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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

One Piece 685

Momonosuke, That Is My Name!!

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 28, 2012 01:22 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 685: Momonosuke, That Is My Name!!

[Insert text: Who could this be...?!]
[Box: Underground Building C, Refuse Disposal: Luffy's Team]
Luffy: Momonosuke?
Momonosuke: That is my name!! / *pant* // *pant*
Luffy: I'm sure I've heard that name somewhere before... / But where?
Momonosuke: I do not know you! You must be mistaken! / Let us speak of more important matters...
Luffy: Mmm...?
[SFX: rumble~~~~]
Momonosuke: Cease drooling at once~~~~~~!!!

Momonosuke: I am not food to be consumed!! // If you mean to consume me, I may just consume you instead!!! // Stand back, I say~~~!!! / *pant* // *pant*...
[Box: Momonosuke / (dragon)]
Luffy: Hmmm? Are you sure "Momonosuke" isn't stuck to you somewhere... / ...and talking by farting...? // Helloo~~?!!
Momonosuke: What nonsense is this you prattle?!!
Luffy: Ehhhhh?! The eel is really talking by itself!!
Momonosuke: Enough of the drooling!!!
[BubbleSFX: rumble~~~]
Momonosuke: And I am no eel!!!
[SFX: rumblerumble~~~~~]
Momonosuke: !

Luffy: Sounds like you're pretty hungry too, huh?
[SFX: rumble~~~~~]
Momonosuke: More foolish prattle... *pant*... A warrior does not feel hunger from a mere ten days... / ...of fasting... *pant*... *pant*...
Luffy: Ten days?!
Momonosuke: Tell me... What manner of person are you? Why are you here?
Luffy: Oh, I'm Luffy!! The man who's gonna be Pirate King!!
Momonosuke: ?!! // P... P... Pi...!!! ......!!!!!! // Pi...!!! // You cannot fool me... *pant*... *pant*... / I know of pirates. They are giant-like men of untold size... / Far more... fierce and intimidating than one such as yourself.
Luffy: Well, if you say so... But anyway, eel -
Momonosuke: My name is Momonosuke!!! // .................. // I see. So you too are an outsider here...

Momonosuke: I know naught of this place but that it is home to many ailing youngsters. / I do not know what manner of island this is, nor what has happened to myself.
Luffy: ?
Momonosuke: This all began when, one thing leading to another... / ...I found myself a stowaway upon a certain ship... // Though I did not seek their companionship, the youngsters were kind to me, and yet...!!
Flashback!Girl: You can get food over there, you know? Aren't you going to eat anything?
Flashback!Momonosuke: I am a samurai!! I do not rely upon the charity of others!!
[SFX: rumble~~~~]
Momonosuke: As I was in something of a foul mood...
Flashback!Boy: Here, I've brought some for you! / You really should eat something. We're all separated from our parents here...
[SFX: rumble~~~~~~]
Flashback!Momonosuke: I said I require no charity!! // None of you can understand what I feel right now!!!

Flashback!Caesar: I am Master Caesar. Now come in, all of you!! // Starting today, this will be your playroom! Shurororo...
Flashback!Boy: Hey, who are you? / What's your name?
Flashback!Momonosuke: Name? I have no name!!
[SFX: rumble~~~~~~~]
Flashback!Momonosuke: *pant*... *pant*...
Flashback!Girl: Here, have this!
Flashback!Momonosuke: !
Flashback!Girl: These snacks are nice!
Flashback!Momonosuke: ...! I care not!
Flashback!Girl: Some candy...?
Flashback!Momonosuke: I care not!
Flashback!Minions: Hey, is it true that one of the brats has run off...?! // I did a head count against the boarding register, and we've got the right number of kids... / Pretty weird.
[SFX: rumble~~]
Flashback!Momonosuke: *pant* // *pant*

Flashback!Momonosuke: *pant* // *pant*... // ! // ...............!!
[BubbleSFX: munch!!]
Flashback!Girl: Hey, you there!
Flashback!Momonosuke: ?!! // *gulp*!
Flashback!Girl: So you're called Momonosuke-kun, huh? / You know this is the Room of Secrets that we're not meant to enter, right?
Flashback!Momonosuke: D... Do not associate yourself with me! It is naught but a bother!! / I seek only the exit to this place. I intend to leave. / For there is something that I must do.

Flashback!Girl: I know it's hard... / But all of us kids here are the same, you know. / We all want to see our daddies and mummies again as soon as we can.
Flashback!Momonosuke: !!
Flashback!Girl: We've all been gathered here for this treatment, from all sorts of islands... / We all feel the same way.
Flashback!Momonosuke: ...............?!
Flashback!Girl: There are tons of things I want to do once I get back home, too! / But we're all friends in the Biscuit Room. // It's fun, you know? You can forget about the sad things. / And you really ought to eat something, too...
Flashback!Momonosouke: ...Well... But...
Flashback!Minions: The door to the Room of Secrets is open!!
Flashback!Girl: ! // Oh, no! Someone's coming!! Quick, Momonosuke-kun! Let's go!
Flashback!Momonosuke: .........
Flashback!Minions: Is someone in here?!

Flashback!Minions: ?!!
Flashback!Momonosuke: Uu... Uurghh......!!
Flashback!Minions: What the...?!
Flashback!Girl: Huh?!
Flashback!Momonosuke: Ahhhhh...!!
Flashback!Minions: Wha......?!!
Flashback!Momonosuke: Aaaahhhhh...
Flashback!Minions: ......?! A... A dragon......?! // Ahhh!!
Flashback!Momonosuke: ?! ?!
Flashback!Minions: What is going on here?!!
Flashback!Momonosuke: ? // ?

