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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

One Piece 689

An Island That Doesn't Seem To Exist

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Nov 25, 2012 01:06 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 689: An Island That Doesn't Seem To Exist
Caribou's Snickerings in the New World
Vol 14: On An Island Somewhere, Just About Alive

[Insert text: Brownbeard makes an earnest appeal...]
[Box: Building R, Floor 2: The Room of Secrets]
Brownbeard: Soldiers of Punk Hazard, listen to me!! // All of you are being tricked!!
Caesar: ..................
Brownbeard: Everything Caesar has told you is a lie!!!
Minions: Brownbeard!! What's he going on about?!
Caesar: ..................
Brownbeard: If you stay here, you'll all be killed!! You're all watching me from somewhere, right?!
Minions: Has being captured by those Straw Hats sent him crazy? // Right now, Brownbeard's right below this room... / On Floor 1 of Building R!! // According to the Master's plan...
Brownbeard: Let me tell you the truth about Caesar!!!
Minions: That's where all the Straw Hats and Marines are going to gather pretty soon... / Should we call Brownbeard up here to Floor 2?
Caesar: No... I will go down below.
Minions: Then we'll go with you!!

[Box: Building R, Floor 1: In front of Gate R-66]
Caesar: ...............!!
Brownbeard: ! // Caesar!!
Caesar: Brownbeard, my valuable subordinate...what are you doing?!! This behaviour is quite improper!!
Brownbeard: Give me back my subordinates!! They were attacked by bandits back at the centre of the island... // ...but that doesn't mean they're dead!! They should have made it back here by now!!!

Caesar: .........
Flashback!Caesar: Hello? Ah, Brownbeard's men. Where are you?
Flashback!Minions: Master...!! There are Marines outside the main entrance, and the door is closed... / *pant*... *pant*... We can't get inside!! Please, you have to help us get in!!
Flashback!Caesar: I see! That is quite a problem!! I will take care of it at once - you just wait there!!
Flashback!Moné: Master... // How do you intend to bring them inside?
Flashback!Caesar: ? // Oh, just leave them. // The outside will soon be covered by Shinokuni, anyway.
Caesar: What indeed could have happened to them? I have heard no word... // To tell the truth, I was beginning to worry a little myself!
Brownbeard: ...............?!!

Brownbeard: ......... // (If they haven't made it back inside, that means...they're...!!)
Minions: Brownbeard, what the heck has happened to you?!!
Brownbeard: I can't trust a word you say any more!!
Minions: How can he talk to the Master like that?!!
Brownbeard: I've spent two years on this island with you guys, so listen!! You've gotta get out of here!! / Do you want to know what this man has been calling you all behind your backs?!!!
Minions: ?!
Brownbeard: I'll tell you what he calls you! // Guiniperhh!!! // (Guinea pigs!!) // Eh? // Guineughhhz!!! / Eh? // Guin...eughh...
Minions: ? // Huh?

Minions: Ahahahahaha!!! What're you blabbering about, Brownbeard?!!! // Talk like a human being, would you?!! // What is that, some kind of weird curse?!! // Gyahahahahah!!! Man, you're funny!!!
Brownbeard: Ginnerpp...eghh...!!! // ?
Flashback!Caesar: They're such fools, they'll never see the truth!!! / They'll never realise that I'm just keeping them here as guinea pigs!!!
Brownbeard: ("Guinea pigs"! He calls you "guinea pigs"!!) // Auerrrhh...!! // (What's going on? My mouth won't move properly......!!! // What did you do?! Caesar...!!!) // ! / ...............!!
Minions: Ohh~? What's he doing now?!
Caesar: This is a muscle relaxant. Can you feel the power draining from your mouth and your body? // Shurorororo...

Caesar: (Ah, yes... I remember now, Brownbeard. / About your old subordinates...)
Brownbeard: !
Caesar: (I do believe I left them to die!)
Brownbeard: ?!! // !!! ...U...d...ughh...hh...!!! // (...Damn you!!! You twisted swine of a... How dare you... How dare you...!!!)
Caesar: (Oh, and while we're here, I suppose I'll let you in on another little secret. // Four years ago... / You remember that little accident that almost killed everyone in this room? // That was my doing.)
Brownbeard: ?!! // .........Urggh!!! // Aaaeurghh...!!! // (...?!! Then...it wasn't even Vegapunk...?!! This man...ruined our lives himself...and then pretended to save us?!!! ......!!!)

