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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 684

"Stop This Madness, Vegapunk!"

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 20, 2012 16:58 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 684: "Stop This Madness, Vegapunk!"
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 10: The Caribou Pirates VS Marine Base G-5

[Insert text: Two powerful men face off!!]
Smoker: So, what's this room? // Can't say I like the look of it...!!
Vergo: I see no need for you to know that...!!
Law: ...............!! // (Smoker......!!!)
Smoker: Vergo... I'd rather my subordinates not find out the truth about you. / They look up to you almost like a father. // This is the very worst kind of betrayal...

Vergo: It's too late for that, I'm afraid. I was with them just a few moments ago.
Smoker: ?! // ......!! What did you do to them?!!!
Vergo: What indeed?
Smoker: VERGO!!!
Vergo: !! // Don't get so heated up now, Smoker-kun......!! / Surely you don't think that bunch of misfit Marines are worth worrying about? // As the head of G-5, I can do with them... / ...as I please.
Smoker: ......!!!

Vergo: After all, one way or another, all you people who know the truth about me are going to disappear.
Smoker: !!!

Smoker: !!

Vergo: !!!
Smoker: I don't care how much time you've spent with those men. // Hell, I don't even care if you call yourself the head of G-5!!! // When a unit is out on the field, their lives are in the hands of that unit's leader.

[Box: Building B - G-5 Team]
[Labels: Sanji / Tashigi / G-5]
Sanji: The hell is all this...?
People: Owww... Hothothot...!! // The ground beneath our feet is scorching...!! // What the heck happened in this place?!! // Hurry!! Get the wounded to safety!!

Sanji: And most importantly!! Protect Tashigi-chan!!!
Marines: YEAHHHHHH~~!!!
Tashigi: Enough of that!!! // Stop fraternising with us!!! We're enemies, remember?!
Sanji: In the eyes of society, perhaps. But a pirate is wild and free!♡
Marines: Seriously though, Aniki, it was really something when you laid the hurt down on that fake Vergo! / If we weren't both men, I would've fallen for you then and there!! // Yeah, you were the coolest back there, Aniki!!
Sanji: Shaddup!! I told you, I don't need any men cheering for me!!!
Tashigi: Stop calling that pirate "Aniki" this instant!!! // ?!!

People: HUh?!! // That tank just exploded!!!
Sanji: ...Whoa, whoa... This isn't good...!!
People: There's a hole in the outer wall!!! The gas is leaking in!!! // ?!! // On the other side, too!! What do we do now~~~~?!!

Sanji: That's the deadly gas from outside!!! // Run for it, all of you!!! If you don't want to die, then run!!!
Marines: Aaaaaaghhhhhh!! // ...............!!!
Tashigi: The whole of Building B...will be flooded...!!!
Sanji: Tashigi-chan!! Don't look back, just run!! If you hesitate, it'll be the last thing you ever do!! Focus on going the right way!!
Tashigi: Black Leg!!
Sanji: Hurry it up, all of you!!! You'll die if you don't!!!

[Box: Building R, Floor 2: The Room of Secrets]
Caesar: ...Thanks to that dragon's antics...
Monitor: Aaaaghhh!! // Arghhhh!!
Caesar: ...Shurororororo...!! / Shinokuni has flooded into the facility...!! // However...!!! // To let them all die in a place like this would not properly complete my "experiment show"...!!! // You there!! Close the gates to Building C and Building D!!
Minion: Yes, Master!! But what about Building R...?
Caesar: Leave that one gate open!! We're going to lure them all into Floor 1 of Building R!!! / Their ultimate goal is Gate R-66, after all. No need to send them off on the wrong track. // Let's give them a little push in the right direction...!! Shurororo...

Caesar: Still, I cannot get over what an unpleasant room this is. / Building R, Floor 2... // The "Room of Secrets". / I would rather not have come here at all if it could be helped... // But I cannot let the Straw Hats get away with all this. // They have taken things too far by half...!!! // I have Joker on my side...!!! The only course of action now is to kill all of these intruders in the perfect fashion!!
Minion: Master...!!! All of us are ready and prepared for battle! / So why are we staying here in the former office of Vegapunk, the man you hate so much?!! // Vegapunk is the man who caused that accident four years ago... All of us detest him just as much as you!!! // Isn't it a waste for us all to stand around here doing nothing?!! Shouldn't we go and fight the intruders?!!

