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Translations: Bleach 636 by cnet128 , Gintama 552 (2)

One Piece 691

King of the Land of Death

+ posted by cnet128 as translation on Dec 11, 2012 19:05 | Go to One Piece

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One Piece Film Z

[Chapter 691: King of the Land of Death]
[Insert text: A single mighty slice!!]
People: !!!
Kids: Uwaaaahhhhhhhhh! // Aaaahhhh!!!
Sanji: The ceiling just moved up!!!

Nami: The gas has started leaking in through the new cracks!! // This is bad!!
Kids: I'm scared, nice lady!! // Waaaahhhh!!
Sanji: This is no time to lose your nerve, you lot!! Just run!!!
Marines: Ahhh!! Captain-cha~~~n!! // It's great you're safe!!! I guess you showed that bird-woman a thing or two, huh?!! // Hang on, why are you running this way from in front of us?! Weren't you behind us when we left you?!!
Tashigi: ?! // We're bumping into the G-5 Marines head-on?! I told you you were going the wrong way!!
Zoro: Ehhh?!
Tashigi: And more importantly...could you please put me down?! This is very embarrassing!!

Nami: Zoro! The other way! Run the other way!!
Robin: Hurry up, everyone!!
[Box: Building B, Floor 2: Examination Room]
Marines: The ceiling's collapsing!! // Chopper-yan!! This place is done for!!
Chopper: Okay!! I've finished doing everything I can for now!! // Let's hurry to Building R!!!
Marines: All right then!! Leave it to us!!!
Chopper: Mocha!! Just hang in there!! We're going to get out of here!!
Mocha: *pant*... *pant*...

[Box: Building D: SAD Production Room]
Vergo: ...Ugh... // How am I supposed to eat breakfast tomorrow like this...? // This is one hell of a twisted revenge...!! // I have to hand it to you, Law... // You've brought about quite an unexpected result here. // But you'll regret it, I guarantee you that.
Law: .........
Vergo: Don't say I didn't warn you...

Vergo: You know nothing of Joker's past... // That ignorance will be your downfall!!!
Law: ?!
Vergo: This world is not so tame that one of your young generation... / ...infamous or no, can hope to make himself its master. / You tell him, Smoker. // This world has depths that these reckless upstarts cannot- // ...............!!
Law: Don't you worry about me. / Try worrying about yourself instead. // It won't be long before this room goes up in flames. // See you round... / Pirate Vergo.

[Box: Building R, Floor 1]
Caesar: There's only one person who could be responsible for this...!! // This is you, isn't it, Law...?!! // Ughhh... What is that Vergo playing at...?!!
Minions: Master!! What in the world is going on?! // Some of our comrades are trapped under the rubble! // Master~~~~!!
Caesar: Damn all of you to hell... Ruining my paradise like this...!!!
Luffy: ! // What was that just now? // I hope the others are all right...
Caesar: R-2, are you listening?!! / Room of Secrets, respond at once!!!
Minions: Y... Yes, Master! What happened just now...?!
Momonosuke: .........

Caesar: Open the ventilation shafts at once!! // Flood this whole room with Shinokuni!!! / It won't kill me, I'm made out of gas!!!
Minions: Understood!! We'll evacuate our comrades to the floor above and then -
Caesar: Do it now!!!
Minions: ?!
Caesar: Did you not hear me?!! I said do it right now!!! Don't waste time!!! / Bring me Shinokuni!!! It is my true power!!!
Luffy: ..................
Minions: ...But, Master, there are still more than a hundred of our men -
Minions: ?!!
Brownbeard: ...............!! Uurghh!!!

Caesar: Just do as I say!!! Can't you follow a simple order?!!!
Minions: ...............??
Caesar: No matter how many of you die, I can always find replacements!!!
Usopp: Oof...... // (The mood in here just got interesting... / Looks like these guys have realised Caesar's true nature, just like Brownbeard... // Thanks to him, they've forgotten all about me for the moment. / Is that Zoro's group on that monitor over there...?!! The gas is almost on top of them... They're sure cutting it fine!! // Maybe I could control some of those doors from in here?!)

Caesar: ?
Minions: ...............!!
Caesar: ...What the hell... // that look for...?
Minions: Huh? I... I don't... // Huhh...?? // Ohhh... I get it!! I understand!! // This is an act!! Our Master is trying to fool the enemy!! // Huh? // Oh, right! Of course!! // The gas must be part of some clever plan!! // We know the Master would never do anything to harm us!! // We should be ashamed for even doubting such a kind man!!

Minions: Master!! The ventilation shafts are open!!
Caesar: Shurorororo!!
Minions: Ehh?! // Aaaghh!! The killer gas is flooding into the room!!
Caesar: That's more like it!! Obey my orders more quickly next time!! Trash like you doesn't need to think, just do as you're told!! // Now, Shinokuni!! Lend me your power!! // Shurororororororo!!! // This is my power... The power of science!!! / Ohhh, that feels good... // Thanks to this public experiment, two countries have already leapt at the opportunity to have this weapon for themselves! Peaceful countries, too!!
Luffy: ..................
Caesar: All humans are the same... When they truly wish to protect themselves, they seek means of slaughtering their enemies!! They all need what I can give them!!! // I'll cover the world in my weapons, and become the King of a new Land of Death!!! / Shurororororo!! Behold!!!

Minions: Ehh...? // Master... // Please, no......!
Luffy: ! // Momo... You stay with Brownbeard!!
Momonosuke: Huh?! Okay... / B...But...what in the world is this...? / Those people...!

Minions: Aaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhh!!! // He killed them!!! Our comrades!!! What is he thinking?! Master...!!! // ......!! Does he really think of us... // nothing more than guinea pigs...?!
Caesar: Shurorororororo!! A beautiful result, if I do say so myself!! // The sheer speed with which it acts upon the is like art!! // Hey!! Where are you going, Straw Hat Luffy?!!! Shurororo!! / Has your nerve finally left you?!! How pathetic you are!!! // But at the end of that passage, you will only find Building B by now almost entirely flooded by Shinokuni!!! / There is nowhere left on this island for you to hide...for any of you!!!

Usopp: Sorry to burst in at an awkward time...but could you let me use those controls?!! // I want to protect my friends from the gas!!!
Minions: ?! ...I'd almost forgotten there was a Straw Hat hanging around!! // So you were watching all that, were you...?!! Filthy pirate... / Go ahead and laugh... We've been betrayed in the worst possible way. // It's all over for us... Even if we know that man is our enemy, there's no way to escape this place...!!! // But the same goes for you, right?!! / You saw your Captain just now!! He ran away from Caesar!! // Hahah!! Serves you right!!! / He's trying to abandon you and save himself!!
Usopp: ...Now hold on one minute. Are you seriously... // ...insulting our Captain to my face...?! // If he was the kind of man who would betray us... // Hell, we might have had an easier time of it!!
Minions: ?!

Usopp: No matter how much we feel like running away... // That Captain of ours just keeps going!! // He never stops believing in us, no matter how dire the situation... // So in the end, we've got no choice but to give in!! // We've gotta live up to his trust... // ...until the day it costs us our lives!!!
Minions: ?!!
Usopp: You just watch. Caesar is the kind of man Luffy hates the most of all!!
Minions: ?!

Usopp: Luffy... // ...will never forgive Caesar!!!!
Caesar: ?!!
Luffy: I don't want to look at your face any longer!!!!
[Insert text: Kick his ass~~~~~!!!]

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