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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 659

A Situation With My Body

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Mar 13, 2012 19:17 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 659: A Situation With My Body
From Shipdecks Around The World
Vol 41: The Shabondy Archipelago - Slave Trader Disco Has Come Down In The World

[Insert text: The remnants of a mighty battle!!]
People: Whoahh!! // It erupted...!!! // Visiting this island... / ...makes me feel like I'm being glared at by Akainu and Aokiji... // *shudder*~~!! Ahhhhh... I don't like it one bit...!! // Fire! // !!!

People: ...............!! // .................. // ......Ahh... // There really was a river on the other side of that giant mass of ice!!! // How did you know there'd be a river there, Smoke-yan?!!
Smoker: You'd have seen it too if you paid a little more attention to the currents. // But the issue isn't why there was a river here. / The issue is whether that mass of ice sealing off the entrance was natural... / ...or placed there on purpose.
People: You're not actually trying to say... // ...you think someone might be living on this gas-covered island?! That's crazy... You'd have to wear a mask day in, day out!!

Tashigi: The voice we intercepted said the name of this island, that much is certain.
People: You probably heard wrong, Tashigi-chan! I mean, think about it! / A Den-Den Mushi wouldn't survive here! // Ahahahah! True, that!!
Tashigi: If you have time to stand around laughing, then make yourselves busy breaking through the next wall of ice.
People: ? // Aghhhh!!! The hell is this?!!! // Another wall of ice is floating right this way~~~~!!! // Fire all cannons~~~~!!! // Even a Marine battleship will sink if that thing comes crashing into it!!!

[Box: Punk Hazard, Burning Side / Luffy's Team]
Luffy: The wind is crazy strong!!
Usopp: Look over on the other side!! It's a proper blizzard!!!
Robin: That's only natural. Such an extreme difference in temperature in such a small area... / ...is bound to create powerful air currents.
Usopp: How are we meant to cross this great lake, anyway?! / Half of it's on fire, and the other half's covered in huge blocks of ice!!
Zoro: The change in temperature could do us good after all this sweating. I say we swim.
Usopp: Like hell we do!!
Luffy: Robin and me can't swim, so...
Usopp: You'd better not be thinking we should ferry you on our backs!!! // ......!! Well, if we've got to get over to the other side no matter what, there's nothing else for it!! // Out of the way, guys!

Usopp: Hissatsu: Midoriboshi!! // Boaty Banana!! // Fan-Grass!!
Luffy: Whoaaa~~!! It made a boat~~~~!!
Zoro: Huh... Not bad going, Usopp!
Usopp: And we can use this "Fan-Grass" as oars!
Robin: You have so many different kinds of seed. How wonderful!
Usopp: ! // I spent plenty of time in the Boin Archipelago. The place is like a treasure trove of crazy plants!! // The further I ventured into the depths of the most dangerous islands... / ...the more useful the plants I managed to find! // Why, after surviving two whole years of my life on those islands, there's no challenge in the world that could...
Luffy: Hurry up, Usopp, we're leaving!!

Luffy: And off we go~~~~~!!!
Usopp: You could try rowing!!
Luffy: To the land of snow cones!!!
Zoro: The water is literally boiling...
Usopp: The wind is so strong!! And it's a headwind, to boot!! // *pant*... *pant*......!!!
Centaur: HOLD IT, YOU RUFFIANS~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ?! // Ahh!!
Usopp: A great big rock!! That's dangerous!!!
Zoro: It's that centaur from before!!

Luffy: Hey~~~!! Have you decided you want to join my crew after all~~~?!!
Usopp: You really need to stop trying to recruit every freakish creature you meet!!!
Robin: Ahaha...
Luffy: ? // A horn...
Centaur: BOSS~~~~~~~~~~~!!! The intruders are headed your way!!! / Take them out for me~~~~!!!
Usopp: ......"Boss"...?!
Flashback!DenDenMushi: It's cold... So cold... Is that you, Boss...?!!

Robin: I can see something up ahead... // On the opposite shore...
Usopp: !! // Is that... // ...their "boss"...?! // Then... does that mean the distress signal we heard was meant for this guy...?! / If it was, they've got some nerve attacking us after we came to help!!!
Zoro: ...............!
Boss: I see one of them wields a katana. // He must be the "samurai" who attacked our comrades...

[Box: Punk Hazard, Ice Side - Inside the former research institute of Dr. Vegapunk / Nami's Team]
Chopper: Hiyahhh~~! / Hoyahhh~~! // This way, children~~~~!! / If you want to escape, run as fast as you can~~~~!!
Nami: You're certainly full of energy, Chopper!
Chopper: Sanji entrusted me with protecting you all!! Hwayahhhhh~~!! // When I've got a job to do, I don't do it by halves! Hayaahhhhh~~!!
Nami: But where are we actually running to...?
Chopper: I'd appreciate it if you could figure out that part!! Hooyahhhh~~~!!
[Box: The Biscuit Room / Sanji's Team]
Franky: Weapons Left!!!