Caesar: No, no. No need for that. Your skills should be saved for when they are truly necessary!! I do not wish to see blood spilled without reason.
Minions: ?! // M... Master...
Caesar: Here is the plan......!! / Once the gates to Buildings C and D are closed as I just ordered... // All remaining paths in this facility will lead to one place: the floor directly below us. / Building R, Floor 1...!! // The Straw Hats, the G-5 Marines, the children... All of the remaining survivors, regardless of affiliation... / ...will be forced to gather neatly in the room below!!!
[Labels: Building R, Floor 1 // ←C // D→ // Building B ↑]
Caesar: And Floor 1 of Building R is fitted with a ventilation system that can pipe in air from outside. // In other words, we can flood the room with Shinokuni!! There will be nowhere left for them to go!!

Caesar: Once we have them in that room, who could possibly survive?!! / With all the gates closed, it will be one giant gas chamber!!! // And the images from that room will be broadcast directly to the underworld brokers of the New World!! / All the underworld will bear witness to my power!!!
Minions: If you'll beg our pardon, Master Caesar... Is that terrible poison gas... / ...really something that you created yourself...?!
Caesar: ...............!!
Minions: It's almost like the poison gas that Vegapunk released in that accident four years ago. / To be honest, it kind of creeps us all out...!!!
Caesar: .................. // ...My dear subordinates... This is a battle... / ...for science and justice...!!
Minions: ?!! // Huh...?!

Caesar: On that day, all those years ago...!!! That crazed scientist Vegapunk... I tried to stop him, truly I did!!! / "If a weapon such as this were to explode, what would happen to all the people on this island?!!" // "You must stop this madness, Vegapunk!!!" I pleaded with him...yet the accident happened nonetheless!!! // And worst of all, even today the man responsible is still working as the head of the Marines' research division!!! // They call him the world's greatest scientist!! How can I forgive such injustice?!!! // Is it right that the twisted man responsible for all of your suffering is hailed as the greatest scientist in the world?!!
Minions: ...............!! // Master..................!!
Caesar: That is why I have created this weapon of slaughter. Not because I desire to create such a terrible thing... / But because I must prove to the world that there is a scientist far greater than that man!!! That I, not he, am the world's greatest scientist!!!

Caesar: Once the military sees the truth, and grants me his position as head of their research division... My dream can finally be realised!! // I will be able to use my scientific skills for the sake of world peace!!!
Minions: Yeahhhhhh~~~!!! Master~~~~~~!! // We're so sorry, Master!! How could we ever have doubted you...?!! // You really are our blessed saviour...!!!
Flashback!People: You must stop this madness, Caesar!! // Abandon this experiment at once!!! // If a weapon such as this were to explode, what would happen to all the people on this island?!!

Flashback!Caesar: Silence, you talentless dolts!!! / This is a military research facility!! // Creating weapons capable of killing as many pirates as humanly possible... / ...is exactly what is expected of us!!!
Flashback!People: You are wrong!!! / The Marines have no desire for a twisted weapon that would cause the deaths of innocent civilians!!
Flashback!Caesar: Shurororo!! You utter fools!! Do you not understand the concept of necessary sacrifice?!!! If civilians get caught up in it, that's their own stupid fault!! With everything wiped out, the world will be at peace!!! / Twisted?! We perform human experimentation on the worthless prisoners on this island every day!! How is this any different?!!! // The current Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, may be a softhearted weakling... But Admiral Akainu is different!! He will see the value in my weapon!!! // That fool Vegapunk is only jealous of my genius. / Shurororo...!! I hear his latest experiment to induce massive growth in human subjects failed again, yes?!! // Well, what does he expect?!! This is science, not magic!! Humans aren't going to grow into giants at the drop of a hat!! / I told him what he ought to do...!! Just abduct a bunch of growing children and pump them full of drugs until something sticks!!

Flashback!Caesar: Vegapunk...!! What is the meaning of this?!!
Flashback!Vegapunk: You are expelled from this research team, Caesar. / Your mad schemes have gone too far this time. I can't defend them any longer.
Flashback!Caesar: Don't you dare screw with me~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Vegapunk: Stop!!! CAESAAAAAAAAR~~~~~!!!
Flashback!People: ?!!

Announcement: Now sealing the passage between Buildings C and B!! // Access from Building B is no longer possible. // Now sealing the passage between Buildings D and B!!
[Box: Building B, Central Area: Sanji and G-5 Team // Building B, Biscuit Room: Zoro and Nami's Team // Building D, SAD Production Room: Smoker and Law's Team // Building C, Refuse Disposal: Luffy's Team]
Luffy: You spoke just now, right...?! // What are you?!
Momonosuke: I... I would ask that you identify yourself first!!
[Insert text: What's this creature?!!]

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