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Translations: Gintama 574 (2) , One Piece 814 by cnet128 , Bleach 660 by cnet128

Bleach 495

Bleeding Guitar Blues

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jun 16, 2012 22:06 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: The Sternritter invade with overwhelming power!! 13th Division Lieutenant Izuru powerlessly falls...?!]
Announcement: In District Three Nagareo, North 3032... // ...27 soldiers have fallen! // The reiatsu of Third Seat Togakushi, Fifth Seat Gori and Sixth Seat Katakura has vanished!! // Furthermore... // ...the reiatsu of Lieutenant Kira has also vanished!!
Rose: ...I see.

Bleach 495
Bleeding Guitar Blues
Rose: Understood...

Najahkoop: Sounds like whatever news you just got, it wasn't good. // Somebody die?
Rose: I see no reason to answer that.
Najahkoop: Oh, but there is. / The reiatsu that disappeared just now was over where Bazby's at. / If they're not dead, it means Bazby screwed up.
[Text: Sternritter U / NaNaNa Najahkoop]

Rose: Picking flaws in your own allies' work, are you? / That's hardly artistic. // ...Watching over Izuru always provides me with the most remarkable inspiration. / Just by holding a guitar in his presence, I find the melodies well up like tears unbidden. // If Izuru is gone, my Flying V too will mourn.
Najahkoop: Sorry, man. / I don't get any of this art stuff.

Najahkoop: But don't worry. / You and that V-whatever of yourse... / ...won't ever find the time to cry. // 'Cause in five minutes' time, you're gonna be dead.
Rose: It seems you truly are blind to art. / What manner of guitar could fail to cry... // ...when faced with the deaths of so many men? // My guitar is already crying. // I hope you don't expect to leave this place alive... / Quincy.

Shinigami: [aside]urgghhhhhh... // noooooo.... // aaarghhhhh...[/aside] // Aaaa...hhh... // What the heck is that monster~~~?!

[Text: Sternritter F / Äs Nödt]
Shinigami: It's like our attacks don't affect him at all... / And yet everyone who gets hit with those shining spikes of his dies in an instant... // And worst... / ...worst of all... // NGGGUAAAAAARRRRGHHHHHHHHHH!! // Why does everyone he kills keep screaming so much?!! // Aaa... / Aaaaaaghhhhh!! // Don't retreat!! / Hold your stations, all of you!!

Shinigami: As members of the Gotei 13, our calling is not to protect our own lives!! // It is to cast our lives aside to protect Seireitei!! // DON'T RETREAT~~~~!!!

Renji: All right... Well said.
Shinigami: L... // Lieutenant Abarai...!!
Renji: Fall back and leave the rest to me.

[Text: Sternritter E / Bambietta Basterbine]
Bambietta: Haaaaahhhh~~!

Komamura: ...Even such a young girl is amongst the rebel army's forces...?!
Bambietta: You even let stray dogs take on your Captain positions? // Soul Society must be pretty short on manpower, huh?!

[no text just face-offs]

[no text just more face-offs]

Renji: (What is this guy?! // It's like my attacks aren't having the slightest effect! // Is it some special ability this guy has? // Or some kind of ability that all Quincy use?! // The moment he blocked my attack... // ...I saw some kind of pattern appear on his hand... // Let's try upping the pace of my attacks a little...)

Renji: (He's fast...!!)

Byakuya: There is no need to cautiously observe... / ...Renji. // And there is no need to show mercy.

Byakuya: These people seek to annihilate all of Soul Society without the slightest hesitation or remorse. / They are "enemies" in the purest sense. // Cut them down with all your might.
[Side text: Soul Society overrun!! Warriors step forth to defend their Shinigami honour!!]

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