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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 678

Research Laboratory Building A Lobby

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 1, 2012 22:45 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 678: Research Laboratory Building A Lobby
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 4: Captured by Jimbei

[Insert text: Outside is a Land of Death...]

Usopp: This is bad~~~~~!!! // *pant* // *pant* // It's great that we've made it inside... // ...but now the poison gas is coming in with us~~~!!!
People: Is this some kind of bad joke?!! Are you trying to take us all to the grave with you?!!! // Everyone plug up that hole~~~~~~~!!!
Kin'emon: ......!!
Zoro: ..................
People: At this rate, we're all going to die~~~~~~~~!!!!

People: *pant* // *pant*... *pant*...!!

[no text just gas]

Brook: It's still thick and heavy all around... // I can't see how anyone would survive even a single step outside into this...

Usopp: How's it look, Brook?
Brook: It is like a land of death out there. // Just to think what might have happened if we had not managed to close the hole... // It chills me to the bone.
Marines: You're the bone-chilling one!!!
Zoro: Right.
Marines: Whaddaya mean, "right"?!!! // Is that all you've got to say after you nearly just killed us all?!!! // And we're the ones who blocked the hole up, too!!! // This pirate crew is even crazier than the rumours say...!!

Marines: Give it up and surrender!!! // Straw Hat Pirates!!! // And you too, Pirate Brownbeard!!!
Nami!Sanji: What~~~~?! How come we're suddenly the ones being cornered?!!
Usopp: There's nowhere to run...!!
Zoro: As if we'd run anyway!!
Dragon: Grrrrr...
Sanji!Nami: Heheh... You know you're gonna regret this...!!
Brook: Yohoho!
Brownbeard: (Th... They knew my name...!)

Luffy: Oh!! // They're starting already?!!
Law: Now, listen. The two of you... / ...are to stay out of the way of me and his crew.
Smoker: All right...
Nami!Sanji: Ahh!! Tra-dude~~~~!! Hold it right there~~~~~~~~!!!
Law: !
Nami!Sanji: CHANGE! US! BACK!!
Sanji!Nami: (No need to do that!! You really don't need to do that~~!!)
Law: .........
Sanji: Ahh!! // Dammitall... My beautiful dream is over...!
Nami: I'm back!! / ...Wait, huh?

Sanji: Wait, I can expl-EURGBLMPHAGHH!!! // H...Huh? This damage isn't from that punch just now... My body's...
Usopp: Oh yeah, Nami got beaten up pretty bad by Caesar in that body...
Sanji: Huh...?!! // Ahhh...!! Thank goodness it was my body that got beaten up...!!!
Usopp: You're a real hero, Sanji!!!
Law: I have something to tell everyone here!
People: ?! // Law!!
Law: This facility is now surrounded on all sides by poisonous gas... / But there is one way...

Law: ...to escape directly to the ocean without passing through the outside air!!!
People: ?!
Law: You can find this route behind a giant door labelled "Building R 66"!!
People: ?!
Law: I have no love for mass slaughter, but two hours is all I can give you!! // If anyone is still inside this facility after two hours... // ...I make no guarantees you will survive!!!
People: Ehhhh?!!
Luffy: Is something going to happen to the facility?
Law: With what I'm planning, it's hard to say what will happen.
Luffy: Hmmm... I see! // Well, then...

Luffy: Caesar, I'm coming for you now!!! // I've had enough of waiting around!!! I'm gonna beat you up and kidnap you!!!
Kin'emon: You just hold on, Momonosuke!!! I will save you without fail!!!
Nami: Let's split up and look for the children! Once we find them... // ...we point them towards the escape route!! Zoro, you mustn't go alone.
Zoro: And why not...?!
Smoker: Marines of G-5!!! Your orders are to head for the R-66 door, collecting the abducted kids along the way!!! // We're going to steal a tanker from the port, and escape from Punk Hazard!!!
Marines: YEAHHHHHH~~~!!!

People: The Straw Hat Pirates are making a run for it!! Don't let these guys past!! // Yeahhhh~!!
Smoker: Tashigi. You take command of the others and go ahead!!
Tashigi: Huh?! Where are you going, Smoker-san?! // You're not...going after Vergo...?!!
Smoker: Tashigi... The law is all well and good, but it can't settle debts unpaid. // I'll deal with that man myself...!! I'll teach him a little respect for the Marines...!!!
Tashigi: Then let me go with you!! // You do realise how strong that man is?!! If something were to happen...
Smoker: Who else is going to protect our subordinates?!! // You need to get those idiots out of here!!! And the children, too.
Tashigi: ...............!! // Smoker-san......

Zoro: Seriously?!! / The guy defeated Luffy?!
Usopp: That's what Caesar said. / Apparently he suffocated him. His ability is "gas"... It's not easy to fight against. / I mean, he can suck the oxygen out of the air around you!
Zoro: We're no better... We let those yeti men put us to sleep...!!
Usopp: ?!
Zoro: This just isn't good enough...!! // It's no good saying "I let my guard down". One slip could cost us our lives!!
Usopp: Now, now, we all survived, so let's be -
Zoro: This is no joking matter!! Oi, Luffy!!!
Luffy: Hm?
Zoro: ...............!! // Get your act together!!! / We've still got the whole New World ahead of us!!!
Luffy: !! // ...............!!
Sanji: He's pretty tough on himself...
Luffy: You're right... Sorry!!! I won't let my guard down again!!!

Minions: It's Straw Hat!!!
Luffy: Haaaaaaahhhhhh~~~!!
Minions: I don't know what he's planning, but shoot him down~~~!!!
Luffy: Shishishi! // Gomu Gomu no~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!
Minions: ?!

Luffy: UFO~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!
Minions: Aaaaaghhhh~~~~!!!
Luffy: Ahahahah!! // I'll go on ahead~~!!!
Zoro: He could try being a little serious...
Usopp: Ahahahahah!!
Luffy: Yahoo~~~~~~~!!!
Minions: Aaarghhhhh~~!!
[Insert text: Each focused on his own mission!!]

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