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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

One Piece 688


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 11, 2012 00:30 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 688: Mocha
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 13: Karmic Justice

[Insert text: Zoro and Tashigi hurry onward!!]
[Box: Battle in the Biscuit Room...]
Zoro: The gas is leaking in here...!! Hurry up!!
Tashigi: The exit isn't that way!!
[Box: Victor: Zoro // Time remaining until the poison gas fills Building B: Ten minutes!!]
Tashigi: A... Aaargh!! This is so embarrassing~~~~~!!
Zoro: That's your fault for suddenly collapsing like that!! There's gas flooding in here, you know!!
Tashigi: I was a little dizzy, that's all!
Zoro: You're a real pain, you know that?!!
Tashigi: I hope you're going to put me down once we catch up with my subordinates!
Zoro: What kind of pride is that?!! How about I throw you after them right now?!!
Tashigi: Oh, my...!! Is this really the legendary Meitou, Shuusui?!
Zoro: Don't touch it!!! Just keep still and let me carry you!! // You freaking sword-geek!!

[Building B, Floor 3, Inner Passage]
Nami: Milky Ball!!!
Kids: Uurgh!! // Not again!!
Nami: Mocha, hurry on ahead!!
Mocha: *pant*... // *pant*... // Okay, lady!!
Kids: This won't stop us~~~~!! // Give us the candy~~~~!!!
Nami: *pant*... *pant*... There's no end to this...! How far do we have to run?!

Robin: Cien Fleur!! // Dos Mano!
Kid: Ughh!!
Chopper: Hold still, this is just a sedative!!
Kid: Get off me~~~!!! // Get...off...
Chopper: *pant*... // One more down...!! // But I can't deal with all of them like this...!
Mocha: *pant*... *pant*... // *pant*... // I don't know this place... I don't know which way I should go any more...!!

Mocha: Aaaaaaahhhhhhh~~~~~~!!!
Robin: What...?
Nami: !
Chopper: ?!
Nami: Oh, no!! Mocha!!! // Some of the kids have circled round ahead!!!
Chopper: Ehhhh?!! // This is bad!! If they take the candy from her...!!! // We're back to square one!!!
Mocha: Konbu!! Biyo!! Stop!! I can't let you have this!!! / This is a drug that does bad things to our bodies!! If we keep taking it, we won't be able to go home!!
Kids: Shaddup!! Stop keeping it for yourself!!!
Chopper: ...............!!
Chopper: ?!!
Mocha: Aaaaahhhhhhhh~~~!!!

People: !!!
Kids: Why, that little... She ate all the candy~~~~!!!
Chopper: ......!!
Kids: That's not fair~~~~~!! // Mocha~~~!! You're not gonna get away with this~~!! // You greedy pig~~~~!!
Mocha: ......!!
Nami: Mocha!
Kids: Give it back!! That candy was for us~~~!!
Robin: You foolish girl...!!!

Chopper: MOCHAAAAAA~~~~!!!
Mocha: (Chopper-chan...!!! // Those guys are all my friends!!!)
Chopper: You mustn't!! You have to spit it all out!!! // You know what kind of drug that is!!!
Kids: Give it back!! Mocha~~!!! // Give us the candy!!
Chopper: NOOOOOOOO~~~~~~~~~!!!
Chopper: !!!
Flashback!Mocha: The Master's a bad man?!
Flashback!Chopper: Yeah. A really, really bad man.

Flashback!Mocha: But he's always so nice to us...!! // He gives us candy every day, and it's really tasty!
Flashback!Chopper: That candy is a trap!!
Flashback!Kids: Mocha, open the door~~~!!! We're going to the Biscuit Room!! // We want candy~~!!
Flashback!Mocha: .........
Flashback!Chopper: You're all being used in an experiment. / None of you were really sick in the first place.
Flashback!Mocha: ?! / Really?!
Flashback!Chopper: Those giant bodies of yours prove it. I've heard about experiments to make people grow to giant sizes for use in war. / They've been carried out around the world for hundreds of years. // In other words, for hundreds of years these experiments have failed... Nobody's ever succeeded. / And though I hate to tell you this... // This experiment... // ...is going to fail too!!
Flashback!Mocha: ?!!

Flashback!Chopper: Caesar knows this experiment isn't going to work!! // He just wants to watch it fail, and use the data for his next experiment...!!
Flashback!Mocha: ......... // ..................
DoubleFlashback!Caesar: I'll have you all better within a year!
Flashback!Mocha: Then...what's going to happen to us?
Flashback!Chopper: ...You'll die. // None of you will ever make it back home.
Flashback!Mocha: ?!!
Flashback!Chopper: That "tasty candy" is a deadly poison! / Though you don't realise it, it does terrible things to your bodies......!!
Flashback!Mocha: ...............!!!
Flashback!Chopper: And worst of all, when you eat one, it makes you want more. / The more of that candy you eat, the harder it gets to run away from Caesar!!!

Flashback!Chopper: Just looking at the kids on the other side of that door... / ...you can see how bad it is, right? I've given you some medicine to calm you down... // But if you stay here, the side-effects of the candy and this experiment... / ...will probably kill you all before you grow up.
Flashback!Mocha: ......?!!
DoubleFlashback!Shindo: Listen guys, when we grow up... // When we're all grown up and adults... / We should set out to sea!!
DoubleFlashback!Kids: To sea~~?! // Like, to become fishermen?
DoubleFlashback!Shindo: No, stupid. To find adventure! / We'll search for islands of gold and stuff like that!
DoubleFlashback!Kids: That sounds like fun~~~!
DoubleFlashback!Shindo: Once we're cured of this sickness and we go back home, we'll all be separated on different islands, right?! // But if we all go out to sea once we're grown up, we can find each other again!
DoubleFlashback!Kids: Oh, right! Good idea! We're all friends, after all, huh?! // Ahahahaha!

