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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 677

Counter Hazard!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 1, 2012 22:44 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 677: Counter Hazard!!
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 3: So Much For That(ToT)

[Insert text: The major players held captive...]
Someone: Royal Shichibukai Trafalgar Law!! // The pirate who has recently been reported to be back at large, Straw Hat Luffy!! / His crewmate, "Devil Child" Nico Robin... // ...and the wild dog of the Marines, "White Hunter" Smoker!!
[Box: Around the New World...]
People: Why are all these famed people being held captive by Caesar...?!
Killer: ! // Hey, Kidd. These guys...

Kidd: So you've finally made your move, Straw Hat!!!
[Box: Captain of the Kidd Pirates / Eustass "Captain" Kidd / Bounty: 470 million Beli]
Kidd: Not much point watching this, you know. You're not the type to get mixed up in that brokering stuff any more than I am, right, Killer? // Still, that Trafalgar...!! Just when I thought he'd completely lost it and sold out to the Government... / Looks like he was plotting something after all......!!!
Killer: .........
[Box: Warrior of the Kidd Pirates / Killer / Bounty: 200 million Beli]
Kidd: We'd better hurry up those preparations!! Have the others already arrived?
Killer: Yes; apparently they've been shown inside. I'm surprised they deigned to come... // Try to keep things civil, would you, Kidd?
Kidd: Yeah, yeah, I know!!

Kidd: !!!
Apoo: Appappappappa~~~~!!! // Hey there, Captain Kidd!!! // Been a while since I've seen that face!!! Glad to see it's as disgusting as always!!!
Hawkins: .........
Crew: Sorry, Captain!! We just couldn't stop him...!!
Kidd: ......!! What the hell do you think you're doing to my hideout, Scratchmen?!!!
Apoo: Just being nice and careful!! Thought you might have snipers hiding somewhere! / Appappa!! // I mean, when you answer an enemy's invitation, it's only natural to come ready for a fight!!!
[Box: Captain of the On-Air Pirates / Scratchmen Apoo / Bounty: 350 million Beli]
Kidd: You see, Killer?!! This is why I said we shouldn't bother calling that idiot!!!
Killer: Now now, calm down. He is a powerful man...
Kidd: I'm gonna kill him right here and now!!!
Hawkins: .........
Apoo: Ohhhhh~~~!! So you do want a fight!!! Bring it on, then - I'm ready for whatever you've got!! Check it out~~~~!!

Hawkins: This is a farce... / I think I'll be leaving.
[Box: Captain of the Hawkins Pirates / Basil Hawkins / Bounty: 320 million Beli]
Killer: Wait!! Hawkins!!! // We haven't even started yet!!! // Cut it out already, both of you!!! / The reason we called this meeting... // ...is to propose an alliance between our three crews!!! / Can you people not even hold a civil discussion?!!!
Kidd: ......!!!
Apoo: ??!
Hawkins: ......?!

[Box: Punk Hazard / Outside Caesar's Research Facility]
Luffy: Strike back...?!
Law: That's right... Let's get this over with...!!
Marines: Dammitall~~~!!! That gas is gonna cover the whole island~~~~!! // We're gonna die~~!! // It's coming to get us~~~~!!

Law: Is there anyone in here who can light fires? / If there isn't, that's fine, but...
Luffy: You'll want Franky for that! / He can fire beams, too! Hey, that's an idea - why don't you slice up these chains with a beam?!!
Franky: I can't fire my Radical Beam without getting both arms carefully into position!! / The best I could manage now is a Coup de Buu!!
Law: Can you burn up that battleship off below us to the right?
Franky: Sure thing, no problem. // Franky............ // FIREBALL~~~~!!!
People: Aaaghh!! // Aaaahhhh!! // The ship's caught fire~~~~~!!!

Moné: ?
Caesar: Hmmmmm~~~? // What nonsense is this...? / That Pacifista brute... Is he just taking out his frustration...?! // Shurororo... Worry not, my friend... Once this experiment is over... / ...I will put your body to excellent use...!!
Franky: *cough*!! *cough*!! / Dammit, Trafalgar!! Now we're getting covered in smoke!!
Law: Don't look at me. You're the one who did it.
Franky: You're the one who told me to!!
Luffy: *cough* *cough*... Ahahahaha! / What was the point of that?!
Law: Now, then...
People: ?!! // Huh?!
Law: With this smoke, the Visual Den-Den Mushi shouldn't be able to make us out.
People: Ehhhhhh~~~~?!!
Law: We should have a little while before they notice anything's wrong.

Luffy: What the heck?! How the... / How did you take off those Kairouseki chains?!!
Law: Simple. My chainswere never made of Kairouseki to begin with. With my ability, removing them is simple.
Luffy: Huhh~?!
Law: How many months do you think I've been on this island? // I prepared a number of ordinary chains at various locations around the facility, so that I should switch them should the need arise.
Franky: !
Law: There was always the danger that I would get captured one way or another, so I needed some way to at least avoid those Kairouseki restraints.
Luffy: Yeahhhh~~~~~!! I'm free~~~~~~!!!
Law: Not so loud, idiot!! // Now, the question is... // What should I do with you...? // You know a little too much.
Smoker!Tashigi/Tashigi!Smoker: !
Law: Right now, your fate is entirely in my hands...

