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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 665


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on May 17, 2012 18:53 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 665: Candy
From Shipdecks Around The World
Vol 45: Impel Down - The Most Reliable Man In Hell, New Vice-Chief Warden Magellan

[Insert text: The crew's bodies are still all jumbled up!!]
Franky!Chopper: Whoaaaa!! I suddenly got all big and fluffy!!
Chopper!Sanji: That's called "Guard Point". I can transform into six different forms just by picturing them.
Franky!Chopper: That's a pretty unstable body you've got!!
Chopper!Sanji: You just have to get used to it!
Sanji!Nami: What did you say?! / The samurai went outside?!!
Brook: Indeed. // After I mentioned a short while ago that I had met a person who was only a torso... / ...he questioned me on the details of where this had happened. // And then he ran off into the snow...!!
Sanji!Nami: Ughhh!! I knew it was too quiet around here...!!! I should have paid more attention!!
Brook: Is there some kind of problem......?
Sanji!Nami: I'm the one who dragged him out of that place when he was just a head who couldn't even move. / When you do a thing like that, you take on a certain amount of responsibility!! If that idiot gets himself killed now, it'll be my fault...!!

Brook: ...I see, I see. He may be a samurai, but without his torso to wield a sword... / ...He has no way to defend himself short of fleeing. // Then do you intend to...go after him?
Sanji!Nami: I swear, when I find him... // Luffy!! I need to go off somewhere for a bit. Is that all right?!
Luffy: Sure, go ahead!!
Brook: In that case, I will guide you to the location in question. By the by, would you care to show me your panties?
Sanji!Nami: Sure, why not! In fact, we should take this opportunity to find a camera and -
Nami!Franky: HOLD ON A MINUTE~~~~!!!
Flashback!Nami!Franky: Zoro!! You go along with them. // (As long as Zoro's around, Sanji-kun will spend the whole time arguing with him...)
Zoro: So tell me again, why do I have to go and hunt for that farting samurai just because you've been a prize idiot?!!
Sanji!Nami: Well, it sure ain't because I want you around!!! To think that I'm stuck with the one idiot I can't even share this happiness with!!!
Brook: Alas, I was brutally punched... Were my bones shattered, you ask? / No... // All that was shattered was my dreams of seeing panties...!

Usopp: So, let's figure out what we're going to do next.
Nami!Franky: Our priority has to be changing ourselves back to normal!! / I can't stand being this perverse freak any longer!!
Franky!Chopper: Aw, c'mon, no need to compliment me that much~~~!♡
Robin: Please don't make that face as Chopper. ...Ever again.
Franky!Chopper: The only problem is those kids. Dealing with them ain't gonna be easy, y'know?
Robin: Franky, I don't think you should speak at all in that body. // Ever again.
Chopper!Sanji: I have the results...!! // But... / This is...!!!
Kids: Are we really sick? Tell us, raccoon guy!
Shindo: ......!!! Urghhh...
Kids: Shindo!! What's wrong?! // Are you feeling cold?!!
Chopper!Sanji: !

Shindo: It hurts... Urghhh...
Kids: Shindo!! Are you okay?!!
Luffy: Hey, Chopper, it looks like he's hurt!! Help him out!!
Chopper!Sanji: ..................
Franky!Chopper: Whoa, whoa, what's going on?
Chopper!Sanji: ..................
Kids: Mocha...!! // Uunhhhh...!! // Aaarghhh...!! // Doran, too?!!
Nami!Franky: What's wrong with them all?!!
Franky!Chopper: The big kids are all collapsing one after another...?!!
Luffy: What's going on?
Nami!Franky: Chopper, you just examined them, didn't you?! Do these children really have some kind of illness?!!
Chopper!Sanji: ......No.
Nami!Franky: ?

Chopper!Sanji: Is there something you want about now? / What do you usually do around this time?
Shindo: ? // *pant*... // ......Usually.........? / We have our examination...and then...they give us some candy...
Chopper!Sanji: Candy?
Kids: Uh-huh, it's all fizzy and smoke comes out of it. / It's really funny, and really tasty.
Shindo: Yeah... When I eat that......!! // ......Uerghhh......!! / *pant*... *pant*...
Chopper!Sanji: .........
Kids: When I eat that, it always makes me feel really happy...!! / If I had some, I might feel better...!!!
Chopper!Sanji: ..................

Chopper!Sanji: Brownbeard! That's your name, right? / What do you know about this?!! These children don't have a disease at all!!
Brownbeard: ? / What are you talking about? Our job is to patrol outside, so I don't know much about what happens inside the lab... / ...but those kids are all horribly ill!! // Our merciful Master went out of his way to gather them from their island homes... / ...so that he could treat them with his own special techniques and medicine!! / He's a tender-hearted scientist!!!
Kids: Urghh... *cough*...!! // Ally, you too?! Are you okay?!!
Brownbeard: You see?! This proves it!! As soon as you take them away from the lab...
Chopper!Sanji: .........
Brownbeard: ...the kids are collapsing in pain because they haven't had their treatment!!!

Chopper!Sanji: YOU'RE WRONG!!!
Nami!Franky: Chopper, what's wrong?! Did you figure something out?!!
Chopper!Sanji: ......!! // NHC-10. That's what I found from examining these children. // Only trace amounts, but it's definitely there. // This is a stimulant drug!!!
People: ?!!
Chopper!Sanji: Only a very select number of doctors in a select few countries are even permitted to possess this stuff!! / Doctorine used to have some, so I know all about it. // It can legitimately be used to treat some illnesses, but only in the smallest of doses. / It's never acceptable to exceed the maximum dose, because the drug can become highly addictive!!

