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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

One Piece 686

The Snow Woman in the Biscuit Room

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Oct 28, 2012 01:23 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 686: The Snow Woman in the Biscuit Room
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 11: Brother Retrieved!!

[Insert text: Zoro VS Moné!!]
[Box: Research Facility #3, Building B, Floor 3: The Biscuit Room]
Zoro: !!!
Nami: Robin!! Are you all right?!
Chopper: Robin!!
Robin: Yes... It's just a scratch...!! // Let's stop those children, quickly...!!

Chopper: Nami!! You've gotta hurry!! // The kids are heading out of the room!!
Nami: !
Chopper: I promised I'd stop those kids, but I failed... // And now I've put Mocha in danger...!!
Kids: Stop~~~~!! // Wait up, Mocha~~~!!
Mocha: *pant* // *pant*
Kids: Give us the candy~~~!!!

Mocha: I won't......!! *pant*... *pant*... // Chopper-chan told me all about... // ...what kind of candy this really is...!! // We mustn't eat this candy, no matter what!! / *pant* // *pant* // Please, all of you... Come back to your senses!!
Flashback!Mocha: Waaahhhh... Waaahhhhh...!!
Flashback!Shindo: Mocha... This is for the best, you know. We're not well.
Shindo: Give it here, Mocha~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Shindo: They're saying if any adults catch what we've got, they'll die...... // You don't want anything to happen to your mum or dad, right? // We've just gotta hang on for a year while these people make us better again.

Flashback!Caesar: You are my first generation of patients. It's a pleasure to meet you. / Let me tell you a little secret... // I actually lost my only son to this illness a while back. / That is why I cannot stand to see any children suffering from this disease again.........!! // *sniff*...!! And I do not want any other parents to suffer as I have...!! / Ahhh... // I - I must apologise. How very embarrassing, crying in front of my patients...
Flashback!Mocha: Are you okay? / Master-san...
Flashback!Caesar: Don't worry, I'm all right... Such kind children you are. Ah, yes, I had better introduce you... / ...to the other sick children I have brought from other islands!
Flashback!Uz: My name's Uz. It's nice to meet you!
Uz: CANDY~~~~!!
Flashback!Doran: I'm Doran.
Doran: Wait up, Mocha~~~~~!!!
Flashback!Konbu: My name's Konbu.
Konbu: Hand over the candy~~~~!!!

Flashback!Moné: Some new friends for you all will be arriving today. // Be nice to them... / And don't forget to tell me if anything's wrong.
Flashback!Kids: Yes, Moné-san~!
Mocha: Even the nice Moné-san was just a lie...!! // It was all a lie!!
Flashback!Moné: Here, have some candy for being such a good girl. // It's a present from the Master.
Mocha: We have to run away from this place!! // Please, guys, turn back to normal!!!

[Box: The Biscuit Room]
Nami: We have to go after them, quickly!!
Chopper: Please...!!!
Zoro: Nghh... // The hell do you think you're doing?!!!
Nami: ?! // Ehhh?!! What the...?! Hold on - why are you coming this way?!!
Chopper: Aghhhhhhh!! Hold on, Nami!!! / You can't use me as a shield!!! Don't do that!!!

Nami: Aahhhh!! // Ahh...
Moné: Aww, so close.
Zoro: What kind of creep goes after the weakest first?!!!
Nami: ......!!

Nami: Get out the way!! // Heat Egg!!
Moné: Aahhhh!!!
Nami: I knew it... She doesn't like heat!!
Moné: ...............!!
Nami: Don't even think about coming this way!!
Moné: The Cat Burglar... // 16,000,000 Beli...
Zoro: Ugh!! Not again!! / She vanished into the snow...!! // Are you even trying to fight, you damn snow woman?!!!

Nami: Huh?! // The exit...!!
Moné: Yukigaki!!!
[TN: "Snow Fence"]
Nami: ?!
Robin: Oh, no......!!
Moné: Mannen'yuki!
[TN: "Eternal Snow"]
Nami: Ahh!!
Robin: Nami?!
Nami: Aaahhhh...!! The snow...!!
Chopper: Whoaahhh!!
Nami: So cold...!! I can't move!!

Chopper: GGYAAAAAAHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~~!!!
Nami: ?!!
Zoro: ...Back over there?!!
Moné: I won't let you go after those children...!!
Nami: Watch out, Chopper!!
Chopper: Huarghhhh~~~~!!!

