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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

One Piece 690


+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:04 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece
Chapter 690: SAD
Caribou's Snickerings in the New WOrld
Vol 15: Waking Up To An Old Hag

Minions: ......M... // MASTER~~~~~!!!
Brownbeard: ...............!!

Caesar: Frghuaghh!! / *pant* // Nlrghftaghh... / Damnyoughhh...!! // Straw Hadhh!!! Were you nodh lis'nin' do whadhh I wazh sayingh?!! Duh man suppordin' me... / ...izh none ozher zhan zhat lunadikh pirade, Doflamingho!!! // That man is behindh all thuh darkhnesh in the New World!!! / Weaponzh... Tools of war... Drugs...!! Every dangerous thing you can think of... // He's got his hands in it all...!!! // That man is a wellspring of evil!! He's involved with all the big players in the underworld!!!
Luffy: .........
Caesar: *pant*... *pant*... I...If you apologise now, I'm still prepared to let you off the hook!!! / Think carefully about how many complete monsters you'll be angering by harming me...!!! / All right?!!!

Caesar: Gastille!!! // Shurorororororo!! / Serves you right!!
Minions: There it is!! The Master's gas-burner, hot enough to melt steel!!

Caesar: That's the last we'll see of - AAAAAAGHHHHH~~~!!! // Ughh... I understand, of course!! The scale of all this is too large for you to comprehend!! / But there's a monster right here in this facility too, you know...!! A man named Vergo!!! // Shurororo!! Nobody can match his Armament Haki. Smoker and Law are both done for!! / And you and your crew will surely... // with the same faURGLHHH!!!

[Box: Shinokuni, the deadly gas that turns its victims to statues as it takes their lives... // ...has penetrated the walls of the facility... / ...and is currently flooding into Building B, the current location of the Straw Hats, Marines and children. // Time remaining until the building is flooded completely...]
Tashigi: If you'd just run in a straight line, we would have caught up with them by now...!
[Box: Just five more minutes!!]
Zoro: Oh, shut up!! I'm running, all right?!!
Nami: Hurry up, everyone!! You have to keep running!!
[Box: The remaining survivors head for the one path of escape from the island...]
Shindo: My head's...all fuzzy... It's like I've been dreaming...
[Box: Floor 1 of Building R, where Luffy and Caesar are fighting at this very moment!]

[Box: Meanwhile, Kin'emon, who is searching for his missing son Momonosuke...]
Kin'emon: !!
[Text: It is I!!]
Kin'emon: I have made a terrible mistake!!! To think that Momonosuke had been turned into a "small dragon"!! / I have sliced him down by my own hand!! How can I ever atone for this?!!! Momonosukeeeee!!!
Brook: Kin'emon-san!! If you run back this way, the gas will...!!!
[Box: Building R, Floor 2: The Room of Secrets]
Usopp: *pant*... *pant*... // Huh?! What's this place?!
Minions: Enemy attack!!!
Usopp: A... A room full of enemies, after all this?!! / All I'm trying to do is find those Kairouseki handcuffs...!!
Minions: This guy's one of those Straw Hats!!! // I thought they were going to show up on the floor below...?!!

[Box: Building D: SAD Production Room]
[Labels: Caesar // Luffy // Law // Smoker // VS // Vergo]
Smoker: *pant*... *pant*...
Vergo: Why do you persist in using your ability...?! // Such a strategy is quite unlike you, Smoker-kun.

Vergo: In battle against a superior Haki user... / Turning to smoke and increasing your surface area only makes you a bigger target!! // You should know full well how dangerous this simple bamboo rod can become... // ...when imbued with my Armament Haki! // Oni Take!!!!
[TN: "Demon Bamboo"]
Smoker: !!!

[no text just ownage]

Vergo: No matter how badly my attitude towards the Marines drives you to defeat me... / Your skills just aren't up to the task...Smoker. // Courage alone will do nothing for your wronged subordinates.
Smoker: *pant*... *pant*... / *cough*...! // ..................
Vergo: ?! // !!
Law: Finally, I have my heart... // Nicely done, Smoker. I quite appreciate it.
Vergo: ?!!

Vergo: So that's what this was about!! Why, you...!!! When on earth...?!!
Smoker: *pant*... *pant*... // ......!! Now we're even. // So hurry up and finish this!!
Law: Does it pain you so much to be in debt to a pirate...?
Smoker: It is the greatest shame a Marine can bear...!! I can hardly face my subordinates.
Law: ...Still, it's true that you've been a great help. // It's over for you. // Vergo-san...

Vergo: You've finally remembered how to address your superiors? // Filthy brat...
Law: Enjoy your position for now.
Vergo: !
Law: Because you won't be sitting on that high horse forever... Either of you!!
Vergo: ?!
Law: You're listening, I presume? // "Joker"...!!!
Vergo: ! // .........
DenDenMushi: ......... // Fuffuffu...!!

Law: Vergo is as good as done for. / You're about to lose your most valuable subordinate.
Vergo: !
Law: Meanwhile, Mister Straw Hat will take care of Caesar. / ...In other words, your SAD supply will be gone for good...!! // The reason you failed to predict this most undesirable of outcomes...
DenDenMushi: ......!
Law: your own arrogance!!! You overestimate your own abilities. So you sit there with that smirk on your face, and think about your next move!! // ...Because while you sit there smiling, we're just going to keep on... // ...betraying your expectations.

DenDenMushi: Fufu... // Fuffuffuffuffuffuffuffu!! // You're a feisty one, brat!! Fufufufufu!! But are you sure you're feeling all right?! // You haven't made Vergo a little angry now, have you?!
Vergo: ..................
DenDenMushi: I hope you haven't forgotten what happened the last time... / made Vergo lose his cool!! Fuffuffuffuffu!!!
Law: ..................
DenDenMushi: Is it all rushing back?! The trauma... The terror... It never really left you, did it?!! // Your ability may be powerful, but Vergo's Haki can nullify it all!! // You're no match for him, in position or in strength!!!

Law: Two years have passed since the Ultimate War...!!! // Who's been taking action since then...? / All you've done is protect your own peace.

Law: All Whitebeard did was bring his age to an end. // Marine HQ have put together a new military force!!! // The major players have lain low, not making a move... Almost as though preparing for something!!! / That war was nothing but a prelude. // You've always said that a mighty, unstoppable wave is in motion... // ...that a "New Era" of great men is almost upon us!!! // Well, I've shattered the first gear in the chain. // Nobody can turn back now!!!
[Insert text: A great tide rises to swallow up the world!!]

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