Pursuers: Whoaaaaaaaa!!
Franky: Ahahahahah!! SU~~~~PER~~~~~!!!
Pursuers: Ngh... // That man's whole body is covered in weaponry! He must be the one who broke down the door!! // Switch to poison gas grenades!! The children aren't here any more!!! // It's time to gas the lot of 'em!!! // Nguerhh...
Sanji: Then why don't you take off your masks... // ...and join in the gassy fun, eh?!!

Pursuers: Guaaaaahhhhhh!!
Sanji: Hah! Hah! Hahh!!
Pursuers: Our air-tanks and masks are out of action!! // Don't fire the gas grenades!!!
Sanji: Huh?! // What are these people... / Sheep?!
Samurai: Unnnn...ghhhhhh...!!!
Franky: Hm? // What are you playing at...?
Samurai: *pant*... *pant*... // Who is this person...?! He is not easily defeated......!!
Franky: Seriously, what are you talking about?
Samurai: Oh, it's nothing...!! // Just a little situation with my body...!!!
Franky: Huh?!

[Box: Punk Hazard, Ice Side / Outside the former research institute of Dr. Vegapunk - Brook's Team]
Brook: Ahhhh!! Hold on!! What is this?!! What happened to your head and legs?! What's going on?!! // Who in the world are you?!! // This is quite terrifying!! Could you please say something?!!! // Are you a ghost?! In broad daylight?!! // I only came onto the island to make a snowman or two while I wait!!

Brook: !! // Scary~~~!! Too strong, and too scary~~~~~~~~!!! // Nnnnghhhhh~~~!! // Aubade: Coup Droit!!!

Brook: Ahhhhh~~~!! He uses two swords!! // ......Oh, for heaven's sake!! // Why are you even attacking me?!! // I would really quite like you to stop~~~~!!! // This is too scary, and too creepy~~~~~~~~~!!!

[Box: Punk Hazard, Research Laboratory]
Pursuer: Master, regarding the status of the battleship... // ...it seems to be obliterating the ice walls with its cannons, and proceeding slowly but surely inland...!!
Master: Do they have some kind of knowledge of what lies ahead...? What drives them to so stubbornly approach this island?!!
Pursuer: Eventually, they will reach this facility!! / The ship is captained by Vice-Admiral Smoker of G-5!
Master: Of all the men to stumble upon this place, why did it have to be him...? / Conceal all the ships at the main entrance...!!!
Pursuer: How should we proceed...?
Master: Nobody is supposed to be in this place... / Make sure you aren't seen. I won't be able to leave, either.
Pursuer: ......You mean......
Master: .........

[BubbleSFX: BZZZZZT!!]
People: I can't believe it... There really isn't any gas to be seen... // Where did all the gas back at the entrance come from...?!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZZZT!!]
Smoker: From somebody who'd rather we didn't hang around, I'll wager.
People: Who the heck is living in this place?!! Hey!! Show yourselves~~~~~!!! // This door won't hold up for long if we hit it with the cannons!! / Let's take it down, Smoker-san!! Heheh!!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZZZT!!]
People: We don't have to stand around here pressing the buzzer all day!! Nobody's going to answer, they're too scared!! // This island is off limits, you criminals!!! // Whoever's in there, you're all under arrest!!! Get out here!!! // Ah... It opened. // Decided to come quietly, eh?!! Good choice!! Surrender to the Marines!!! // !!!

[Box: World Government Privateer / "Royal Shichibukai" / Trafalgar Law // Former Bounty / 440 Million Beli]
Law: What business do you have... at my villa? // White Hunter...
People: Aaaghhhhhhhh!!!

People: TRAFALGAR LAW~~~~~~~~~~!!!! // WHAT'S A SHICHIBUKAI DOING IN A PLACE LIKE THIS~~~~~?!!! // We oughtta leave quick, Smoker-san!!! / We don't want to get involved with this guy!!! // This guy's a monster!!! He delivered the hearts of a hundred pirates to Marine HQ in exchange for his Shichibukai title!!! / That's so creepy!!!
Tashigi: .........
Smoker: This island is off-limits to everyone, friend of the Government or otherwise... Law.
Law: Then I guess that would include you, too...am I right?
[Insert text: Why is this man here...?!]

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#1. by mugiwara4343 ()
Posted on Mar 15, 2012
Hello Cnet ... Thx for the translations :) In page 6 I think its Robin saying "You have so many different kinds of seed. How wonderful!" not Usopp can you check once?
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