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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

One Piece 687

Wild Beast

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 3, 2012 22:42 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 687: Wild Beast
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 12: Caribou's Escape

[Insert text: Sanji and the Marines hurry onward!!]
[Box: Biscuit Room Exit]
Marines: Let's do this, G-5!! // Like the Captain-chan says... / ...we've gotta hurry and save those kids!!! // I can't believe there was another Logia here beside Caesar!! // There's nothing we can do against that!! // Black Leg-aniki!! Why didn't you save us when we were being attacked back there?!
Sanji: Don't rely on me for everything!! I refuse to attack a lady, no matter who she is!!
Marines: !! // What if it becomes a battle of life and death?!
Sanji: Then I'd choose death!!!
Marines: ?!! / No way...

Marines: You've got a lot of different characters in your crew, huh? That "Pirate-Hunter"... / I get the feeling he'd slice up pretty much anything. // He's got a dangerous look in his eyes all right.
Sanji: You'd be surprised how soft he can be sometimes. / But he gets things done where it counts. You can rely on him. // So don't you guys worry about Tashigi-chan. // All we need to do is focus on saving those damn kids... // ...so that Nami-san, Robin-chan and Tashigi-chan will compliment us later!!!
Marines: Yeahhhh!!
[Box: Near the Biscuit Room Exit]
Zoro: You go with them too!!
Tashigi: I'm free to make my own choices.
Zoro: You're in the way, all right?!!!
Tashigi: You're free to think that.

Zoro: Then what if I decide to slice you down first, seeing as I'm a pirate? / Am I free to to that too, Marine woman?!!
Tashigi: I don't believe you can.
Zoro: Huh?!!
Tashigi: You won't strike me with those swords... And you won't strike that woman either!!
Zoro: Why do you think you can decide that?!!
Moné: Ahahah...!♡
Zoro: !
Moné: I was just thinking the same thing myself... // I suspected as much...

Tashigi: .........
Flashback!Tashigi: Why won't you attack me?!!! // Is it because I'm a woman?
Flashback!Zoro: Your existence pisses me off!!
Flashback!Tashigi: Wha...?!!
Flashback!Zoro: Listen, all right?!!! That face of yours looks just like my best friend who died a long time ago!! / And on top of that, you keep on saying exactly the same kind of things as her!!! // Quit copying her already, you big ripoff!!!
Flashback!Tashigi: Wha...?!! I can't believe...!! // You're like a child...!!!
Tashigi: ......... // ......!!
Zoro: ?
Tashigi: You think of women as weak, and hold yourself back in battle...!!

Tashigi: Since you don't have the nerve to finish her off, even if you'll never lose this battle, you'll never win it either!!! // That's why I chose to stay here...!! // If this Logia user manages to go after my subordinates, there's no telling what damage she'll do!!
Moné: .........
Zoro: Are you looking down on me?!!
Tashigi: I am.
Zoro: !!! // .........
Tashigi: ?!
Zoro: Do as you please, then.
Tashigi: Eh?!
Zoro: My mission here is the same as yours - to make sure she doesn't go after my crewmates. / As long as I can guard this corridor, I'm good.
Tashigi: ...What kind of leisurely attitude is that...?! You do realise how little time we have left?! You have to escape this place too, or else...
Zoro: Don't let your guard down. The enemy's aiming to kill.

Moné: True enough...!!!
Tashigi: ?!!
Moné: Thank you for informing me of his weakness. // Though you may be able to use a little Haki... // That won't stop my teeth from tearing you apart!!!
Tashigi: Ughh...!! // ......!!
Moné: And though your Haki may give you the ability to attack a Fruit user in any form... // ...that won't be any use to you... / ...if you can't keep up with my speed!! Ahahah!!

Moné: Wouldn't you agree?!
Tashigi: Aurghhh!! // Ngh!!
Moné: You're quite a cold man, aren't you...?
Zoro: I don't want to hear that coming from a snow-woman.
Tashigi: Don't take your eyes off me!!!
Moné: Hahaha... // Do you enjoy snowball fights?
Tashigi: !

