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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Bleach 488

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Apr 16, 2012 07:57 | Go to Bleach

-> RTS Page for Bleach 488

*Only for MS.

tl by molokidan

A: What was that?
A: Who did you just say you were going to kill, you damn gorilla?!
F: Who else would I be talking to you? Damn right I'm gonna kill you, you fuckin' monkey!!!
S: --as you can see

S: those two monkeys are too busy fighting each other, so I be your opponent,
S: Mr. Captain.
A&F: Damn you, Sung-Sun!!!

I: !?
side: An explosion that rocks the atmosphere

I(2b): Huh? Looks like the fighting's already started over there...
N: That's the reiatsus of the Tres Bestia!!
I: Uooohhhh?!
I: Hey, Nell!! When did you get there?!
N: What are you saying, Ichigo?!
N: I'll watch your back...got it?!
I: ...fine, fine, just hang on tight so you don't get hurt.
I(2b): So, anyway? What was it? The Tres something?
N(2b): The Tres Bestia! It means "The three beasts!"

N(2b): The three Fraccion who report directly to Halibel-sama...they're suuuuper strong, and suuuuper scary!
N: And they always try to take each other's lives, like beasts who prey on each other! They're three insane monsters...!
N: If they're here, that enemy army is as good as dead...!
N: Uooooohhh, so scaryyyyyy, Ichigooooo!!
I: Uoooooohhhhh
I: I can't see anything, you idiot!!!
N: Whoops, sorry!!
O(2b): ...Kurosaki-kun...if he keeps making so much noise they're going to find him...
A: Buekkshoeeeehh!!!

A: Hey, are you spreading rumors about me?! Mila Rose!
F: Huh?!
F(2b): Are you retarded?! I didn't say a single thing!
F: What, are your ears rotting?
S: Hey!
S(2b): How long are you two going to keep fighting?! If you're just going to keep getting in the way, then could you please leave?!
N: Wha...
N: What are they...

N: C...Captain!
N: They're incredibly strong!!
N: P...please, send a temporary order of retreat!!
N: Obh
C: ...let me give you
C: one word of advice.
C: Give up.

A: ...huh?
C(2b): You're strong. Amazingly strong!
C: You would become fine pawns for our leader.
C(2b): Therefore, I do not want to kill you. I strongly encourage you to turn yourselves in!
C(2b): Now. Come and join our ranks!
C(2b): Do so, and you can fight for our leader along with Tia Halibel, the woman you so respect!
C(2b): For now, and for your futures,
C: There is no option that could bring more happiness!!!

A: Who do you think you're fucking with, four-eyes?!
S: Can you at least take us seriously?
C(2b): Hm. Is this to say my negotiations failed?
C: Truly regretful.

A: --that concludes
A: the detailed report about the foreign army invasion.
M(2b): Good job, Akon.
M: You may step down.
M: ...now then.

M(2b): The invaders this time -- we've been calling them the "foreign army"...
M: They call themselves Vandenreich. We believe their invasion is connected to the recent hollow disappearance.
M: I think the wise Captains among us have already determined the truth here--
M: That army is an army
M: of Quincies.

M(3b): How they survived, or how they increased their numbers is beyond me. What we need to concern ourselves with is the fact that they can somehow pass through the Soul Shield membrane.
M: And according to Vice Captain Sasakibe's last words, they can seal Bankai...or perhaps possess technology capable of nullifying them.
Y: That's enough.
Y: We've shared enough information.
Y: What I want from you is beyond that.

Y: I want to know
Y: where their stronghold lies.
M: ...unfortunately,
M: we still haven't...
Y(2b): ...I see. Then we have no way to attack them from here.
Y: ...I hereby order all Captains
Y: to prepare for war.

Y: The vanguard of the army said that the "war will begin in five days."
Y: But we have no reason to believe the words of cunning and wily miscreants who would launch such a sudden attack.
Y: Dedicate 100% of your energy to war preparations.
Y: Do not let them ever take the initiative again!

I(2b): Woah?! That explosion was a big one!
N(2b): I told you, remember?! The Tres Bestia are as strong as ogres!
N: You'll just drag them down if you go there!
N: It's alright, I won't make fun of you! Let's just turn back!
I: ...
I: !!

no text

side: A Quincy vs. the Shinigami Representative?!
C(2b): ...oh my. What do we have this time, a Shinigami?
C: We're really getting our share of guests today.

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