DoubleFlashback!Shindo: Let's say when we turn 20!! // It's a promise!! // I can't wait!! // You'll be waiting a while!
Flashback!Mocha: ..................
Flashback!Kids: Open up~~~!! Mocha~~~~~!!
Flashback!Mocha: ...Then we'll never grow up and be adults...? / We won't ever see out mummies and daddies again......?
Flashback!Chopper: That's right!! Not unless you run away now!
Flashback!Mocha: We never thought anything like that would happen...!
Flashback!Chopper: !!
DoubleFlashback!Mocha: You have to help us!!!
Flashback!Mocha: We only asked you guys to help us because we wanted to go home so bad... / Because we were scared of not knowing what our illness was or how long we'd really have to stay here... // But...!!!

Flashback!Mocha: We never thought we might actually die...! / We thought we were all going to grow up! // This isn't what we were told at all!!!
Flashback!Chopper: !!!
Flashback!Mocha: We only ate the candy 'cause we were told to!! We didn't think we were going to die!!
Flashback!Chopper: ......!! / I know!!! You haven't done anything wrong at all!!! // That's why we can't forgive Caesar!!! / We'll never forgive him!!! // I'm so sorry!!!
Flashback!Mocha: ??!
Flashback!Chopper: I'm sorry I couldn't find you sooner...!!!

Flashback!Mocha: ......! // Chopper-chan... We don't want to die!!!
Flashback!Chopper: And I won't let you!! We'll save you, I promise!! / ......!! Caesar is a really bad, really strong, really scary man... // But our Captain is stronger!!! // He's going to become the King of this ocean someday!!! // Luffy will take care of Caesar, you can count on it!!!
Flashback!Mocha: .........
Flashback!Chopper: ...But I need you to listen to me. Mocha - that's your name, right? / We mustn't let the other kids get their hands on any more candy!!
Flashback!Mocha: ...!! Right!!
Flashback!Chopper: I'm going to stay here and do my best to knock them out with my sedatives!!

Flashback!Chopper: So can you go to the Biscuit Room and protect the candy for me?!
Flashback!Mocha: ...!! Okay!! // I won't let anyone eat that candy any more!! // We're all going to go home!!
Flashback!Chopper: That's right!!
Flashback!Kids: Open up~~!! Mocha~~~~!!
Flashback!Chopper: I'm counting on you, Mocha~~!!
Flashback!Mocha: Yeah!!
Chopper: MOCHAAAA!!!
Mocha: *cough*...!
Kids: Aahhhh!! It's blood!!!

Kids: What's going on...?! Mocha just coughed up blood!! // It looks like she's hurt! But why?! All she did was eat the tasty candy!!
Mocha: Uuurghh...!!! // *cough* // *retch*
Kids: Serves you right for being greedy...!!! // Hey, there's something weird about this...!!! // Why...??
Chopper: Out of the way, all of you!!
Kids: ......!!
Chopper: This is what that candy does to you!!! // Mocha sacrificed herself to save all of you...!!
Robin: Chopper!! // The children are frozen in shock!! / If we want to knock them out, this is our only chance...!!!
Chopper: ! // But...!! Saving Mocha comes first!!!
Robin: There's no time, you realise?!
Sanji: The kids are stood stock still!! Forward, men~~~!!
People: ?!!

Sanji: Remember, men, no violence!!! // Pin those kids down!!! // Fight numbers with numbers~~~!!!
Robin: The Marines!!!
Nami: Sanji-kun?!!
Shindo: Ughh!
Marines: Aniki!! Does a kick to the balls count as violence?!!
Sanji: Hmmmm... Try to avoid it!!! // Medical squad, to the front!!
Marines: Yes, sir!!!
Sanji: Chopper, use these guys!! They should be able to handle a few injections!!
Chopper: Huh?! Okay!!
Marines: This oughtta make you quiet down a bit, eh~~~~~?!! // Little brats!!!

Chopper: There's a room called the Examination Room somewhere around here!! / I have to get this girl to there!!!
Mocha: Uerghh...!!
Marines: We'll take care of that!!! / But we're running outta time!! You know that, right, tanuki?!!
Chopper: All too well!!! // !
Mocha: .........
Chopper: Mocha...
Mocha: Chopper-chan... I... / *cough* // I didn't...let them have...the candy...!! / *cough*
Chopper: I know...!!! You protected your friends... Thank you, Mocha!! / Everyone will be able to go home now!!! // (Damn it!! This is my fault!!!) // And I'll save you too, no matter what!!! // ...............!! / You're all going to grow up, okay?!!!

[Building C, Floor 1]
Minions: Why is there a person coming out of the dustbox?! No... a person and a dragon?!
Luffy: .........
Minions: You're Straw Hat, aren't you!!! // Aahhhhh~~!!!
Luffy: Where's Caesar?
Minions: Urnfghh!! / H... // He's in Building R!! Straight along this corridor!!!
Luffy: All right!!!
[Insert text: We're counting on you!! Luffy!!!]
[Bottom text: Next issue, One Piece will be taking a break. It will be back in Issue 52.]

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