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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 682

The Mastermind

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 6, 2012 21:20 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 682: The Mastermind
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 8: Commodore Yarisugi's Latest Find Is Far Too Good

[Insert text: Where has Law arrived...?!]
[Box: Building D, SAD Production Room]

[Box: Connecting Passage between Buildings A and B]
Marines: Hold it, gate, you can't close on us yet~~~!!!
[BubbleSFX: BZZZRT~~!! // BZZZRT~~!!]
Marines: That fake Vergo and Black-Leg are still inside!!! // !!!! // Aahhhhhhh~~~!!! // It really closed~~~~~~!!! // There's nothing left to do!! The other side of the gate is flooded with that deadly gas!! // Black Leg~~~~~~~~~!!!

Transmission: ...to all of Research Facility #3! / I repeat, the traitor Trafalgar Law... / ...is currently...
Marines: An-chan......!!! // Black Leg Nii-cha~~~~~~~~n!!!
Tashigi: ......!
Marines: Ahh!!
Sanji: Are you all right~~~~~?! // My little Marine.........
Marines: Is that...?!! // Ahhhhh......!!! // Black Leg An-chan~~~~!!!
Sanji: ...CUTIE~~~~~~~~~~!!♡
Marines: Yeahhhh~!! Black Leg~~~!!! // Thank goodness you're alive~~~!! Thanks so much for helping us~~!!!
Sanji: Shut up, you lot!!!

Sanji: Listen up - I don't need anyone cheering me... / ...unless they're lovely ladies, you got that?!! // Unghh...
Marines: B...Black Leg, you're not hurt, are you?!
Sanji: Shaddup!! I don't need anyone worrying about me except lovely ladies!! // (That was too close... If that fight had gone on any longer...) // What was going on back there, anyway?! I thought that guy was your boss! He ran off somewhere in an awful hurry in the end, but...
Marines: D...Don't be stupid! Like hell that guy was Vice-Admiral Vergo!! // He's an impostor!! Isn't that right, Captain-chan?!!
Tashigi: .................. // ......Of course!! / You're quite right!! The real Vergo is like a father to you all...!!! // He would never do such a thing!!! / At any rate, we should hurry. We still have to save the children and escape...!!!
Marines: Ahh...!!! // You got it!!!
[Box: Building B]
Doflamingo: Law's after the SAD?!!
Vergo: ...Indeed... / This makes his betrayal a certainty...!!
Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffu...

Doflamingo: Just like I figured!! Fuffuffu!!!
[Box: The New World, Dresrosa]
Doflamingo: And after I watched over him all these years as he grew up!! Thought of him like my own little brother...!!
[Text: Royal Shichibukai / Donquixote Doflamingo / (Underworld Broker "Joker")]
Doflamingo: I'm quite disappointed.
Vergo: Oh, I understand.
Doflamingo: So... The SAD Production Room, eh......?!!

Doflamingo: Now what would I do if I were him...? I think first of all... // ...I'd destroy the room completely!!!
Baby5: Hahhh... // Hahh...
Doflamingo: !!!

Baby5: *pant* // *pant*...
Doflamingo: Then I guess kidnapping Caesar comes next... // Actually, if it was me, I'd murder him too...!! // After all, Caesar is...
Baby5: *sniff* / *hic*...
Doflamingo: ...the only man in the world... // ...who knows how to create the SAD. // But if he were to do a thing like that... // I'd be the one in a fix, you know, Vergo...!! // And when I'm in a fix, you know what happens next...?
FatPerson: Oiiiiiing~~!

FatPerson: Cool your head-oing, Baby 5. What way is this to treat the young master-oing?
Baby5: This time, of all times, I will not forgive him!! I'll slaughter this piece of scum where he stands!!!
FatPerson: ...But yes, what does happen next?
OldDude: .........
Doflamingo: I'll tell you what happens!! Fuffuffuffuffu!!! The chain of suffering continues!!
TerrifyingWoman: So what are your plans then, young master? / For that adorable Master Law.
OldDude: Do you even need to ask?! The man has rebelled against us outright!!! Isn't that right, young master...?!!
Doflamingo: I'm sure it will pain you to do this, Vergo... / ...but I'm afraid you'll have to kill him. // Make sure Law's death is so brutal... // ...he'll wish he had never been born!!!

Vergo: Understood. / I'll take a photo of his body to show to you, Doffy. // I'll use the camera I bought last time I was at Dresrosa.
Doflamingo: You never bought anything of the sort, though, did you?
Vergo: Ah yes, of course. / I never bought a camera at all. // In that case, perhaps I'll bring you one of his ears.
Doflamingo: Fuffuffu!! I look forward to it.
DenDenMushi: Prrt! / Prrt!
Doflamingo: Caesar, Mone, you there?
Moné: Right here, Joker.
Caesar: Ah, Joker!!
Doflamingo: I'm sure I don't need to tell you to be careful of Law, but watch out for that Straw Hat too...!!! / That boy is an awakened Sovereign Haki user!! He might be a greater man than Law when all's said and done...!!
Caesar: ?!
Doflamingo: I happen to have a lady here who's itching for a bit of action. So here's what we'll do... / I'll send Baby 5 and Buffalo to pick you up. Once you're done over there, the lot of you can come see me at Dresrosa!!