Robin: Cuatro Mano... // Spank!!!
Nami: !!!
Moné: ......!
Nami: Uungh!
Chopper: U...Uurghh... I was so scared~~!!!

Moné: ...I can't let you go, you know. Those children are precious resources for the Master's experiment... // My mission is to protect Caesar and his research... / Now, who was it that gave young Mocha silly ideas about rebelling?
Chopper: What did you say?! Those children were asking for help of their own accord -
Zoro: Get out the way, you guys~~~~!!!
Chopper: ?!
Robin: !!!
Zoro: Now, get going!!!

Robin: Let's hurry!!
Nami: Right!!
Chopper: Mocha!!! Just hang on a little longer~~~~!!!
Moné: ......... // Such callous brutes... How could anyone be so cruel as to steal away such precious little children... // ...from us, their new "family", who have cared for them day by day, given them a home to live happily...? Only a pirate would do such a thing!!
Zoro: Well, in that case... // I'm not seeing any problem.
Moné: Brutes, the lot of you!!! // Don't interfere with my mission!!! // Tabirayuki!
[TN: "Large-flaked Snow"]

Moné: Hadagatana!!!
[TN: lit. "Skin Sword" (the word refers to a small sword concealed within one's clothing)]
Zoro: !!!
Moné: Tell me, swordsman...
Zoro: ?!
Moné: Why do you keep only blocking my attacks... / ...but never striking at me with your blades...?!
Zoro: ...............!!
Moné: To tell the truth, I didn't think I would stand a chance against you... // *lick* / But perhaps... I may have been mistaken?
Marines: There's nobody here!!
Zoro: ?!
Marines: There are more rooms further in!! // We have to find the kids and get them out of this facility!! // It's pretty cold in here...
Zoro: Marines!!!
Marines: Let's head down through that door!!
Moné: Everybody seems to want our children for themselves... Quite unacceptable.

Marines: Aniki!! The kids aren't in here, but that's Pirate Hunter Zoro!!
Sanji: Ah, he's an impudent one. / All right, men!!! // Stretch out your bottom lips and make fun of him!!
Marines: Blerghhh~~~~!!
Zoro: I hope they all slip in the snow, smash their heads open and die. // Nami and Robin are up ahead. / Now get out of here, you're in the way.
Sanji: For a moron, that's a pretty sweet bit of information you've got there!! // Come on, men, let's move!!!

Sanji: ...But wait, who's that BEAUTIFUL LADY behind you~~~~?!!!
Marines: Whoa, she really is cute!!♡
Zoro: God, you people are annoying!!! Hurry up and get outta here!!!
Marines: But hold on!! That woman ain't human!! // That's a harpy!!! // Ehhhhh~~?!! // Even so, she's seriously cute. // It's an unearthly beauty!! // What a hottie~~~!♡
Moné: ...............!!
Zoro: And why the hell are you getting all flustered?!!!
Marines: So, uh, why's it snowing in here?!
Moné: N... No matter who you may be... // I will not forgive anyone who attempts..
Marines: Aghh...!!
Moné: ...to steal those children!!

Marines: ?!! // Aaahhhhhhhh~~~!! // Gyaaaaahhhhhh~~~~!!! // M... My shoulder!! What just happened?!! // Th... This woman...!!! // Ahhh! // She's a Logia Fruit user~~~~!!!
Zoro: That woman... // Hm?
Moné: ?!! / Aaghhh!!!

Moné: Nghh... // The Haki-using swordswoman...!!
Marines: Whooooooo~~~~~~~~!! / Captain-cha~~~~~n!!
Tashigi: ...............!! // I have stopped the gas at this entrance for the moment. // But there is no telling when it might find a way through. // There is no time to waste! Hurry after the children at once!!
Marines: Wh... What about you, Captain-chan?!
Tashigi: I will remain!!
Marines: Huh?
Tashigi: I believe... // I may be needed here!
Zoro: Ehh?!
[Insert text: Two swordsmen unite!!]

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#1. by ukimix ()
Posted on Oct 30, 2012
Hi, Thanks for all the great work! I think this line by Monet in pag 13 goes between quotation signs: My mission is to protect Caesar and his research... I wrote a review making a note about those signs. Here the url: http://mangahelpers.com/forum/showthread.php/79564-Ukimix-s-One-Piece-review-chapter-686?highlight=

Thanks again!!!!
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