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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Bleach 488

Bond Behind Blast

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 17, 2012 18:50 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Former enemies, but now...?!]
Apacci: Ehhhhh?! // Who the hell'd you just say you're gonna murder, gorilla woman?!!!
MilaRose: Who the hell else would I be talking about but you, monkey girl?!!!
SungSun: ...As you can see...

SungSun: My two primate companions seem to be busy with their own little argument, so I will take care of you myself. // Mr. Captain.
Apacci/MilaRose: SUNGSUN, YOU LITTLE...!!!

Bleach 488
Bond Behind Blast
[Side text: The sound of an explosion rips through the air...]
Ichigo: ?!

Ichigo: What was that? / It sounds like someone's getting things started without us...
Nel: That'th the reiatsu of the Treth Bethtia!!
Ichigo: Whaaaaa?! // Nel?!! Since when have you been there?!
Nel: Whatever are you talking about, Itsygo?!! // Itsygo's back ith for Nel to protect...!
Ichigo: Okay, okay, just hang on and try not to get hurt. // So? / Who are these Tres whatever?
Nel: The Treth Bethtia! / It meanth "three beathts"!

Nel: They're the three Fraccion that directly therve under Harribel-thama! / They're thuper-thtrong and thuper-thcary! // And wortht of all, they're so beathtly that they're alwayth fighting viciouthly even among each other! They're too crazy for wordth!! // If they're here now, the enemy forceth might ath well be dethtroyed already............! // Aahhhhh, I'm tho thcared, Itsygoooooo!!
Ichigo: Guooohhhhhhhh! // I can't see where I'm going, you idiot!!!
Nel: Oh noeth~~~~~!!
Orihime: ...Er... / ...Isn't Kurosaki-kun going to get spotted for sure if he keeps shouting like that...?
Chad: ...............
Apacci: HuaaaatCHOOO!!

Apacci: Where did that come from?! Were you just talking about me, Mila Rose?!
MilaRose: Ehhh?! // What are you, stupid?! / You oughtta be able to see I wasn't saying a damn word! // Is there something wrong with your ears?!
SungSun: Come on, you two! // How long do you intend to keep arguing? / If all you're going to do is get in the way, then why don't you go and do it somewhere else?!
Guards: Wha... // What the heck are these people...?

Guards: C... / Captain! // These people are outrageously strong!! // Please... / Order a temporary retreat!! // Urghhh!
Opie: Allow me to offer you... // ...one piece of advice. // Surrender immediately.

Apacci: ...Ehh?
Opie: You have remarkable strength. / Quite wonderful strength, in fact! / You could become highly valuable assets in His Majesty our King's forces. // Which is why I would very much prefer... / ...to have you surrender rather than having to kill you! // Come, now... / Surrender, and become our allies! // If you do, then you will be able to join your beloved Tier Harribel... / ...in serving His Majesty's needs! // There can be... / ...no greater happiness than this... // ...for any of you, now or ever!!!

SungSun: Would you refrain from taking us lightly?
Opie: Oh, dear. / Does this mean a breakdown of negotiations? // How very disappointing.

Akon: This concludes... // ...my full report of the recent rebel army invasion incident.
Mayuri: Very good... / Akon. // You may stand down.
Akon: Yes, sir.
Mayuri: Now, then...

Mayuri: Our little band of invading ryoga... / Well, we seem to be calling them the "rebel army"... // ...and they refer to themselves as the "Wandenreich", yes? Either way, their invasion and the recent Hollow disappearance incidents are quite clearly connected. // I'm sure all our clever Captains have worked this out by now, but... // Their true identity... // ...is the Quincy.

Mayuri: I don't presume to know how they survived... / ...or how they managed to build up their forces to this level... / ...but there are two points of which we must take careful note. Firstly, that they have some means of bypassing the barrier around Seireitei. // And secondly, that if we are to believe the dying words of Lieutenant Sasakibe, they have some means of either sealing or otherwise neutralising a Shinigami's bankai, which -
Yamamoto: That's enough. // I think we have done quite enough sharing of information. // The only thing I want from you now...

Yamamoto: ...is the location... // ...of their stronghold.
Mayuri: That, I am afraid... // ...I have yet to determine.
Yamamoto: ...I see. / Then we have no means of launching an offensive. // ...Captains of the Gotei 13... // Your orders are to prepare for battle.

Yamamoto: The vanguard of the rebel army declared that the battle would take place in five days' time... // ...but we cannot take these villains at their word. They could easily be planning a surprise attack. // Make all necessary preparations for battle without a moment's delay! // We will not allow these rebels to catch us unprepared a second time!

Ichigo: Whoaa?! / That explosion just now was a big one!
Nel: It'th jutht like I told you! / The Treth Bethtia are monthtrouthly thtrong! // There'th no point trying to help them! You'd jutht get in their way! // I won't blame you if you go back now, it'th the betht dethision!
Ichigo: ......... // !!

[no text just the least surprising outcome ever]

Opie: ......Oh, my. / Next up is a Shinigami? // I certainly have a lot of visitors today.
[Side text: Quincy VS Acting Shinigami?!]

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#1. by m68k ()
Posted on May 18, 2012
Lol least surprising outcome ever.
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