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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

One Piece 679

G-5 Spirit

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Sep 9, 2012 13:57 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 679: G-5 Spirit
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 5: Coribou Appears

[Insert text: This is the weapon of mass slaughter to end everything!!]
Caesar: It is finished!!! Shurororororo!! // There is nowhere left on Punk Hazard where a living creature could possibly survive!!! // And yet!!! // Hmmmmm~~~~~?!! // Why do I not see those G-5 Marines outside the main entrance?!!! / Why do their petrified forms not appear on my screen?!! // This is my public demonstration of Shinokuni!!! // And I cannot make out anything inside the cage, either!!!
Moné: .........
Caesar: What of Straw Hat?! What of Law and Smoker?! Are they dead for certain?!
Vergo: ..................
Moné: What do you think, Vergo......?
Vergo: If there's no sign of the G-5 Marines... / ...that proves the prisoners in the cage escaped...!! // Our Marines are a bunch of meatheaded idiots. They wouldn't be able to do a thing on their own. // At any rate, we can't allow Law to roam free... / Depending on what he's planning... We may have to take him out directly.
Caesar: What are you saying, Vergo?! You honestly think they have -

Minion: Master!!!
Caesar: ?!
Minion: *pant*... *pant*... / All of our enemies, led by the pirate Straw Hat Luffy... // ...have invaded the lobby of Building A!!! // They're working their way deeper inside as we speak!!!
Caesar: ......!!! Whhhaaaaaa~~~t?!! They're inside?!! // How did they get through those sturdy shutters?!!! // How did they get out of the cage?!!!
Minion: That's not clear, but the fact is they're here...!! // They seem to be planning to escape using our internal passages!!!

Chopper: (It looks like everyone's okay... Thank goodness...!! / I still don't know who sent it, but I guess this paper must have meant they were ready to escape on their own...!! / Meanwhile, I've managed to find out the details of that drug...!! // I've got my hands on some sedatives, too...!!)
Moné: .........
Chopper: (...Now which way am I supposed to go?!)
Caesar: What are my soldiers playing at?!!
Minion: There were only a few guards stationed in Building A. / The main force are at their station in Building B, preparing for battle!!
Someone: (..................)
Caesar: Our enemies' objective is to escape, yes...?! / Then there is only one route they can take. They'll head for Gate R-66...!! // I won't let them get away so easily...!! Seal the connecting passage between Building A and Building B!!!
Minion: ?!

Caesar: Close this gate here... // ...and isolate Building A completely!!!
Research Facility #3 (Caesar's Lab)
Main Entrance
Caesar: Then destroy the outer walls of Building A and let Shinokuni do its work!!!
Minion: ?! // ...Huh?! But if we do that, our own guards will be...
Caesar: Just do as I say!!! And don't forget to set up the Surveillance Den-Den Mushi!
Minion: M... Master...?!
Caesar: I will broadcast this to the brokers as a continuation of my public experiment! // They have not yet seen enough... // ...to fully comprehend the power of my scientific ability!!!

Caesar: Hm? // Are you going somewhere, Vergo...?!
Minion: ..................
Vergo: Only the weaklings among them will fall into such a trap. // You're not the only one whose position will be in jeopardy... / ...if we let Law and Smoker slip through our fingers, Caesar!! // I can't let you handle this by yourself...!!! // I'll slice them all apart...!! // Hm? How strange. I don't see my sword anywhere...!!
Moné: You're not a swordsman, are you...?
Vergo: Ah yes, of course. I'm not a swordsman. / No matter! I'll go and beat the living daylights out of those youngsters...!!!

[Box: Inside the facility, Building A]
Lun: I can't let you pass, Straw Hat!! Guhahohahohahohahohah!! // I'm the guard of the gate to Building B, former pirate "Machete Lun"!!! // In the name of my Master, the Scientist of Love Caesar, I will -
Luffy: Those aren't animal legs...!! // I'm not having any of that!! // What kind of centaur are you~~~~~~~~?!!!
Lun: Guooohhhhh~~!!!

Luffy: Outta my way~~~!!
Minions: Aaaaghhh~~~!!
Luffy: Ah!
[Box: Connecting Passage between Buildings A and B]
Luffy: What a huge passage!!

[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!! // BZZZRT!! // BZZZRT!!]
Smoker: Law!! What is this infernal noise?!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!! // BZZZRT!!]
Law: .................. // That's the signal that sounds when this building's gate is closing. / There's only one passage from here to Building B.
Smoker: What...?
Law: They must be planning to seal us out... You'd better get your subordinates into the next building quickly.