Brownbeard: Aaoorrghh!! // UOOOAAAAARRRGHHHH~~~!!!
Caesar: Brownbeard?!! What are you doing?!! / Somebody, help!!
Minions: Oi!!! Brownbeard!!! // What are you doing to our saviour~~~?!!!
Brownbeard: UOOORGHHAAHHHHHHHHH!!! VUOORGHH!!! // (Run, all of you!!! // This island is a hell created by Caesar to trick you all!!! Run for your lives!!!) // Aaa...aaa...aaaorghh...ghhh...!!! // (This man is a demon in human form!!!)
Minions: Whoahhh!!! Brownbeard's gone completely crazy!!!

Caesar: Oh, no!!! Brownbeard is in a terrible condition!!! // I fear it is too late... Those Straw Hats have manipulated him somehow!!! // Fire!!!
Brownbeard: !!!
Caesar: Shurorororo!! And now for the finishing blow!!

Caesar: Gasta...... // ?!! // DBWEGHHH!!!!
Minions: Aaaghhhhh~~~~!! // Master~~~~?!!
Caesar: ...Ughhhh!! Ohhhhh...that was close!!! // It grazed me!!! Who the hell did that?!!! // *pant*... *pant*...!! // !!
Minions: ...............!! // Ah... // ......Ahhhhh!!
Brownbeard: ...Auaahhh...!!

Minions: It's Straw Hat Luffy~~~~~~!!!
Luffy: .........
Flashback!Brownbeard: Thanks to his kindness, my life was saved... // Our Master is a benevolent God and saviour...!!
Brownbeard: Auuu...uuhh...

Caesar: Nnnghh!!! Return to Floor 2, my subordinates!! / The Straw Hats and Marines will be arriving one after another!! // Prepare for the start of the experiment!!! / Start broadcasting the images to the target locations!!
Minions: Yessir!!
Momonosuke: ......Luffy... // ! // ...That is the man...!! // The man who means to harm those kind youngsters...!!
Flashback!Girl: So you're called Momonosuke-kun, huh? / You really ought to eat something, too...
Flashback!Caesar: Five years from now, I'll be quite surprised... // ...if any of them are still alive!!! // Shurorororo!
Luffy: Yeah, I know...

Luffy: Everyone here is being tricked, right?
Caesar: !
Luffy: What is this island?!!!
Caesar: Shurorororororo... An excellent question. / *pant*... *pant*... // ...I would say it is rather like a kind of gas. // An island that doesn't seem to exist!!! // That is why it can integrate so closely with the underworld!!! / This is a land of dark science!!! / Where forbidden experiments... // ...and the procurement of whatever experimental subjects one may require... can be carried out freely!!

Caesar: Everything that happens here is covered up... // ...by my powerful supporters!! Made to vanish, as if it had never existed!! // No matter how many tears are shed... // ...or screams are cried... / ...help will never come to this place!!! // You don't understand a thing about this island, Straw Hat!!! / If you just poke your nose into things without thinking, one day you'll pay with your life! / The same goes for your little alliance!! // Law is attempting to interfere with the SAD!! He knows I am the only one who can create such a thing... // That is why he means to abduct me!!!

Caesar: The SAD that I create are sent to the most dangerous man... / ...in the Royal Shichibukai...!!! // In Donquixote Doflamingo's factories... / ...they are transformed into a fruit known as "Smile"...!!! // "Smile"... / A man-made Devil Fruit of the Zoan type...!!! // A fruit that all who seek power are sure to desire...!!! / That man is using these Smile fruit to forge deals with those who hold power in the New World.

Caesar: I hear that already, one of the Yonkou is using Smile... // ...to create an army of many hundreds of Fruit users...!!! / Why, it sends shivers down my spine...!!! // Do you understand what you are dealing with now?! / Can you imagine the kind of powerful individuals you will anger... // ...by interfering with Doflamingo's business...?!! // When such powerful people take action... / ...the very world will begin to heave and surge!!
Luffy: .........
Caesar: That is what Law seeks to accomplish! / Fools, all of you!! You are meddling with powers that could annihilate you in an instant!!! // Shurororo... Just you try to capture me...!! I am well protected...!! / Doflamingo!! The Yonkou!! Do you have the guts to pick a fight with such opponents?!!!

Caesar: !!!
Luffy: That's the kind of fight... / ...I pick all the time!!!
[Insert text: All of his emotions, in a single blow!!!]

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