Smoker: I'm sure you've already made your decision. So hurry up and...
Tashigi: Eh?
Smoker: Huh...?!
Tashigi: Aaaaahhhhhh~~~!!!
Smoker: No need to scream like a woman, you stupid girl...
Tashigi: P... Please, just remove these chains, quickly!! We'll do whatever you say...!!
Smoker: The hell do you think you're saying, Tashigi?!! You're so scared to die you'd kneel to pirates?!!
Tashigi: Right now, begging for our lives is the only correct course of action!!! / If we die here, all of our subordinates will surely perish!! And Vice-Ad... I mean Vergo... / ...will be able to keep manipulating the Marines as he pleases!! And the children, too...!!

Marines: I can't see the cage through all this smoke!!
People: ..................
Marines: Tashigi-chan~~!! Are you okay~~?! // Smoke-yan~~!! Are you okay in all that smoke?! / C'mon, the guy is made of smoke!!
Law: It seems the woman at least has sense. / Listen to me, White Hunter. I have no obligation to save your life... // But if Vergo were to lose his position thanks to your survival, that would work to my advantage as well. / But you're to forget everything you've heard here about me and about Joker, understood? // This isn't a request; it's a condition. A promise in exchange for your life...!!
Smoker: ?!
Luffy: He~~~y, Tra-dude~~!! How do we get inside~~?!
Law: ?!! // Oi!! What is he doing outside of the cage?!
Franky: He smashed a hole in it and left. It's not like the cage itself is made of Kairouseki...
Law: That idiot...!!
Franky: More importantly, I'd like to do something about the Sunny...
Tashigi: .........
Smoker: What's that look for...?

People: *pant* // *pant* // Nghhh......!!
Kin'emon: Even with this unusual style of running, the gas will soon be upon us! / *pant*
Zoro: We've gotta catch that dragon and fly!! / *pant*
Sanji!Nami: *pant*... *pant*... I don't think I'm gonna...
Brook: Hang in there, Sanji-san!! / *pant*
Sanji!Nami: It's no good... Nami's body's reached it's limit... // I can't go on... *pant*... My chest is just about to... // My chest...? // ?!
Sanji!Nami: I've caught it~~~~~!! / One dragon, coming right up!!

Nami!Sanji: The gas is almost on top of us!!
Usopp: That creepy colour isn't natural...!! / I bet that stuff is some kind of really deadly poison!!
Nami!Sanji: I'm sorry about this, Brown-beardy... Making you carry us when you're still badly wounded...!!!
Brownbeard: *pant*... *pant*... Don't worry about it. I can barely even feel your weight... / More importantly... *pant*... I have to save my men...!!!
Usopp: And we have to save those kids!! I just hope they haven't taken that candy yet...!!
People: Hm? // What's going on down there?
Nami!Sanji: Someone's running from the gas like us!!
Brownbeard: *pant*... // *pant*
Usopp: Is that a dragon?!

[Box: Outside the research facility...]
People: ........................ // Huh? // Oh yeahhhh~!! The shutter opened!! // I don't know what just happened, but hell yeah!! // Whewwww!! We're not gonna get killed by the gas!!! // Everyone head inside!!! // Emergency!!! Emergency!!! The shutters have opened!! The G-5 Marines are entering the facility!!! // Who messed with the lever?!! // Intruders!! Up there!!!

People: Ehhhhhh~~~~~?!! // Law!! Straw Hat!! Smoker!!! // I thought those guys got captured by the Master...?!!!
Robin: Eheheh...
Tashigi: Thank goodness. Now everyone can make it inside!!
Law: Now, what am I going to do about that heart...?
Luffy: Shishishi!! This is starting to get fun!!!
Smoker: I can't believe I'm working with these people...!!!
StrawHats: Hold it, hold it, hold it~~~!! Don't close that shutter yet~~~!!!
Brownbeard: Owwwww~~~~!! That dragon's biting my tail~~~!!
Usopp: It's no good~~~!! We're gonna be locked out~~~~!!! We're all going to get gassed to death~~~~!!!
Nami!Sanji: Open up~~~~~!! Let us inside, please~~~~!!
Zoro: Can you slice steel, Kin'emon?
Kin'emon: It should pose no obstacle...!!
Zoro: Just keep running straight, Brownbeard! // We're going in!!!

People: HAAAAAHHHHHHHH~~~~~~!!! // Ehhhhhhhh~~~?!! // ?!!!
Minions: They sliced the shutter to pieces~~~~~!!! // Now the gas is going to flood inside~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: Oh! It's getting pretty noisy down there!! / That must be Zoro and the others!!
Someone: You idiots~~~!!
Luffy: Looks like everybody's here!! Time to have some fun!!!
[Insert text: The counterattack begins!!]

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