Chopper!Sanji: These children have been taking the same drug every day for a long period of time... They've reached the chronic addiction phase!! / Their bodies are seeking their next dose to escape from the pain!!! // Why?!! Why would anyone do this to innocent children?!!! // Just to stop them from escaping the lab?!! // What is your so-called "saviour"... / ...really doing with these children?!!!
Brownbeard: You'd better not be trying to insult our Master...!!!
Luffy: Chopper, what do we do?! They're all collapsing in pain!! / Do they need the candy?! Should I go back to that building and see if I can get some?!!
Chopper!Sanji: NO!!! We mustn't let them so much as taste that "candy" ever again!!! / The people in that lab have been using it to feed these children dangerous drugs!!!

Shindo: Straw Hat guy... Are you gonna bring us the candy...?
Luffy: Hm? ......No!! I can't. / If Chopper says it's bad, then it must be bad!! He's our ship's doctor!! We have to trust him!!
Shindo: Why...?
Luffy: ?! // Huh?
Kids: Ahhhh...!! Shindo, what's wrong?!! / You're scaring us...!!
Shindo: Didn't you just say you'd go and get it?!!! // *pant* // *pant*
Luffy: ...............?! // Huh?

Luffy: Aaaghhhh~~~~~!!!
Nami!Franky: Luffy!!!
Robin: Where is that strength coming from?!!
Luffy: Ughh...
Kids: Aaaaahhhhh......!! // Shindo, stop~~~~~!! // I've never seen Shindo act like this before!!
Usopp: I guess even young giants must still be pretty strong!!
Franky!Chopper: Yeah, but this strong?!

Kids: Shindo isn't a giant!!
Nami!Franky: Huh?!
Kids: None of the big kids are giants! When we first arrived on this island... / ...all of use were normal sized!!
Chopper!Sanji: ..................
Kids: I thought we had a disease that makes us grow! Isn't that right?! There's nothing else wrong with us! // The kids who've been here the longest are always the biggest...!!
Chopper!Sanji: That's ridiculous!! There's no disease that would make ordinary humans grow to the size of giants!! / People with giant bodies are extra large to begin with!! / ...But then...
Franky!Chopper: The other kids are starting to act crazy too...!!
Chopper!Sanji: Their pituitary glands are releasing hormones at an accelerated rate... But that wouldn't happen naturally... / Which means that these children are being...experimented on...!!! ......!!! // What is that "Master" of theirs trying to achieve...?!!! // How dare he control these children with his drugs......?!!!
Luffy: Shall I take care of them?!!
Usopp: No, Luffy!! Get out of the way!!!
Nami!Franky: Usopp! Don't hurt them!!
Usopp: You don't have to tell me that, idiot!!! / Hissatsu!!

Usopp: Bakusui-boshi!!!
[TN: "Heavy Sleeping Star"]
Kids: Aahhh... // Aaaaahhh...! // *pant*... *pant*... // *pant*......
Nami!Franky: ...So these children really were kidnapped...
Chopper!Sanji: Luffy.
Luffy: Hm?

Chopper!Sanji: I can't just leave these children...!! They just want to go home! / ...They want to see their parents! ...We have to help them!!!
Luffy: Hmmm...... / Then let's take them to their parents...!!
Franky!Chopper: You idiot!! It's not nearly that simple!! There are a mountain of problems to deal with!!
Robin: Indeed... And we still don't even have a proper grasp of the situation. / Until we expose the mastermind behind this, nothing can be certain!!
Luffy: You mean that "Master" guy...? // But Zoro, Sanji and Brook have run off to find that samurai already... / Oh, well, I guess we'll just have to go back to the lab without them!! / To find this "Master"!!
Chopper!Sanji: ......I need to stay behind here...!! I can't forgive that "Master" for what he's done... / Honestly, I'd like to beat him up myself, but...

Chopper!Sanji: I'm still worried about the children... I have to take care of them...
Nami!Franky: Good point! Then... I guess I'll stay behind as well!!
Usopp: That's dirty and low, Nami!! You're just scared, aren't you?!!!
Luffy: But what if the kids start going crazy again like just now? / That would be bad!!
Usopp: Let's tie up the big ones... // ...so they can't do anything!!
Robin: That's a little crude...
Franky!Chopper: It's the only way. These kids fight like heavies!! // But hang on. What about the whole body-switch thing? / I figure the four of us... / ...need to all meet up with Trafalgar again if we want to change back.
Luffy: Oh, just stay as you are! It'll be fine!

[Box: Road to the mountains behind the lab // Zoro's Team]
[Box: Caesar Clown's Research Facility]
Caesar: The living heart... / ...of G-5 Marine Admiral... // ...Smoker. // .........

Caesar: A fitting present indeed! / I have already sent soldiers to take care of the Marines, but... Shurororo! / With this, the outcome is clear.
Law: What about Mister Straw Hat and his friends?
Caesar: Well, the children will be dying to come back here sooner or later regardless... / But Moné insisted that I prepare for every eventuality...!! // I thought it was going a little overboard, myself... // But I've sent those two to take care of things. // Those Snowy-Mountain Killers... // The "Yeti Cool Brothers"!
[Insert text: A mystery duo!! How strong could they be...?!]

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