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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

One Piece 683

A Woman Like Ice

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 13, 2012 22:48 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 683: A Woman Like Ice
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 9: Facing G-5 To Save His Brother!!

[Insert text: What did this girl see...?!]
[Box: Research Facility #3, Building B, Floor 2: Examination Room]
Minion: A brat - I mean, kid - who turned into a dragon...?! // Wh... Where did you hear about this, little lady...?
Girl: I was watching secretly. I didn't tell anyone about it, since it happened in the Room of Secrets... / But I was worried about him, you see, since we came here on the same ship and all...
Minion: Oh, I see... Well, don't worry. He's just fine. // This facility is a big place, you know. There are lots of different treatment rooms. / He's in a different part of the facility, that's all...
Girl: Is he eating now? Do you know why he wouldn't eat anything?
Minion: No, no, he's eating all right... He's in excellent health, trust me. // But remember, what happens in the Room of Secrets is secret. Don't tell anyone about this, got that?

[Box: Building C, Floor 4: Caesar's Lab]
Luffy: Hey!!! // What are you doing, bird-woman?!!!
Moné: Ahaha... // Kamakura Jussoushi!!! // How do you like my "kamakura" igloo? It's made out of ten layers, so it won't break easily.
Luffy: Are you just trying to slow me down?! I'll tear this thing apart in no time!! / Stop wasting my time!!!

Luffy: I can't see myself losing to the likes of you!!!
Moné: I quite agree. I don't imagine I would be able to best you in battle. / But strength and victory are two different things, don't you think?
Luffy: ?! // !! // U... // Urghhh!! It's cold!!! // It's like you're made of ice!! ......Ughh... Get off me.........!!
Moné: I'm not going to let you go. Now that you're in my grasp... / ...you no longer have the strength to resist.
Luffy: ......?!!
Moné: Even now, my cold body is sapping yours of all its strength...

Moné: Can you see the deep snow all around us...?
Luffy: ...............!! // ?!
Moné: You must be feeling terribly sleepy... // A lovely sensation, isn't it? Just close your eyes now, nice and slowly...
Luffy: .........
Moné: Let it all go...
Luffy: Gomu Gomu no...
Moné: ?!!
Luffy: JET SPEAR!!!
Moné: ?!!!

Moné: Through the floor...?!!
Luffy: Nishishishi!! // Aaaaaaaghhhh!!
Moné: ...Where he gets all that strength from, I have no idea... // ...Still, falling from here will only take him through the duct... // ...straight down to the garbage dump deep underground. // Unless he's able to fly, he'll never make it back up. // Farewell now, silly boy... you've dug your own grave.

[Box: Building B, Floor 3: Outside the Biscuit Room]
Chopper: GRRRRUOOOOHHHHHHH!!! // I know it's hard, but you have to resist the urge!! You mustn't eat that candy ever again!! / You want to go home, don't you?! // I won't let you past!! You're not going inside the Biscuit Room!!!
Kids: Owww!! // That hurts!!!
Chopper: !! // Ahh!! I'm sorry!! / I didn't mean to harm you......!!

Chopper: !!! // Aahhh!!!
Kids: Don't get in our way!!! Stupid monster~~~~!!!
Chopper: ......!!
Kids: Move it already!!! // What's this got to do with you?!! // We want our candy!! // It's ours, all ours!!!
Chopper: (It's no good...!! I can't stop them without hurting them......!!!)

Kids: Now's our chance!! Run for the Biscuit Room!!
Chopper: Ahh!! Stop!! You mustn't go that way- / ?!! / Oh, no...!! The effects of my Rumble Ball are running out!! // !!
Kids: Run for the Biscuit Room~~!!
Chopper: Uurghhh!!
Kids: We want our candy~~!! Candy!! Candy!!
Chopper: ......It's no good... My body won't move at all...!! // Wait, all of you, please...!! // ?!

Nami: Chopper!!! / What's going on here?!
Kin'emon: Momonosuke~~~~~!!
Usopp: You've gotta fill us in, Chopper!!!
Chopper: Ahhh...!! You guys...!!! // Thank goodness you're all here...!!! It's all that Caesar's fault... // He's trying to turn these kids into giant, violent soldiers... I can't handle them any more...!! // ......!! At any rate, you've got to stop those kids, quickly!! // At the end of this corridor on the left is the Biscuit Room. / That's where the "candy" is!!!
Nami: Huh?!!

Robin: Mil Fleur...
Kids: All right!! // We're finally here!! The Biscuit Room!!
Robin: Gigantesco Mano!!!
Kids: ?!! // Ehhhh?!! Hands?!!
Chopper: Nami! There's one kid, Mocha, who's still sane. She's helping me out. // The two of us were working together to slow down the others, but... // Now Mocha's in danger...!! / She's in the Biscuit Room, protecting the candy!!
Usopp: !! // That doesn't sound good!! // Who knows what those kids might do to her!!!

Kids: Stupid hands~~~!!! // You're not stopping us~~!!
Robin: Unghh!! // Those children are violent! They're not going to be stopped easily......!!
Kids: Mocha~~~~~~!!! // That's the candy, right?!! // Give it here!! Give us the candy!! *pant*... *pant*...
Mocha: ...!! No, this isn't right!! I can't give it to you!! This candy is bad!!! // Get a hold of yourselves, everyone!! We're the ones who asked Chopper-kun and his friends to save us, remember?! // We'll never get home if we don't listen to what he says!!
Chopper: It's no use!! Run for it, Mocha~~!!

Mocha: Aahhh... *pant*... *pant*...
Kids: Hey!! Wait!! That's not fair!! // Are you taking it all for yourself?!
Mocha: ?! // The exit is closed!! // Ah... It's Moné-san!! // Please, you have to help!!
Moné: Mocha... It's not nice to be selfish. / You should share that candy with the others.
Mocha: ?!
Zoro: ......What is that...?
Usopp: Ahhhhh!!! It's her!!! You see?! It's the bird-woman I told you about before!!!

[Box: Building D, SAD Production Room]
Law: ...*pant*... *pant*...!! // ROOM!!! // *pant*... *pant*...

Law: Shambles!! / Return to me, heart! // !!! // *cough*...!!

Law: Uaaaaarghhhhhhh!!! // *pant*... *pant*... // .................. // !!! // *pant* / *pant*
Vergo: !
Law: Counter Shock.

Vergo: !!!! // .................. // ...I have a message for you from Joker...
Law: !! // ...............!!
Vergo: He's disappointed in you...!!!
Law: (...It's not working......!!!)

Law: I had a perfect plan all worked out to steal my heart back from Caesar... / ...You showing up was the one thing I didn't count on. // Vergo.
Vergo: It's "Vergo-san".
Law: Nguaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh~~!!!
Vergo: ...............!!
Law: Aaaaaaarrgghhhhhhh~~~~!!!
Vergo: !! // ...............!! // I'm a little busy right now... Can it not wait until later?

Vergo: Vice-Admiral Smoker...!!!
Law: *pant*... // *pant*...
Vergo: I knew I would have to silence you one way or another... // Better get it over with quickly, then. I don't know how much longer I can stand... / ...looking at the face of a piece of scum like you. // Pirate Vergo...!!!
[Insert text: The one man he can't forgive...!!]

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