[Box: Building B; Passengers on the Brownbeard Bus]
Zoro: He's a trickier customer than that big dragon was. / Look at that speed...!!
Brownbeard: This is no time to be lounging around!! Go and stop that thing!!!
Dragon: Rrrrrgghhhhhhh!! // Rrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!
Brownbeard: The whole building is already drowning in flames!!! / If you let that thing carry on, one of these tanks is bound to catch alight and explode...!! // If that happens, it might blast a hole in the outer wall and let the deadly gas come flooding in!! Then nobody's gonna survive!!!

Kin'emon: But have a little patience, my friends...!! I cannot stay silent whilst a dragon roams free...!! / I have a score to settle with its kind!! I will fell the beast myself!!!
Brook: I think not! I too cannot bring myself... // ...to forgive that dragon so easily~~~~~~~!!! // Did you see the terrible thing it did just now?!! / It came charging straight at me, ready to devour me whole... // ...only to stop and look disappointed when it got close!!! The nerve of it!!!
Usopp: Well, you don't have much meat on you...
Brook: Bones can be nutritious too!!!
Usopp: Okay, okay, whatever you say...
Brook: Kin'emon-san! I ask that you let me to handle this foe!!!
Kin'emon: Stuff and nonsense... Step back and let me do what I must!!!
Brook: I will slay the beast!!
Kin'emon: No, I shall!!
Brook: I will!!
Kin'emon: I shall!!
Brook/Kin'emon: I shill!!!

Nami: Come to me... Come to me... // Nin-nin-nin, come to me~~!!
Brownbeard: ? // What are you doing...?
Nami: My best samurai impression.
Usopp: Uh, I think you mean ninja.
Nami: There!! // Thunder Trap!!!
Dragon: Grryaaahhhhhhh!!!
Brook: Ahhhh!! My foe~~~!!
Kin'emon: Ahh...!! Chest-binding-girl, I did not know you could use ninjutsu!!
Nami: Could you please not call me that?!!
Usopp: Let's see how you like the world's stinkiest flower!!! // Hissatsu: Midoriboshi!!!

Usopp: Rafflesia!!!
Kin'emon: Ah!!! Great Tengu Demon of the Long Nose, I suspected you could use demon arts!!!
Usopp: Who are you calling a demon?!!!
Robin: Cuarenta Fleur!! // Cuatro Mano!! // HOLD!!!
Kin'emon: Even the courtesan knows ninjutsu?!!
Robin: ..................
Dragon: .........
Brook: Ahhh!! It's coming down!! I will strike the finishing blow!!
Kin'emon: I think not! You can leave that to me!!!
Brook/Kin'emon: ! // !!

Kin'emon: Follow after me, Master Corpse!! // Kitsunebi-ryuu...
Dragon: ?!!
Kin'emon: Homura-saki!!!

Zoro: ......... / He sliced through fire again.
Brook: Quite splendid!!
Kin'emon: 'Tis nothing.
Brook: Gavotte: Bond en Avant!!!
Kin'emon: Karyuu Issen!!!!
Dragon: Grryohhhhhh...
Brook: Ah... // Who are you calling a corpse?!!! / Hm? Oh, I suppose I am...

Usopp: All right~~~~!! // We took it down!!!
Brook: Serves you right!! Now let's hear you say "bones are delicious"!!
Nami: Hurry up and get on its back!!
Kin'emon: Accursed beast!! Take this! And this!!
Brook: Hm? Hold on a moment...!! // I know I have a grudge against this dragon, but Kin'emon-san, what do you have against it...?! / The way you look at it, you'd think it murdered your parents or something!!
Kin'emon: ...*pant*...*pant*... / It may as well...have done just that...!!!
Brook: ...............??
Brook: Ahhhhhh~~!! Wait for us~~~!!
Nami: Huh? // Hold on a minute!! Look over there...!!
Nami: ?!

Nami: Chopper's turned into his monster form!!!
Zoro: What's that idiot playing at?!!!
[Box: Building B, Floor 2: Examination Room]
Minion: Right, that's your physical examination all done for today. Hurry on back to the Biscuit Room now. Then you can have your candy.
Girl: By the way, Mister, do you know where that kid went?
Minion: That kid?
Girl: Yeah, that kid called Momonosuke... // ...who went into the forbidden "Room of Secrets" and turned into a little dragon...!!
[Insert text: B...But isn't that...?!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue #45.]

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