Flashback!Girl: ......!!
Flashback!Minions: Look here... If I remember rightly... // This case was holding an "artificial Devil Fruit" created by Vegapunk. // I heard it was a failed experiment, but...
Flashback!Momonosuke: *pant* // *pant* // *pant* // *pant*... // ! // Aaaaaghhhhh!
Momonosuke: So you see, in truth I am a human.
Luffy: I see, I see! A Devil's Fruit, huh...?! I guess that makes you an Eel-man then! / But why don't you just turn back into a human?
Momonosuke: Huh...? I... I can turn back into myself? How?!
Luffy: I don't know... I'm not a Zoan-type! / Still, just how high up is that ceiling?! I can't even see the hole I came down through...

Momonosuke: I too would like to leave through that hole! / For I must tell the other youngsters!! // I overheard that Caesar say some terrible things...!!
Luffy: ?
Momonosuke: I thought that he was some manner of doctor... / But in truth he is a bad man who means to let those youngsters die!
Flashback!Caesar: Shurorororo...!! / Another bunch of nice, well-behaved brats!
Flashback!Momonosuke: ?
Flashback!Caesar: And meanwhile, the others are growing quite nicely...!! / But the purpose of this experiment is to test the limits of the drugs that can be administered. / I doubt their bodies will last very long. // Five years from now, I'll be quite surprised... // ...if any of them are still alive!!! // Shurororo... I must set about procuring the next batch... // No experiment can succeed without failures along the way...
Flashback!Momonosuke: ...............!!
Flashback!Caesar: Their sacrifices are a sad necessity...!!

Luffy: ...............!! // ...............!!
Momonosuke: ?! // I made to tell the others at once, but upon attempting to conceal myself in the waste disposal, I found myself here...
Luffy: .................. // Caesar...!! // Right, that does it! Momo!!
Momonosuke: !
Luffy: I'm getting out of here right now! And you're coming with me!
Momonosuke: ...Eh...? But how......?
Luffy: I'll climb the wall!! Hang on to me tight!!
Momonosuke: ...............!!
Luffy: You don't need to worry about the other kids. / My friends are already on their way to help them!!
Momonosuke: !
Luffy: When my friends say they'll do something, they mean it!! So there's nothing to worry about!!!
Momonosuke: .........!! Is this true...? / If so, I am quite relieved. You see? I knew you were no pi...ra... / ...
Luffy: Hey, what's wrong?! Pull yourself together!! Just how hungry are you?!! // Hey! // Pull yourself together!!
Momonosuke: !!

Luffy: Pull yourself together...!!!
Momonosuke: ?!! // Aaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhh~~~~~!!!
Luffy: ?!!
Momonosuke: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH~~~~!!!
Luffy: Ehhhhhh~~~~~~~~~~?! // Whoa! // We're flying~~~~~!!!

[Box: Rear of Building B: Examination Room Passage]
Usopp: Will Nami and the others be all right without me...?! // Well, I guess they have Zoro, so they'll manage... // Brook! Tell me if you spot any Kairouseki chains!! / Robin wants us to look for them!!
Kin'emon: I must apologise, Master Corpse, for relying upon your abilities!!
Brook: Yohoho! I'll take a look behind the walls!!
[Box: Usopp, Kin'emon and Brook... / Searching for Kairouseki and Momonosuke!!]
[Box: Building D: SAD Production Room]
Law: .........

Vergo: !!!
[Box: Law & Smoker VS Vergo]
[Box: Building B, Near the Biscuit Room]
Tashigi: This way, everyone!! // To the Biscuit Room!!!
Marines: Please stop that, Aniki!! We'll run faster!! // We're running as fast as we can~~~~~!! // So please stop kicking us~~~~~~!!

Minions: Nguehhhh!!! He's crazy~~~~~!!! // Owwwwww~~~~~!!!
Sanji: No dawdling around!! Hurry to the Biscuit Room!!!
[Box: Sanji, Tashigi and the G-5 Marines VS Deadly Gas "Shinokuni"]
[Box: Building B, Floor 3: The Biscuit Room]
Nami: It's so cold~~~~!! It's like there's a blizzard in here!!! / Just when we've taken our coats off, now it's the Yuki-Yuki no Mi?!!! What's that snow-woman's problem?!!
Chopper: Stop, you guys~~~~~!! You mustn't eat the candy~~~~~~!!! // Mocha!!! Run for it~~~!!!

Kids: Wait up~~~!! Mocha~~~~~!! / Give us the candy~~~!! // Don't be so greedy~~~~~!!!
Mocha: No... I mustn't!! Come to your senses, guys, please!!
Robin: I'll slow them down as best I can...!! // !!! // Urghh!!!
Moné: No interfering.
Robin: ...............!!
People: Robin!!!
Moné: Ahahah...!♡
[Box: Zoro, Nami, Chopper & Robin... // VS "Snow Woman" Moné]
Zoro: The enemy's a Logia!! I'll take care of her!!! // You guys go after the kids!!! // !!!
[Box: Time remaining until the deadly gas Shinokuni fills Building B... // Approximately 20 minutes!!!]
[Insert text: A time limit approaches!!]

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