Moné: Yuki-Rabi!!!
[TN: "Snow Rabbits"]
Tashigi: !! // Soru!
Moné: ! // ...!! Perhaps I underestimated you a little. You are, after all, Smoker's right-hand woman. // Fubuki!!!
[TN: "Blizzard"]
Tashigi: Eh?!

Zoro: !!
Tashigi: Ahh!
Zoro: ...!! Oh, come on...!!!
Moné: I'll give your best regards... // ...to your subordinates.
Tashigi: ?!

Tashigi: ?!! // Aaaaghh!!!
Flashback!Marine: Aghhh!! M... My shoulder!! What just happened?!!
Tashigi: ...............!!
Moné: Uunghh!! // ?! // What are you doing?! // Let go of me...!!
Tashigi: *pant*... *pant*... // (If I let go... She'll bite my shoulder clean off!!) // *pant* // *pant*
Moné: I can still crush your shoulder with my teeth, you know...
Tashigi: Aaaaghhhh!!

Moné: ?!! // Aaaggghhh!!! // Huh?!! // ......?!
Zoro: For all your big talk, you sure are taking your sweet time...
Tashigi: *pant* // *pant* / ...............!!
Zoro: Well, now your time's up. / I need to get moving on ahead.
Moné: (This man... I thought he wouldn't attack a woman?! // Just now... That strike was clearly aiming to slice me down...!!!) // *pant*... *pant*...
Zoro: You're taking me too lightly, snow-woman.

Zoro: As soon as you realised you were no match for me, you should have run. / Sure, there are things that I'd rather not slice if I can help it. / But answer me this...
Moné: ...............?!
Zoro: Have you ever met a wild beast... // ...that you can guarantee will never bite?!
Moné: ?! // (.........?! Eh......?)
Zoro: 'Cause I sure haven't...
Moné: ?!! // (What the...?! My body... won't move...!) // ...............?!
Zoro: Ittouryuu...
Moné: (He's going to slice me!!!) // !!!

Moné: !!!!
Zoro: Daishinkan.
Tashigi: !!! / Aahhh!

Zoro: Satisfied now? // You two.
Tashigi: (He sliced her...) // .........
Moné: *pant*... *pant*... / You're making......a fool of me...!!! / *pant* // *pant*
Tashigi: !! // Huh?! She's still alive...?!

Tashigi: ...Don't tell me... He didn't use Haki?!! // Huh?!
Moné: *pant*... *pant*... // *pant*... // *pant*...
Tashigi: ...............!! // (She can't move properly...!! She's overwhelmed by the fact that she would be dead right now if he had used Haki... and by sheer terror of his incredible strength!!! Is such a victory even possible...?! // What were the Straw Hat Pirates doing during those two years of silence......?!! // Just how powerful have these people become...?!!!)
Moné: I won't...let you...escape...!!

Tashigi: Kirishigure!!!
[TN: "Slicing Autumn Rain", a pun on "kiri" meaning "slice" and "kiri" meaning "mist"]
Moné: ?!!
Tashigi: ...You have lost... // ...this battle...!! // .........

Tashigi: *pant*... *pant*... / What was the meaning of that?! In the end, you didn't finish her off!! / I was right after all! You really are -
Zoro: Says the woman who interfered without being asked. // If you hadn't sliced her just now, I would've done.
Tashigi: ?!! // ...............!! / ...Y... You expect me to believe that?!! / That's not fair at all! Making excuses after the fact...!!
Zoro: I didn't need your help. // Still...
Tashigi: !
Zoro: Good work, Captain Glasses. You didn't let this woman go after anyone. // That achievement is all yours.
Tashigi: Ohhh...!! How dare you act all superior like that...!!
Zoro: 'Cause I'm better than you.
Tashigi: ...............!!!
[Insert text: A surprisingly...interesting...duo?!]

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