[Box: Building A, near the Main Entrance]
Marines: I don't know what this time limit that Trafalgar Law was talking about might be... // But we're not going to just stand here and let you escape, Straw Hat Pirates!! / You're going nowhere!!!
Zoro: Oh, come on...!! // GET OUT OF OUR WAY!!!
Marines: Hothothothothot!!! // Owwwww!!! // Coldcoldcoldcoldcold!!!

Usopp: Da~~~mn!! I sure am glad those three are on our side!!
Brook: Yohohoho~~~~!
Sanji: Sorry about this, Brownbeard. Can you carry us a little further inside?
Brownbeard: *pant* / I don't mind that, but listen... Why did you bring that dragon in here?!! *pant*... *pant*...
Sanji: ......?! I thought we might be able to use it to escape the gas by flying...
Brownbeard: It won't fly right now, 'cause it's been sedated.
Sanji: ?!
Brownbeard: But it might have been a bad idea to bring that inside the facility...
Nami: Is there some problem?! // It doesn't look all that dangerous...
Dragon: Rrrrrrhh~~!
Marines: It's not every day we get an opportunity like this!! We've gotta take 'em out~~!!! // They'll heap praise on us for this!!!

Zoro: Don't say I didn't warn you... // ?!!
Marines: C... Captain-chan?!!
Zoro: So you're a Captain now, eh, phony-girl? // But you're not really looking for a fight...!!
Tashigi: Indeed... Please, go on ahead!!
Marines: ?!
Tashigi: Marines of G-5!!! This is not the time for fighting!!! // We must hurry to the innermost passage!!!

Marines: Eh?
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!!]
Tashigi: There is only one gate out of this building, and it is closing as we speak!!
Marines: ?!!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT!!]
Tashigi: Caesar is trying to trap all of us in this building!! // If we don't make it past that gate... / We will never escape from Punk Hazard!!! So hurry!!!
Marines: ......!!! That sounds bad!!! Let's move it, guys!! // Listen to what Tashigi-chan says!!! // Carry the wounded!!! // Head for the gate as fast as possible~~~!!!

Robin: ...How positively awful.
Usopp: Ahh...!! Robin, when did you...?!
Robin: Ahaha... I was just taking care of something for Luffy.
Nami: Did you hear what they were saying just now?!! // Give it everything you've got, Brownbeardy!!! We need speed!!!
Brownbeard: *pant*... *pant*... Don't be crazy!! I'm going as fast as I can!!!
Kin'emon: How much running must we do?!! / *pant* *pant*
Zoro: *pant* / What, you're whining now?! / *pant*
Kin'emon: I am not!!!
Brook: I'm not a samurai, so I feel quite comfortable saying... // TOO MUCH RUNNING~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Minions: ...Hey, why is Brownbeard working with those pirates?! // Don't tell me he went and betrayed our Master?! // Betrayed the man who saved all our lives...?! // Anyway, let's hurry, or we'll be in trouble too!!!
Marines: Hurry, Marines of G-5~~~~~!!! // The gate is almost closed~~~~~!!! // Hurry it up~~~~~!!

[Box: Outside the facility]
Minions: Ready the research cannon!!! // Take aim!! // Target: the outer wall of Facility #3 Building A!!!
People: ?!! // Aaaaghhh!!
Tashigi: Eh...?!
Marines: The wall broke!! Hold on, does that mean - ?! // You've gotta be kidding~~~~~!!!

People: The deadly gas is inside the building~~~~!!! // Run for it!! Run for your lives~~~~!!! // Aaarghh!!! / Ahh... // Help me - ! // Heeey~~!!! // Aaaaaaghhhhhhh!!! // Run for the gate~~~~~!!! // Anyone who doesn't get through is dead meat~~~!!!

Brownbeard: All right, we're through~~~~!!!
Tashigi: Aaaahhhh~~~~~~!!! // Unghh...!!
Marines: Ehhh~?!! The Captain-chan just came flying at us~~~~!!!
Tashigi: *pant*... *pant*... Out of my way... There are still Marines left out there...!!!
Marines: Captain-chan, why did you just come flying?! Did somebody hurl you in here?! That's brutal...!!! // You say you're going back, but the gate's already...!! // ?!!

Marines: ...!! Captain-chan, it's no good!! It's too late!!
Tashigi: Don't talk such nonsense!!! Our comrades are going to be left on the other side of that gate!! Out of my way!!!
Marines: You can't do the impossible, Captain Tashigi!!!
Tashigi: ?!!
Marines: ...!!! Good work, you guys!!! Our beloved Captain-chan is safely inside thanks to you!!!
Caesar: Shurorororo... // Shurorororororo!!! Worthless pieces of trash!!! // It seems many of you have survived...but I won't let a single one of you get away!!!
[Insert text: Overwhelming deadly menace!!]

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