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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Bleach 500

Rescuer In The Deep Dark

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Jul 22, 2012 20:48 | Go to Bleach

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[Side text: Soul Society rushes to meet their saviour, Ichigo...!!]
People: Message received. / As it is not possible to convey a lengthy message to the Captains while they are engaged in battle... / We will instead proceed to plant transmission blades in each battle field and swiftly withdraw! // Once the blades are planted, please relay the message from your side!
Rin: U... // Understood! / We're counting on you!!

Rin: Calling all Captains, Lieutenants and other officers in Seireitei!! // I have a message to report!!

Rin: Acting Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo is currently en route to Soul Society! // It seems his Bankai... // ...cannot be stolen by the Quincy!! // This is reliable information, confirmed just now by the Research Institute!

Komamura: ...Well, well............!!
Ikkaku: Ichigo, huh...?
Kenpachi: So he's coming, eh...?!
Rangiku: Ichigo......!
Ukitake: Ichigo-kun......
Mayuri: Oh, Akon... // Why must you do these unnecessary things...?
Yuki: Ichigo-san...

Yuki: Ichigo-san's coming to help us............!
Akon: .................. // ...Wait.
Someone: Is something the matter, Third Seat Akon?
Akon: ...Something's wrong... // Kurosaki Ichigo's reiatsu, within the Garganta, has...

Akon: ...vanished.........
[Rescuer In The Deep Dark]
[Side text: Crush the darkness...!!]

Ichigo: Ughh... / What is this stuff...?! // I can't let it... // Can't let it...!
Akon: What's wrong, Kurosaki?! // What happened to you?!
Ichigo: Akon-san?! Is that you?! / Sorry - I don't know what's going on, but it looks like I'm trapped -
Akon: Kurosaki! / Please respond, Kurosaki!!

Ichigo: Akon-san?! / I am responding! Can't you hear me?!
Akon: Kurosaki!! // Kurosaki!! // ...It's no use. There's no response.........
Ichigo: (My voice isn't reaching him from this side.........!)
Akon: At any rate, it seems clear that some kind of problem has emerged within the Garganta... // Investigate immediately!
People: Understood!
Akon: Andsend the volunteers directly to the Senkaimon exit that opened directly from Hueco Mundo!!
People: Understood!
[BubbleSFX: crack...]

Ichigo: ?!
[BubbleSFX: BOOM // CRASH]
People: Nguahh?! // Aaaghhh!!
Ichigo: What's wrong?! // What just happened, Akon-san?! // Akon-san!!!

People: J... / Jidanbou?! // What do you think you're doing?! // W... / Wait... / Uarghh! // Can't you hear us?! Jidanbou!!
Hiyosu: Ugh... / I hope you all have backups prepared! / Retreat!! // I'll lock this place down!
Akon: Hiyosu!!
Hiyosu: That includes you, Akon!!

Hiyosu: If we lose you here... // Who's going to lead the Research and Development Institute...?! // ...Rin... / What the hell are you...?!
Rin: ...H... / Huh...? // Why am I...?

Someone: Gueh... / ...heh... / ...heh...
People: Aaaaarghhhh...
Ichigo: Shit... // Shit...!
People: Nguaaahh!! // What's wrong?! Research Institute?!! // What's happened over there?!
Ichigo: ! / Renji?! // Rukia, too...
People: Ughh... I can't hear anything but screams and explosions...!! // Could the enemy have attacked even the Institute...?!
Ichigo: What's going on?!
People: Whoaahh?! / What just happened?! We lost the connection! // What's going on?! // Don't worry about that now! / Just focus on the enemy!
Ichigo: Why am I hearing the voices of all these people... / ...who shouldn't even be at the Research Institute...?!

People: Aaaaaaaghhh!!! // Captain!! // What are these people... What are they...?! // Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! // Shit...! / Shit.........!! // Are you all right?!! This way!! // Urnghh!! // I won't forgive you for this!!! // I'll kill you!!! I swear I'll kill you!!! // Help me... Somebody... anybody... // Help... // It hurts...so bad... Uuuuurghhhh... // Move it!! You're right in my way!! // I can't take this! / I can't take this anymooooooore!! // Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!! // Unghh! // Nguahh!! // Why do you have to die?! WHYYYYYYYYYY?!! // Ughh! // This doesn't work either!! // I told you, didn't I?!!! // Don't retreat!! // And you call yourselves Gotei 13 soldiers?!!! // Let's run for it!! / There's nothing else left!! // What are we supposed to do?!! // Get back, idiot!! // Hold on! / Just hold on, no matter what!! // He'll come......

People: Ichigo will come for us!!!

Opie: ...He certainly seems to be putting up quite a struggle... // But it's no use... // The letter I have been granted by His Majesty is "J". // Kirge Opie "The Jail"!!! // You will never escape from the prison I weave!!! // ...Now, then... // Before the power I absorbed from that monster fades away... // I think I had better eliminate all of you...

Urahara: W... // Wait...

Opie: Gghhh...
Urahara: Wha...?! // (Who in the world could............?! // Oh, no...............!)
[Side text: Urahara in peril?! Who is the wielder of this blade...?!]

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