~~~!! // The whole island's gonna be crushed~~~~~!!! // Is it too late for us all?!! // Was it too much for even you?!! Straw Hat!!! // STRAW HAT~~~~~~~~!!!

BorderGuard: Luffy-san!!

People: If he can really destroy the Noah, this island will be saved...... // But if he doesn't make it...
Nami: ..................
People: Fishman Island will be destroyed!!! // Don't give in, Straw Hat!! // We're staying right here where we are~~!! // We won't run when a human like you is fighting for us~~~!!!
Kids: Go for it, big bro Straw Hat~~~!!!
RightMinister: Fishman Island is in your hands!! // Straw Hat......!!!
People: Don't give in, Straw Hat~~~~~~~!!! // We all believe in you!!!

People: Straw Hat!!! // Straw Hat!!! // Straw Hat!!! // Straw Hat!!! // Straw Hat!! // Straw Hat!! // Straw Hat!! // Stop right there, Noah~~~~~~~~~~!!! // Stop right there!!! // Stop right there~~~~!!!
Luffy: Stop right there, stupid ship~~~~~!!! / *pant* // *pant* / *pant*
People: Straw Hat!!! // Straw Hat~~~~~~!!! // Straw Hat!!! // Straw Hat!!!
Fukaboshi: The Noah must be destroyed...!! I'm sorry, Father... This is the only way...
Neptune: (Though it pains me to accept this, the safety of my people must come first... // I must apologise... It seems that the promise can no longer be fulfilled... Joyboy...)

SeaKings: STOP!!!
Luffy: Ahh!!! // ?!! // *pant* // *pant* // WHO'S THERE?!!!!
Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama!! Please, you must stop...! // Luffy-sama!!
Luffy: !

Shirahoshi: You must stop this at once!!!
Luffy: ?!!! // Cry-hoshi!!! Get out of the way!!! If I don't destroy this ship, the island will be - !!!!
Shirahoshi: Aaahhhh!! / No!! You don't have to do this!!!
Luffy: Of course I do!!! What about all the people down there?!!!
Shirahoshi: The Noah...
Luffy: ?!!

Shirahoshi: ...has already stopped......!!!
Luffy: ?!!! // *pant* // ? // *pant* // The Sea Kings!! But how...?! / *pant*
Shirahoshi: Uwaaaaa~~~~hhh!! Luffy-sama got angry with me...!!
Luffy: Hey!! / This isn't the time for crying!!
Shirahoshi: ...I don't really understand it myself... // ...But... // The Noah is no longer falling......

Luffy: *pant* // *pant*
Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama......!! Your wounds are wide open... You're covered in blood!
Luffy: *pant* // !
Shirahoshi: Aahhh...
Luffy: *pant* // *pant*...... / ...All... All right then... I guess the ship has stopped... // As long as everyone's...... // ...okay...
Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama!!
SeaKings: ...Well, damn... That's quite some human... // A strong human indeed...
Shirahoshi: ?!
SeaKings: If we had arrived any later, the island may have been saved... / ...but the Noah would have been shattered beyond repair...!!

SeaKings: Thank goodness we made it. / Thank goodness Princess Shirahoshi... / ...called us all here in time...
Shirahoshi: ......?! What...?!! I didn't do anything...! // I was just so sad...!!
SeaKings: But you did. You got caught up in the Straw Hat boy's powerful emotions... and you made a wish.
BorderGuard: What in the world...?! // What's going on......?!! / The Sea Kings have stopped the ship!!
SeaKings: You wished that, just as he protects the island... / ...you could have the strength to come to his aid. // Our power is your power. / We answered your call... and lent him our strength.

BorderGuard: I... / I really don't know how to explain what just happened......!!! / But one thing is for sure...... // The Noah is stopped!!!
People: !!!
BorderGuard: The Noah has not been destroyed!!!
Neptune: ..................
BorderGuard: But Fishman Island is safe!!!!
[Insert text: It's all finally over!!]

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#1. by BenRRR ()
Posted on Dec 1, 2011
Hi nice work btw

I would like to tell that after reading chapter 648 and rereading 647, it seems that in page 12 the ones who say "STOP" are the SeaKings

And it makes sense since Luffy asks next "WHO'S THERE?"

keep up the good job ;)
#2. by cnet128 (MH's Best Translator)
Posted on Dec 7, 2011
Good point, that is clearly a Sea King voice. And it makes more sense now! =D
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